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June 21, 2012

new album from ALISTAIR CROSBIE, “A Campfire In The Snow” (KSE #223), available now!

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KSE #223 (full-length CDR album)

$8.00 postpaid US (add $2 postage if outside US and ordering only 1 item)

payment via  paypal to   django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

Glasgow-based sound artist ALISTAIR  CROSBIE  has been making fascinating and unpredictable music for over a decade and on over 25 albums. The tags psychedelic, drone, ambient, noise, post-Velvets, electro-acoustic, or whatever don’t really capture what he does, though one can find elements of each in his many and varied recordings. I tend to think of him as a composer and sound painter, with a great attention to texture. He’s recorded for a number of European labels, though many of his releases have come out on his own Lefthand Pressings label, where he has total quality control over the music and the packaging, which is always unique and worthy of close and repeated listening/study. As an auteur in the tradition of Jandek or Matt Valentine (or Kendra Steiner Editions), Mr. Crosbie continues to create a fascinating body of work, and I look forward to each new release as a kind of  “postcard from the front,” a report on where his experiments in sound have been taking him recently. I must own 18-20 of his releases, and I was anxious to release a Crosbie album on KSE and share his music with perhaps a somewhat different audience from the one he has been reaching.

He graciously offered to record a brand-new album for KSE, and it’s now available: A CAMPFIRE IN THE SNOW (KSE #223). Mr. Crosbie is very interested in the intersection of art and physical environment, and his works often have a strong sense of place. “A Campfire In The Snow,” to my Texas ears, has the sound of cold Scottish winters. It’s a work that takes me into a new environment and allows me to taste and touch and feel in sound. Alistair Crosbie, though he may work with soundscapes, has the craft of a songwriter, and thus there is always a super-structure and a tension and resolution in his music. His albums have regularly been on my best of the year lists. Please give “A Campfire In The Snow” a try. KSE is proud to present a new full-length work from this important artist, and that cool Scottish landscape sounds pretty good to me right now as it’s 100 degrees F in the sweltering Texas summer! If you have not discovered the work of this important sound artist, here is your chance…only $8 postpaid in the US (add $2 for postage if outside the US and only ordering 1 items…if you order MORE than one item, overseas CDR’s are $8 postpaid).

interview with Alistair Crosbie at Documentary Evidence:

interview with Alistair Crosbie at Long + Wrong:

And while you are ordering A CAMPFIRE IN THE SNOW via paypal, please try some of our other CDR releases, only $8 each, postpaid in the US:

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