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June 9, 2012

new poetry chapbook, SHADES OF NIGHT DESCENDING (KSE # 234), first volume of the FLORIDA NOCTURNE POEMS, now available

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SHADES OF NIGHT  DESCENDING  (Florida Nocturne Poems, Book One)

KSE # 234 (poetry chapbook, $5.00 ppd. anywhere)

edition of 51 hand-assembled, hand-numbered copies

payment via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

The Florida Nocturne Poems will be a four-volume series of chapbooks set in different parts of the state of Florida, inspired by the time I’ll be spending there in late July-early August 2012. I’ve used many trips around to US to gather raw materials shaped-into-form  in my various poetry works, and when visiting areas, I try to soak up as much of the atmosphere and the zeitgeist of the place as I can. TWELVE GATES TO THE CITY was to some extent inspired by my many drives from San Antonio to El Paso on Interstate 10; ONENESS & THE SUN was inspired by time spent in Lubbock; NORWICH UNVEILED was inspired by time spent in New England, as was SONNETS FOR BILL DOGGETT; SUBTRACTION was inspired by five days spent outside Woodstock, NY. I could cite many more examples. To some extent, the northeast part of Bexar County, Texas, serves as my personal Yoknapatawpha County in terms of my ongoing poetry output, but an open-minded artist uses whatever materials come his/her way, so I tend to wring as much out of my travel and my exposure to new and different cultures and landscapes as possible.

SHADES OF NIGHT DESCENDING is inspired by the Tampa/St. Petersburg area, and most especially by the works of Salvador Dali, with the world-famous Dali Museum being located in St. Pete.  I’ve spent the last few months studying Dali’s lesser-known and/or later works (post-1955, let’s say) as well as reading some of his many autobiographical writings, and the result of that study is found in SHADES OF NIGHT DESCENDING (the title taken from a better-known work of Dali’s). Mix it in with other Tampa/St. Pete details (of course, Derby Lane Greyhound Track, America’s oldest still-functioning dog racing track, is also present), and work it all into a kaleidoscopic stream-of-consciousness poetic narrative experienced on the page by my Florida-dwelling fictional persona, and voila, you’ve got the first volume of four in the FLORIDA NOCTURNE POEMS.

Poetic meditations upon fate, fleas, digital footprints, painting toads, street signs, shuffleboard, The Giant Rat of Sumatra, and seeing the mannerisms of my mentor in his widow’s eye movements and hand gestures…

Only $5, and like all KSE poetry works, it will be out of print in a few months…you’ll have to decide whether or not to make the move…

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