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December 20, 2011

ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE, “Emilio” (KSE #206, cdr), 32 experimental solo bajo sexto explorations, now available!

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UPDATE: Ernesto will be performing at the Kendra Steiner Editions 6th Anniversary Concert on April 29, 2012 in Austin, TX, at the Salvage Vanguard Theater. He’ll be performing solo on the bajo sexto (in the manner of the EMILIO cd) and also in trio with bassist Lee Dockery and percussionist Lisa Cameron. Don’t miss it. Presented by the Church of the Friendly Ghost and Kendra Steiner Editions!




KSE #206, full-length CDR

32 tracks of solo bajo sexto explorations

$7.oo postpaid anywhere, via paypal to  django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

San Francisco-based composer/improviser/multi-instrumentalist ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE has produced a  stunning piece of work with his new KSE album “EMILIO.”  The Bajo Sexto is an important musical instrument in Mexican and Mexican-American culture, a rich 12-stringed instrument one sees/hears all the time here in San Antonio and also in California, associated with norteño music in Mexico and conjunto music in the US.

With EMILIO, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, who knows the instrument inside out, has recorded a series of 32 unaccompanied experimental solo performances on the Bajo Sexto, each totally different from the others, essentially taking his Chicano roots into the stratosphere of a 21st century post-modern Aztlán—-beautifully close-recorded, so it sounds as if you are INSIDE the instrument. Ernesto is especially interested in the percussive possibilities of his instrument, and one hears echoes of gamelan, tibetan bells, Cage’s prepared piano pieces, hailstorms on metal roofing, Native American drumming, and much much more, all created with no studio trickery on the solo Bajo Sexto. If you have ever been excited by the guitar work, particularly the solo guitar work, of Derek Bailey, Fred Frith, Hans Reichel, Jean-Francois Pauvros, Loren Connors, John Fahey, etc., then you’ll surely become equally excited by this incredible collection. Initially this was going to be a mini-cd with about 20 minutes of music and 15 pieces, but when Ernesto sent me an early version of that, I immediately told him that the project was too important for the limited mini-cd format that a lot of people cannot play on their equipment…and that he needed to record even more material. He did, and now you can hear the full 32-track EMILIO, for me one of the most important albums of the year in the experimental solo-performance field.

Mr. Diaz-Infante is also a composer, arts program curator, and head of the forward-thinking Pax label, which offers a number of experimental and free-improv discs worth owning…you can read more about them here:

EMILIO is a pioneering set that takes the Bajo Sexto into previously uncharted territory and rates alongside (IMHO) the classic albums of forward-thinking solo guitar improvisation. With Ernesto’s skill as a composer, each piece creates a different and fascinating world. It’s an exciting place to be, and it’s only $7 ppd. anywhere. Payment via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

While you are ordering EMILIO, why not pick up some of our mini-cdr’s, only $5 each and soon to be out of print permanently:

KSE #205, (3-inch cdr), ST 37, “K B D P,” issued October 2011.

KSE #204, (3-inch cdr), XANTHOCEPHALUS, “3 W B,” issued August 2011.

KSE #203, (3-inch cdr), R. LEE DOCKERY, “Live at the Salvage Vanguard Theater,” issued September 2011.

KSE #202, (3-inch cdr), BOOK OF SHADOWS, “Poppets and Strings,” issued August 2011.

KSE #200 (3-inch cdr), ALFRED 23 HARTH/SOOJUNG KAE/CHANG U CHOI, “Red Canopy,” issued May 2011.

KSE #198 (3-inch cdr), MATAMOROS (Derek Rogers & Lee Dockery), “Five-Toned Rows,” issued June-July 2011.

KSE #196 (3-inch CDR), SMOKEY EMERY, “Incident at Town Lake,” issued September 2011.

KSE #191 (3-inch CDR), MASSIMO MAGEE & TIM GREEN, “Direct To Tape”, issued May-June 2011.


Or our full-sized, full-length cdr’s, including the new ALFRED 23 HARTH / CARL STONE album “Gift Fig,” only $7 each?

KSE #207 (CDR), Alfred 23 Harth / Carl Stone, “Gift Fig.”

KSE #199 (CDR), Brent Fariss, “Four Environments….Collapsing.”

KSE #189 (CDR), Nick Hennies, “Objects.”

KSE #175 (CDR),  Alfred 23 Harth, “Micro-Saxo-Phone, Edition  III.”

KSE #201 (CDR), Andreas Brandal, “Disturbing The Dust.”

KSE #206 (CDR), Bill Shute, “Junk Sculpture from the New Gilded Age.” (2nd spoken-word poetry album)

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