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May 1, 2011

draft of Sound Library Series, Volume 65, now completed: IS IT OFF–IS IT ON?

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after three months (!!!), I finally completed a draft of Volume 65 in the Sound Library Series, “Is it Off–Is It On?”…though structurally similar to other recent pieces, it mirrors the confusion, craziness, and desperation I’m seeing daily in the world around me, as people retreat into food, sex, and gambling … gambling with their futures, that is…Vol. 60 is the most recent release, so expect this in late 2011 or early 2012…

three volumes in the Sound Library Series are now available, $5 each postpaid anywhere (paypal funds to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com)…

“Butterfly Mind.” Sound Library Series, Volume 58.

“Autumn.” Sound Library Series, Volume 59.

“Surrounded By The Moment.” Sound Library Series, Volume 60.

About half of the earlier volumes are now totally unavailable…the other volumes are selling at $10-15 on the collector’s market. Don’t wait 20 years to read these in some collected volume—-read them NOW while they are fresh and in their original context, the hand-made KSE chapbook, the format for which they were composed. Thanks to all those who have supported me and this series, which is now in its SIXTH year.

Volumes 61-65 will appear over the next year at two-to-three month intervals…

Time to start planning for the next project…

oh, if you are wondering what piece of music was the inspiration for this mini-epic of ennui and debauchery, it’s the B-side of this classic BIT-A-SWEET 45 on MGM, pictured here (of course, both sides of this single were featured in the gritty B&W 1968 sleaze classic BLONDE ON A BUM TRIP)…


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