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February 15, 2012

SIDEBURN SOUNDS (Fuzzadelic LP, Spain)

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Here’s another 16-track LP from Spain, following on the heels of the excellent NEUROTIC REACTIONS 2, compiling what the label calls  “An eclectic mix of mod-soul dancers, groovy psych, fuzzy freakbeat and garage-beat.” So what’s that? Well, it’s not garage in the Back From The Grave sense; it’s not psych in the Perfumed Garden sense; it’s not freakbeat in the Creation sense, so don’t be expecting any of that. It’s instead an international mix of late 60’s beat music, some soul-tinged, some psych-tinged, some garage-y in the bubble-punk way that the third Shadows of Knight LP (the Super K one) was garage-y, some foreign-language covers of UK/US material, some super-strange American singles that would NEVER get reissued over here because they have horns or are performed by artists deemed “unhip” or both. And of course there’s that wonderful Spanish preference for growling posturing male vocals layered with crunchy guitar and blasts of brass. Mix it all together and you’ve got a unique sampling of obscure material, most of which I’m sure you have not heard before, that takes you on a trip to some 60’s themed Esperanto discothèque in Purgatory (or, at minimum, in a Jess Franco film). This is an earthier collection than the typical Le Beat Bespoke compilation, perhaps because it reflects Spanish tastes as opposed to British.  I could go over each track w/ you, but the liner notes do that well enough,  and you’d be missing the sense of SURPRISE that comes with one of these international comps where you have no idea what’s coming next—-a sensitive French answer to Donovan gone wah-wah fuzz, a Brazilian cover band taking on some midwest US frat-rock 45, an Italian band who obviously worshipped The Yardbirds,  the odd and exotic Japan-UK band Samurai (also found on one of the recent Piccadilly Sunshine comps), or the superb anthem “Gypsy Queen” by Detroit’s “Blackwell” (who recorded in Canada, one of those perfect tracks that you wish would never end). This album takes me to some exotic place, and the mix is masterful, so wherever you are, some ace 6T’s DJ is taking you higher…   just flash on the visuals in a freakout scene in some international co-production late 60’s euro-spy or action film, with Richard Wyler or Ray Danton or George Ardisson chain-smoking in some corner while eyeing Sydne Rome or Margaret Lee or Rosalba Neri doing some kind of exotic dance, the colors swirling, the lights flashing, there’s no tomorrow, only an endless alcohol-soaked, beat-crazed eternal now…this LP delivers that, in spades.

A1 Gilbert Safrani – Les Gens S’en Vont Dans Le Ciel
A2 Mochi – Snob
A3 Larry Wald – Superman
A4 I Nuovi Angeli – Una Caverna
A5 Unidades – Singing And Singing
A6 Laurel Canyon – Stand And Be Counted
A7 Les Dauphins – Serrons-Nous La Mains
A8 Bluebeards, The – Come On-A My House
B1 Bruno Lomas – Otra Vez En La Calle
B2 Golden Boys – O Feiticeiro
B3 Carlo Pavone – Viva La Liberta
B4 Kin Vassy – Gamblin’ Man
B5 José Salcy – Les Filles Chats
B6 Los Roberts – No Soy Como Todos Imaginan
B7 Springwell – Gypsy Queen
B8 Samurai, The – Fresh Hot Breeze Of Summer

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