Kendra Steiner Editions (Bill Shute)

February 19, 2012

Anthony Guerra & Bill Shute, “Subtraction” (Black Petal CDR, Australia), now available from Volcanic Tongue

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The duo album featuring Australian guitarist-composer ANTHONY GUERRA and Texas poet BILL SHUTE is now available as a beautiful CDR edition from the much-acclaimed Black Petal label from Australia, and you can get it from Volcanic Tongue in Scotland. Here is the VT writeup:

Bill Shute & Anthony Guerra 
Black Petal (
Australia) #41 
Beautiful new limited CD-R that sees Texan poet/author/critic/publisher Bill Shute hook up with guitarist Anthony Guerra (Antipan/Green Blossoms/Vodka Sparrows et al) for an accompanied reading of six long-form poems. It has been a blast to see how Bill Shute’s Kendra Steiner Editions have grown over the past few years, with literally hundreds of poetry chapbooks and now a whole CD wing that runs the gamut from established writers/musicians and newer radical voices all presented in Bill’s highly personal DIY style. It’s also reassuring to see Shute still as creative and enthusiastic as ever after so long in the game when many of his contemporary ‘rock crits’ have either become completely disillusioned and out of touch or been reduced to tossing off parodies of their earlier work. The fact that there’s more to the ‘career path’ of a rock crit as exemplified by the arc of Shute’s trails is a ray of light in a dark cul-de-sac mostly populated by burnouts. And he’s truly at the top of his game here. Shute’s poetry gains a whole new existence from being read out loud and here his slow, hypnotic delivery is perfectly complemented by Guerra’s minimal, clean guitar work. Indeed, there’s an oriental feel of stasis-in-movement to much of the music, with slow wheeling string patterns somewhere between Harry Partch’s Eleven Intrusions or even Heather Leigh’s classic Cuatro/Vocal recording. Indeed, while walking around Glasgow with this on headphones I’m struck by the mood it shares with John Cage and David Tudor’s amazing Indeterminacy box set and reminded of Shute’s classic Cage essay that ran as part of his Inner Mystique column in Black To Comm back in the day. Having only lived with this for a week or so, I feel I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface but I know this will be a deep listening companion for a long time to come. Easily Shute’s best recording to date and a remarkable job from Guerra with the usual swank packaging we have come to expect from Black Petal. Highly recommended!


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