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April 10, 2012

new poetry chapbook, Bill Shute, “Three From The Earth” (KSE #229) now available

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Sound Library Series,  Volume 69

KSE #229 (poetry chapbook),     $5 postpaid anywhere

payment via paypal to     django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

This latest installment in the ongoing Sound Library Series, Volume 69 (inspired by the Peter Lemer Quintet album on ESP-Disk, “Local Colour,” also featuring John Surman), was composed in February-March 2012, much of it while I was in El Paso and in New Mexico, and it was finished and edited in the first week of April 2012 here in San Antonio.  The objective correlative (for those who like literary jargon) here is the now-popular practice of “fracking,” which is defined by Wikipedia as  “the procedure of creating fractures in rocks and rock formations by injecting fluid into cracks to force them further open. The larger fissures allow more oil and gas to flow out of the formation and into the wellbore, from where it can be extracted.”  This practice has been associated with earthquakes here in Texas and Oklahoma, some of which have been significant,  though the practice tends to be treated as a “dirty little secret” by municipalities that appreciate the money it brings in and by oil and gas companies who appreciate the profit it brings in. Citizen voices pointing out the potential dangers of the practice tend to be “included out” of the discussion. Of course, marginalizing those who point out such dangers and risk getting in the way of jobs and profit is nothing new: Ibsen’s classic play AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE had its Dr. Stockmann doing a similar thing and being treated in a similar manner. Some things never change.

Fracking seemed to me the perfect image for the current age, looking for a quick buck while unconcerned about the future, and also the perfect image for what we are doing to ourselves in order to survive in this crazy cannibalistic society. As usual, my narrative persona stumbles through life, stopping to smell the roses but being late for work because of it. Trying to put together the pieces he sees, trying to follow the bread-crumb trail, and almost succeeding. Almost…

Fracking underground for gas, fracking the psyche to survive…THREE FROM THE EARTH (KSE #229, poetry chapbook) from Bill Shute…tennis elbows and tiger’s eye marbles, can’t cross the street w/o a passport, can’t vote w/o a driver’s license, can’t get fresh fruit in this neighborhood…the faults are awakening, and the Stalinist painters are on their way to kill Trotsky…
$5 postpaid anywhere, from Kendra Steiner Editions…payment via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com ….

want more poetry? we also have other fine chapbooks available, each one hand-numbered and hand-cut and assembled in an inexact manner…the hand of the artisan is always visible at KSE!

poetry chapbooks ($5 each, ppd.):

KSE #218, BILL SHUTE, “Florentine Dictations” Sound Library Series, Volume 64

KSE #217, BILL SHUTE, “Fascination” Sound Library Series, Volume 67

KSE #215, BILL SHUTE, “Outfake”   Sound Library Series, Volume 66

KSE #212  ADRIAN MANNING, “These Hands of Mine”

KSE #197, A.J. KAUFMANN, “Love Lions of Paris” 

KSE #193, MICHAEL CASEY, “The Wall Board Knife”

KSE #185, Michael Layne Heath, “Jazzbo Wind.”

KSE #181, John Sweet, “Continuum.”


Is reading too much of an effort? Why not try our spoken-word poetry albums, only $8 each , postpaid:

KSE #213 (CDR), Bill Shute, “Junk Sculpture from the New Gilded Age.” (2nd spoken-word poetry album)

KSE #208 (CDR), ANTHONY GUERRA & BILL SHUTE, “subtraction” (limited USA re-press of CD originally issued on Black Petal Records, Australia)


and don’t forget our much-praised series of experimental music on CDR, also $8 each postpaid:

KSE #220 (CDR), MATT KREFTING, “Sweet Days of Discipline”

KSE #223 (CDR), ALISTAIR CROSBIE, “A Campfire In The Snow”

KSE #225 (CDR), XANTHOCEPHALUS, “3 W B” REISSUE (full-sized CDR reissue of KSE #204, which was a 3″ mini-cdr, this reissue is limited to 35 copies)

KSE #224 (CDR), MASSIMO MAGEE & TIM GREEN, “Direct To Tape” REISSUE (full-sized CDR reissue of KSE #191, which was a 3″ mini-cdr, this reissue is limited to 40 numbered copies)

KSE #221 (CDR), DEREK ROGERS, “circum_navigate” REISSUE (full-sized CDR reissue of KSE #170, which was a 3″ mini-cdr, this reissue is limited to 30 numbered copies)

KSE # 210 (CDR), HEATHER LEIGH, “Empire”

KSE #214 (CDR), SABRINA SIEGEL,”Bottlecaps”



and if you are in Texas, please mark your calendar for the KSE 6th Anniversary Concert on April 29 at the Salvage Vanguard Theater, 7:30 pm, presented by the Church of the Friendly Ghost…


ERNESTO  DIAZ-INFANTE  solo    and in trio performance with Lisa Cameron and Lee Dockery

SOUTHWESTERN FREE  w/ Jonathan Horne


DANIEL HIPOLITO & EVA KELLY & BILL SHUTE   music and poetry trio

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