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December 18, 2011

Brad Kohler & Bill Shute, “EXACTA BOX” (KSE #195, limited reissue of KSE #36) now available!

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(KSE #195, poetry chapbook….limited reissue of KSE #36)

$5 ppd. anywhere

payment via paypal to  django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

My relationship with Pittsburgh-based poet, music writer, and fiction writer BRAD KOHLER goes back about 20 years. I’d read his caustic literary pieces about life in the Rust Belt and his insightful articles on the Cleveland musical underground and the Throbbing Gristle/Psychic TV-axis, and we became friends when we both were writing for Chris Stigliano’s legendary BLACK TO COMM/PHFUDD back in the 90’s. As we are both avid horse-players, we’d often discuss the racing world, so I suppose our working on a joint literary project that was horse racing-oriented was inevitable. So here it is. Written and published in 2006, EXACTA BOX was one of the most popular and best-received (with comparisons to Wantling and Bukowski, although re-reading it now I see a big sentimental streak one would not see in either of those writers…I guess any regular horse-player is sentimental about the track) poetry chapbooks of the first year of Kendra Steiner Editions, 2006. I did some public readings of it in the 2006-2007 period, when I was making appearances to promote my then-current books TWELVE GATES TO THE CITY and POINT LOMA PURPLE, and it always went over well with audiences.

It’s also quite different from my usual output. When I do poetic collaborations, I always try to meet the other writer at least halfway, if not 51% of the way, so when I’m paired with, say, A.J. Kaufmann or Zachary C. Bush or Stuart Crutchfield or someone else, I try to speak their language to some extent, and they do the same toward me, so the result is a unique hybrid, neither fish nor fowl, not really like EITHER of our usual works. This is a narrative poem, and as I was re-reading it for this re-publication, I was reminded of authors such as Saroyan or Steinbeck (not that we are on the level of those greats…) if they’d been post-Kerouac, post-Lester Bangs poets. If you are looking for something different from my usual output, THIS IS IT…and anything by Brad Kohler is always worth reading. Brad’s done some superb writing about the horse world…his obscure xerox-chapbook SUCKERBET DOWN IN CLASS was what led me to suggest we do EXACTA BOX. Hope you enjoy it…it’s cheaper than a night at the track, and you don’t have to smell the cigar smoke!

BRAD KOHLER, Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA  2007

$5. ppd anywhere (see ordering details above)

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or my recently-issued second spoken-word poetry cdr,


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