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December 27, 2012

“Unbroadcast Reruns” (KSE #243), new poetry chapbook from Michael Layne Heath


“Unbroadcast Reruns”

poetry chapbook, issued 2 January 2013

$5 postpaid anywhere, payment via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

limited hand-numbered, hand-cut, hand-assembled edition of 89 copies


KSE is proud to announce the publication of the seventh poetry chapbook (his fifth for KSE) by San Francisco’s MICHAEL LAYNE HEATH“UNBROADCAST RERUNS” (KSE #243). Mr. Heath was one of the founding-fathers of punk-rock writing with his seminal VINTAGE VIOLENCE ‘zine, covering the under-rated Washington DC area scene in the late 70′s, and then moving into the early 80′s he was a fixture at other ‘zines of the day such as CAPITOL CRISIS and TRULY NEEDY. He’s been one of my favorite writers for 30+ years, and he was one of the first authors I approached to join the KSE family.

Michael moved to San Francisco in 1992 and began taking his work to new levels as he moved into poetry, a perfect fit as his writing always had the specificity and detail and metaphor needed for verse. With the  musicality one would expect, a timelessly hip voice, a mastery of reference and allusion, and a gritty streetwise presence—along with a cynical wit and a unique ability to capture the delicious pain of longing and physical desire in a way that is neither cloying nor cliche-ridden—Michael’s poetry is a breath of fresh air in today’s phony poetry world of post-Bukowski losers and posers and pretentious academic pasticheurs.

In UNBROADCAST RERUNS, Michael’s expertly-crafted and musical post-Beat lines capture the joys and despairs of everyday San Francisco life, and by extension life anywhere, such is the depth of his deep yet everyday imagery. Michael has long been one of my favorite writers dealing with desire and sexuality—-he captures in language that is both rich and real that hunger and the excitement and the melancholy and the loneliness that we all feel as sexualized beings, whatever our orientation. And being a respected music writer and a musician himself, Michael always has a verse that is innately musical, with a syntax full of fascinating textures and shadings. I can always HEAR his voice on the page. Also, Mike and I being around the same age (he recently crossed the 50-yard line, we might say), his writing about facing middle-age is poignant and deeply felt. There’s no whining, of course (KSE is a no-whining zone), but there is a coming to terms with aging and wonderful appreciation of how the balance of knowledge and physical ability gradually tilts more to one side with each passing year. KSE is proud to support the work of Michael Layne Heath. If you like ANY of the product we issue, music or writing, trust me…you need to read MLH’s poetry.

Like Corso or Patti Smith, Heath often writes from a poet-finding-his/her-way-in-a-barren-world persona, on the hungry streets and in the seedy transient hotels of San Francisco, seeking transcendence through a cheap thrill, looking to score, looking to connect with a fellow member of the diaspora, his head full of ornate Nino Rota film soundtracks and trippy Jamaican dub, his stomach empty, his heart overflowing, paying for drinks with pocket change, selling his Kerouac books and Prince Far I albums to pay the overdue rent, wondering if that lanky, ponytailed, sandy-haired, jean-jacketed guy from the midwest at the other end of the bar notices him, and wondering how he can get busfare home…if indeed he goes home tonight.

Michael Layne Heath creates/evokes a rich sensory world in his poetry, and we readers share in the poet’s insights, fears, and small pleasures. He’s intimate without being confessional, and he always leaves a lot unsaid, so his work cries out for multiple readings and also begs to be read aloud and savored. UNBROADCAST RERUNS may be only a 10-page chapbook, but it’s got far more content and far more depth than most 300-page books. Mr. Heath is, to me, one of the ten most essential poets writing in America today…no surprise that one of his earlier KSE chapbooks was listed as one of the ten best reads of the year (2007) in Arthur Magazine. This is a hand-assembled, hand-numbered edition of 89 copies, available for $5 postpaid ANYWHERE.

Also, the cover features an original artwork commissioned especially for this chapbook from Austin painter-musician Carl Smith—-I have one of Carl’s paintings propped up against the CDR duplicator that I use for the creation of our KSE music releases, so in a way, Carl’s work is inspiring everything we do here at Kendra Steiner Editions. I’m excited to feature one of his works on Michael’s chapbook…if you live within driving distance of Austin, try to check out Carl’s work in person. It’s richly textured and three-dimensional action painting that really must be seen in-person. In any event, it totally captures the raw life-filled poetic “action painting” brushstrokes of MLH’s poetry. UNBROADCAST RERUNS by Michael Layne Heath…

Get yours now.

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earlier poetry works from MLH (now out of print, alas), published by Kendra Steiner Editions:

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December 11, 2012

INNER MYSTIQUE RADIO #35, free with any two-cdr order from KSE…(offer over, sorry)

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FREE with any order of two or more CDR’s from KSE…

originally broadcast in early 1990 on CFMU-FM, Hamilton, Ontario


IM RADIO 35, holly

choose from these cutting-edge classics, all $8 each postpaid (add $2 extra for postage if outside the US and ordering only one item, but you’d have to order two items to get the free IM Radio cdr, so I guess that’s a moot point):

KSE #247 (CDR), MARCUS RUBIO & BILL SHUTE, “Only The Imprint Of An Echo Remains” (poetry and electronic music album, recorded in San Antonio, TX)

KSE #237 (CDR),  MICHAEL BARRETT & MIKE GRIFFIN, “Birtual Seme-Alabak” (the long awaited PARASHI/BELLTONESUICIDE duo album!)


KSE #235 (CDR), BOOK OF SHADOWS, “Chimaera”

KSE #228 (CDR), UNMOOR, “Night Driver”

KSE #226 (CDR), DEREK ROGERS, “Born Into Systems”

KSE #223 (CDR), ALISTAIR CROSBIE, “A Campfire In The Snow”

KSE #214 (CDR), SABRINA SIEGEL,”Bottlecaps”

KSE #207 (CDR), ALFRED 23 HARTH & CARL STONE, “Gift Fig”


KSE #222 (CDR), MASSIMO MAGEE, “Sopranino Solo, “ cover art by MP Landis.

KSE #220 (CDR),  MATT KREFTING, “Sweet Days of Discipline”

paypal payment to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

please include note telling us what items you are ordering AND asking for the free IM Radio #35 cdr

once again, offer expires MONDAY 17 DECEMBER 2012 at midnight…

December 9, 2012

Marcus Rubio / Bill Shute poetry-and-electronic composition album praised at Volcanic Tongue

Our recent poetry and electronic composition album ‘Only The Imprint of an Echo Remains‘ gets a rave review from Scotland’s legendary Volcanic Tongue! We’ve written about the album elsewhere on the blog (just scroll down or click this:  ), but as usual, David Keenan shows a great insight into the work–many thanks! Also, speaking for myself (the poetry half of this duo), I’m honored to have Jess Franco’s name dropped in a review of mine. Marcus and I may be doing a joint performance of material rooted in this album sometime in the next month or so in San Antonio. Check the blog for details. If it doesn’t happen now, we’ll try for some other time…Summer 2013 perhaps. Until then, grab a copy of ONLY THE IMPRINT OF AN ECHO REMAINS and experience the possibilities when poetry and contemporary electronic composition get together.


“Only The Imprint of An Echo Remains” (KSE #247, cdr album)

$8 ppd. in the US/$10 ppd. elsewhere

paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

marcus rubio and bill shute

Marcus Rubio & Bill Shute 
Only The Imprint Of An Echo Remains 
Kendra Steiner Editions KSE-247 

Inspired collaboration between American soundist Marcus Rubio and poet/writer/curator Bill Shute: Only The Imprint… alternates between recordings of Shute reading his poetry – “Oneness And The Sun”, “Objectless” and “The Twenty Fifth Life Of Alcyone” – with radical treatments of sections/snippets/echoes from the reading by Rubio, using techniques like granular synthesis and spectral reduction. The results are startling. Shute has a great, resonant, expressive, reading voice and Rubio inverts this with his treatments, generating cold zones of austere Euro electronics and almost NWW-esque shots of dead air. Indeed, some of the pieces remind me of Nate Young’s Regression experiments, with Shute’s voice variously disembowelled, smeared and otherwise dissembled, to the point that it becomes another texture or rhythm in the piece. Rubio would seem to have much in common with John Oswald’s various time-stretching plunderphonic strategies, and the music has that feeling of entire worlds squeezed into seconds, unfolding in rippling rhythms and generating eerie moments of sing-song beauty that feel closer to actual song constructs than ‘mere’ sonic manipulation, with a grandeur and ambition that goes way beyond what you might think the remit entails. And when it switches to Bill’s reading the effect is startling, like a sudden zoom, a crude Jess Franco close-up that feels like a complete inversion of what went before. A great side, highly recommended!

Posted at Volcanic Tongue (written by David Keenan), 2 December 2012

December 6, 2012

Mia Spanier & Henry Cordeiro, “Rank Epistrophy” cdr w/ 4 aleatory watercolors

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“Rank Epistrophy” (cdr w/ 4 aleatory watercolors)

rank epistrophy

….hmmm, what is this, an upcoming KSE release? No, it’s a fictitious release by the fictitious characters (Mia & Henry) in my forthcoming poetry chapbook, “Dream Static”…the circumstances around its release are discussed in the poem…I may include a “sample cover” in initial copies of the chapbook when it’s ready…this began as a John Berryman parody but wound up as a lampooning of the contemporary arts/music scene…and that includes a lampooning of KSE……because you gain a wonderful freedom when you realize that you yourself are ridiculous…you can accept it and move on and create!

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