Kendra Steiner Editions (Bill Shute)

February 26, 2012

new pricing at KSE…also, last call for 3″ CDR’s…

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Well, I knew this day  had to come, but due to a significant rise in postage costs, along with the regular bite of paypal fees and a rise in paper and ink and disc costs, KSE has raised the price on all full-sized CDR’s to $8.00 US as of today, and that’s including postage anywhere. Still a great bargain! That includes all back catalog CDR’s, not just new items.

Also, we retired the 3″ mini-cdr format in the Fall with the ST 37 release, but now we are deleting all remaining 3″ cdr’s (except for Alfred 23 Harth’s “Red Canopy”) as of March 15th. If you make and pay for your order before 11:59 PM on March 15,  we’ll honor your order. The  cost for the mini-cdr’s is $5 each, postpaid anywhere. The following are available, although some are down to a few copies:

3-inch CDR’s, last call until 3/15/2012 ($5 each postpaid)

KSE #205 , ST 37, “K B D P” 

KSE #203,  R. LEE DOCKERY, “Live at the Salvage Vanguard Theater”

KSE #196 , SMOKEY EMERY, “Incident at Town Lake”

KSE #202, BOOK OF SHADOWS, “Poppets and Strings”


KSE #198 , MATAMOROS  (R. Lee Dockery and Derek Rogers), “Five-Toned Rows”

KSE #191, Massimo Magee & Tim Green, “Direct To Tape.”

KSE #200 , Alfred 23 Harth/Soojung Kae/Chang U Choi, “Red Canopy.”

KSE #194, Venison Whirled, “Xibalba.”

send payment via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com and include a note stating which discs you want.


KSE #210, HEATHER LEIGH, “Empire”



advance copies will have low numbers and different paper and ink used for the cover…

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