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January 25, 2012

KSE # 215, Bill Shute, OUTFAKE poetry chapbook (Sound Library Series, Volume 66), now available…

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KSE #215   (poetry chapbook)

$5.00  postpaid anywhere


Those who follow the Sound Library Series might be wondering “what happened to #61 through #65”? Well, those appeared on my spoken word poetry cdr “Junk Sculpture From The New Gilded Age” and should be appearing in book form in the next year or two, so we’re not issuing KSE chapbooks on those at the present time (although a few dozen copies of FLORENTINE DICTATIONS were distributed at the NY/MA venues where I did readings in May 2011…hope you got one!).

OUTFAKE was written during my Eastern travels in May 2011 and assembled/edited upon returning to Texas in June 2011. That was a strange period both in my own life and in the national life…a period of super-highs and super-lows. There was a huge edifice blocking my view of the light at the end of the tunnel at that time, an edifice I’ve managed to disassemble and scatter since then, but that took much of the rest of 2011.

Some were waiting for a Rapture that never came,  some had their homes and lives destroyed by fracking-inspired earthquakes, some devoted themselves to collecting data for the “culture of evidence” they grafted upon reality, some chased married women, some drank, some protested, some read Emily Dickinson and thus understood the questions more fully, some made online friends, some played longshots at the track, some ate banana whoopee-pies, some used their coffee grounds a third time. As Dickens observed, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” And it’s all there, from my skewed perspective at least, in OUTFAKE. I’ll have some copies available at the Ruta Maya reading w/ Michael Aaron Casares in Austin next Tuesday night January 31st, but if you aren’t in the area, why not order a copy? These five dense pages of poetry contain more than most novels IMHO, and like daily experience, it floats past you one image after another, some witty, some tragic, some absurd, some matter-of-fact, some obsessive, some melancholy, some you’re happy to see, some you wish you’d never seen.

OUTFAKE…only $5 via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com. Please leave a note w/ your order letting me know which item you are ordering. Many thanks.


Other items that may be of interest and are also available for order:

POETRY CHAPBOOKS @ $5 each postpaid

KSE #212  ADRIAN MANNING, “These Hands of Mine”

KSE #197, A.J. KAUFMANN, “Love Lions of Paris” 

KSE #193, MICHAEL CASEY, “The Wall Board Knife”

KSE #185, Michael Layne Heath, “Jazzbo Wind.”

KSE #181, John Sweet, “Continuum.”


SPOKEN WORD POETRY CDR’s @ $7 each postpaid:

KSE #208 (CDR), ANTHONY GUERRA & BILL SHUTE, “subtraction” (limited USA re-press of CD originally issued on Black Petal Records, Australia)

KSE #213 (CDR), Bill Shute, “Junk Sculpture from the New Gilded Age.”


Our next poetry chapbook will be JOHN SWEET’s powerful new collection “BRAVE RETREAT” (KSE #216), which will be out in February… and later in the Spring,  a new Thelonious Monk-inspired poetry book from Pittsburgh’s mighty  Jim D. Deuchars!

As always, thanks for your support of independent artists and micro-presses and micro-labels such as KSE…

And if you live in Central Texas, please stop by the MICHAEL AARON CASARES / BILL  SHUTE  reading at Ruta Maya Coffeehouse  in Austin on S. Congress (down by St. Edwards’ University) next Tuesday night, January 31, 2012, from 5:30-7:00 p.m.

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