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October 29, 2011

Smokey Emery, “Incident At Town Lake” (KSE #196, 3-inch cdr)…now available!

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“Incident At Town Lake”

(KSE #196, 3-inch CDR)

$5.00 postpaid anywhere, via  paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

Smokey Emery is the alter-ego of Austin sound artist Daniel Hipólito, whose live manipulation of multiple vintage tape-players (with tapes containing both found material and his own musical creations) is incredibly physical (reminding me of turntable artists such as Christian Marclay) and produces amazing multi-layered drone compositions that are uniquely textured as they are tape-derived…I first saw Daniel perform at the Slow Pump dronefest last March and was blown away by the originality of his conception and the elastic drone harmonies he was able to produce in performance. Of course, there needed to be a Smokey Emery release on KSE, and Daniel was kind enough to go into the studio and produce this two-track  twenty-minute  gem that captures everything that is unique about the Smokey Emery experience. Daniel also gave a mesmerizing performance at the KSE Psychedelic Disaster Whirl and was one of the best performers at the seamless-drone evening ‘Continuance: Another Night of Sustained Tones’ in September. It’s an honor to present his work to the world outside Austin…and to remind those in Austin of what a force-of-nature we have here.

A cdr you can listen to all afternoon   …   and tomorrow. $5 ppd.

And while you are ordering that, why not also try these other recent releases:

KSE #203, R. LEE DOCKERY, “Live at the Salvage Vanguard Theater” (mini-cdr, $5)

KSE #205, ST 37, “K B D P” (mini-cdr, $5)

KSE #206, ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE, “Emilio” (32 tracks of solo bajo sexto, a tour-de-force, full-sized cdr, $7)

KSE #197, A.J. KAUFMANN,  “Love Lions of Paris”    $5 ppd. anywhere (poetry chapbook from this contemporary Polish post-modern master)

KSE #193, MICHAEL CASEY, “The Wall Board Knife”         $5 ppd. anywhere (poetry chapbook from the author of MILLRAT and OBSCENITIES, painfully funny workplace poems from one of America’s most distinctive voices)

payment via paypal to    django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

please include a note with order stating which items you want…thanks!

and these amazing KSE releases are still available:

3″ mini-cdr’s ($5.00 each, ppd.)

KSE #204 (3-inch CDR), XANTHOCEPHALUS, “3 W B”

KSE #202 (3-inch CDR), BOOK OF SHADOWS, “Poppets and Strings.”

KSE #198 ( 3-inch CDR), MATAMOROS  (R. Lee Dockery and Derek Rogers), “Five-Toned Rows”

KSE #191 (3-inch CDR), Massimo Magee & Tim Green, “Direct To Tape.”

KSE #200 (3-inch CDR), Alfred 23 Harth/Soojung Kae/Chang U Choi, “Red Canopy.”

KSE #194 (3-inch CDR), Venison Whirled, “Xibalba.”


full-sized CDR’s ($7.00 each, ppd.)

KSE #199 (CDR), Brent Fariss, “Four Environments….Collapsing.”

KSE #189 (CDR), Nick Hennies, “Objects.”

KSE #175 (CDR),  Alfred 23 Harth, “Micro-Saxo-Phone, Edition  III.”

KSE #201 (CDR), Andreas Brandal, “Disturbing The Dust.”

KSE #206 (CDR), Bill Shute, “Junk Sculpture from the New Gilded Age.” (2nd spoken-word poetry album)


poetry chapbooks ($5 each, ppd.):

KSE #185, Michael Layne Heath, “Jazzbo Wind.”

KSE #181, John Sweet, “Continuum.”

KSE #187, Bill Shute, “Surrounded by the Moment.” Sound Library Series, Volume 60.

KSE #174,  Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, “Digging a Grave.”


As always, thanks for your support of KSE and of micro-presses and micro-labels everywhere.


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