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November 16, 2011

R. Lee Dockery, “Live at the Salvage Vanguard Theater” (KSE #203, 3-inch cdr), now available!

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“Live at The Salvage Vanguard Theater”

KSE # 203, 3-inch CDR

$5.00 ppd., payment via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(d0t)com


Bassist/string player/composer/raconteur Lee Dockery has become a strong presence on the Austin experimental music scene over the last year or two, first with duo performances with Derek Rogers (prior to DR’s move to Los Angeles) as “Matamoros” (and you can still get their duo CDR “Five Toned Rows” on KSE…check our available items), then with spellbinding solo performances merging harmonically rich waves of bass-drone with carefully composed electronics and bursts of improvisation, appearing at both Floating Drones evenings,  the Lyr*I*Cism Festival, the KSE Anniversary Concert, and most recently the KSE Psychedelic Disaster Whirl, where I had the privilege of doing a poetry-and-music set with him. He’s also played regularly in smaller local events, doing  gigs at clubs/bars all over Austin with most of the active musicians playing drone/free-improv/noise music, and like many Austin artists, he’s got a number of side projects with different groupings of musicians.  He’s very respected among his colleagues (and just for the record, he’s my wife Mary Anne’s favorite Austin musician!), and we are pleased to have a second Lee Dockery release (after the Matamoros disc) on KSE, this one documenting his spellbinding set at the Lyr*I*Cism Festival at the Salvage Vanguard Theatre in Austin in April 2011.

Consistent with his unpretentious no-BS personality, there is no fancy title for the piece, no references to semiotics or allusions to string theory, simply the kind of intelligently structured (too many performers in the drone-ambient community have no compositional skills and/or have tedious minds when it comes to improvisation) and excitingly improvised swirling, ebbing and flowing, drone-study that can take you to both a mountain in Tibet and to New York traffic at rush-hour, with a painterly approach to texture, and with hints of church organ, Velvets feedback, and resonating metal. It’s 18 minutes of sonic bliss from a contemporary Texas master, and it’s the kind of thing I put on and drift with for hours, seamless, yet ever-changing. Honestly, this is a gem of a CDR, and I’m glad Derek Rogers (who engineered) had the foresight the document Lee’s performance that night. Now YOU can share in the experience if you were not there (and re-experience it if you were)…for only $5, postpaid anywhere. It’s a hand-numbered, hand-assembled edition of 85 copies, and half of them are gone already. The cover image comes from a series of photos I made in Galveston in 2010 and will put you in a place and a mood consistent this piece…

Lee’s performances are always different and always worthwhile (he was also part of the seamless multi-artist, four-hour no-break dronefest Continuance: Another Night of Sustained Tones in September, a concept I hope will be revisited soon…we should have two of those annually, IMHO…), so catch him if you can when in Austin…he will also be an important part of a KSE event we are planning for late April 2012 (can’t discuss it yet, but most of the pieces are in place now)

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payment via paypal to    django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

please include a note with order stating which items you want…thanks!

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As always, thanks for your support of KSE and of micro-presses and micro-labels everywhere.

November 15, 2011

Alfred 23 Harth w/ Konstrukt….Istanbul, Turkey, 19 November 2011

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Best wishes to A23H and Umut Caglar for a great and history-making performance in Istanbul…

Mr. Harth’s THIRD cdr for Kendra Steiner Editions will be released around New Year 2012: “GIFT FIG,” a duo album w/ legendary west-coast electronic music pioneer CARL STONE, recorded live in Japan and Germany…watch for it…

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