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March 5, 2012

limited 40-copy reissue of Massimo Magee & Tim Green “Direct To Tape” (KSE #224), now available

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“Direct To Tape”

KSE #224 (full-sized CDR reissue of mini-cdr KSE #191)

limited numbered edition of 40 copies

Massimo Magee and Tim Green’s mini-cd DIRECT TO TAPE is one of our favorite releases here at KSE, but unfortunately, not everyone can play the 3″ mini-cdr format, and the format also has other inherent problems. Thus, KSE is moving exclusively into full-sized CDR’s, but we definitely wanted to keep DIRECT TO TAPE in print for a while, so we’re offering a brand-new version of the EP-length release, with new cover art but the same incredibly powerful and searching free-jazz blowout that was acclaimed by virtually everyone who bought this originally.

….Here’s the Volcanic Tongue write-up, which also quotes the original KSE blurb: “Wild set of crudely-rendered free improvisation across drums, synth, tenor and sopranino saxophone from Green and Magee, recorded in Brisbane Australia: “Reed player Massimo Magee and percussionist Tim Green are two young men steeped in free-jazz and the free-improv aesthetic. They grew up with it, it’s in their blood, and they’ve taken it to the next level on this new mini-cd. Massimo’s earlier recordings have been in a pointillistic vein reminiscent of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble duo of the early 70′s (think Face To Face) or Steve Lacy’s more severe and elliptical solo sessions, and he’s a master of space and texture. Those qualities are still present here, but substitute Reverend Frank Wright for Trevor Watts, and have The Rev double on gonzo analog synth, played much in the same style as his take-no-prisoners sax style. Tim Green, who has many of the best qualities of the SME’s John Stevens and also reminds me of drummers as diverse as Barry Altschul and Sunny Murray, is a fine technician and someone who gets an infinite number of sounds and polyrhythms out of a simple kit. The opening track, the 12 minute “Ray Gun” is a shredding blowout that starts in the red and keeps on growing in intensity. The second track, “Insect Music,” finds Magee switching to the sopranino sax (pitched higher than a soprano) and Green doing a number of scrapes and scratches and textures that will put you inside of an insect’s brain, sounding like free-improv hatched in the mind of an insect that just consumed twice its body weight in pesticide. After this 19-minute mini-cd, you’ll be worn out…and also wanting to hit the “repeat” button. And added to that is the intentionally lo-fi recording quality, sounding like it was recorded over a used dollar-store cassette, which previously contained one of the more outre Creel Pone electronic music albums and which bleeds through every once in a while. There’s a long history of this kind of thing in free jazz: think Sun Ra’s Saturn label, or Survival Records (the Frank Lowe/Rashied Ali album comes to mind), or BYG-Actuel, or Jihad, or other labels where the sound quality almost becomes a participant in the session.” – Bill Shute. 

We’ll be offering full solo albums by both Mr. Magee and Mr. Green later in 2012, celebrating the Brisbane, Australia free-jazz/free-improv scene from our South Texas home. This new reissue of DIRECT TO TAPE is only $8 postpaid ANYWHERE. Payment via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com  .  Please include a note with your order stating which items you are purchasing. Thanks!


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