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January 24, 2012

NEUROTIC REACTIONS 2 (Crazy Apple Boutique LP, Spain)

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from Spain’s “Crazy Apple Boutique” label (which issued the eclectic compilation CD’s NEUROTIC REACTIONS, ARTIFICIAL FACES, and SOME SONGS STUCK IN MY MIND) comes this new LP-only 16 track compilation of obscure 65-70 world-beat, and it will be in heavy rotation on my turntable for some time…60s US garage from small local labels, 60s UK mod-beat-club dancers, girl-group garage from Australia, ye-ye beat from the continent, and no album would be complete in this series without some French- and Spanish-language garage-y covers…on heavy vinyl, with notes on each song and juicy label/sleeve shots on the back, this is a must-purchase for person who, like me, is still hungering for the best in obscure beat 45’s…I only see one track that’s been previously reissued and that was on a boot vinyl comp in the 80’s…kudos to Crazy Apple Boutique for such a swinging and essential album…can’t wait for Volume 3!

When I was travelling around the New England and Pennsylvania/NY last May in my rental car, driving long distances often at night, the above cd’s kept me company (along with Piccadilly Sunshine Vols. 4 and 5 and the Le Beat Bespoke series) and made perfect sense and kept me awake and full of energy, and while some purists turn up their noses at these comps, the mixture of  garage-y local 45’s  from the US, Euro-beat pop, ye-ye, crunchy French-language covers, and UK mod-soul somehow hit the spot perfectly as I was driving endlessly across central PA or up/down the Hudson Valley or through the forests of Western Massachusetts…few series capture the basic unity of international beat-pop-garage-dance music as well as NEUROTIC REACTIONS, and volume 2 is stellar.

1. BARRY WINDOW: End Of Our Road (UK, 1969)
2. COMBINATIONS: Bump Ball (USA, 1968)
3. JACK TREESE : Je Suis Un éléphant (France, 1969)
5. THE GOODIES: Such A Good Time (Australia, 1966)
6. LOS TIBURONES: Me Has Cazado (Spain, 1965)
7. THE STING RAYS: I’m Gonna Surprise You (USA, 1965)
8. CELEST: Sweet Wine (Sweden, 1967)


1. DON & JERRY With The Fugitives: In The Cover Of Night (USA, 1965)
2. NORMA: Quiero Amor (Mexico, 1968)
3. THE MEASLES: Bye Birdie Fly (UK, 1965)
4. SPARKLINGS: Seven Jump (Holland, 1967)
5. THE DAVE PEACE UNION : Seventh Son (UK/Spain, 1970)
6. THE PEDDLERS: Delicious Lady (UK, 1967)
7. KATTY LINE: Un Petit Peu D’amour (France, 1968)
8. JOHN O’BRIEN DOCKER: Get Wise, Girl (Germany, 1969)

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