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February 3, 2013

4th annual BILL SHUTE / MICHAEL AARON CASARES poetry reading, tomorrow night in Austin!

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postscript 2/5/12:

thanks to all who came out for this event at Metal and Lace (they’ve fixed it up nicely! the steampunk ambiance works well) in Austin on Monday…it went well, and it’s always great to work with Michael Aaron Casares and Thom Woodruff  (aka Thom Worldpoet, who as always gave me many things to read, from local anthologies he was involved with to lesser-known works of Hesse and Arthur Miller!)…I don’t expect to be doing any more readings in the first half of 2012, I’ve got too many other projects going, but you can count on the 5th annual joint Shute-Casares reading early in 2014…see you then…


Austin Salon Poetic presents

4th Annual  BILL SHUTE  /  MICHAEL AARON CASARES  joint poetry reading

7:30 pm,    Monday 4  February 2013

Metal and Lace Club (formerly Headhunters)

8th and Red River, Austin, Texas

free admission………cheap drinks


Bill Shute reading at Headhunters as part of Austin Salon Poetic reading series, September 2012

shute and casares, year four

Usually, like most poets, when I do a reading, I perform my most recent piece, some other recent pieces (namely, things the audience can buy, either from the author at the reading or from a bookstore or online source that the author is only too happy to plug), and perhaps a favorite older piece and/or a known crowdpleaser (people who’ve seen me know that I often start the performance with either “Kerrville, Texas” or “Marion, Texas” from the NEXT EXIT chapbooks because they always “work” with most any crowd). Tomorrow night in Austin, I will NOT be doing that. On going through my older pieces, I found four chapbooks from the past (2006-2010) that seem to be deserving of a revival and that will present a nice variety while being pieces that “work” for a live reading in a bar (or so I hope).


AFTERGLOW (KSE #91), from 2008, consists of scenes of a character who rents a room from an older lady with a very old home that’s not been kept up, kind of like a midwestern US version of Miss Havisham’s home in Great Expectations…I was experimenting with a poetic line at that time that was a cross between mid-60s Creeley and McClure…


I’ll also be reading ACRES (KSE #131, from 2009) tomorrow night in Austin…cities like San Antonio and Houston have a huge band of desolate medical offices and industrial parks around their outer fringes…all shiny metal and smoked glass and tan-colored stone, but in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by no neighborhoods, no life…that is what ACRES is about…in some ways, it’s a literary version of what Vanessa Rossetto captured so well in music on her EXOTIC EXIT album…

78 horizons

In early 2010, my friend A.J. Kaufmann (Polish poet and musician) and I did a joint chapbook, 8 poems (4+4), each inspired by a certain 78 RPM record…I’ll be reading my 4 pieces from 78 HORIZONS (KSE #159) tomorrow night in Austin…


…and I’ll close the Austin reading tomorrow w/ this: EXTENSION (KSE #9, from 2006)…unless you attended one of my San Antonio-area bookstore/bookfair appearances in support of TWELVE GATES TO THE CITY (I gave away this chapbook as a free gift to anyone who bought the TWELVE GATES book), you’re probably unfamiliar with this one from 7 years ago! I was writing a lot about dead-end jobs and dead-end lives at that time, and I had a spiraling line structure and page appearance at that point that took aspects of Creeley (as I understood them imperfectly) and ran with them far far away in a different direction…

it’s good to have a large back catalogue of pieces that did not get much distribution/attention at the time of their release…they hold up well, but they are “new” to most…and they’re quite different from what I’m doing now…

This will probably be my only Austin reading for the first half of 2013, and I don’t have the time or money to travel much right now, so if you’re so inclined to see a reading, catch this one. I’ve got 50 other irons in the fire, and they all need attending to.

I don’t think I’ll be getting back East this year, but whenever I DO, I will try to arrange some readings and poetry-and-music performances in Western Massachusetts, New York state, and Pittsburgh. If you’re in one of those areas, I look forward to seeing you in 2014, perhaps…

It’s always exciting to read with Michael…and Thom Worldpoet will also be there reading…and those two men are SO dedicated to poetry and do so much for poetry in Central Texas that one can’t help but be swept up in their enthusiasm. Come out tomorrow night and get swept up. 7:30 PM, Metal and Lace (formerly Headhunters), 8th and Red River, Austin, Texas…see you there!

shute casares 2013

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  1. All the best, Bill (and Eric), on the joint reading! For those who have never partaken in the performance of Bill’s poetry, I encourage you to treat yourself a taste of the avant garde that is ultra accessible and refreshing to the soul. I have many of Bill’s chapbooks and pull them out on the weekends when I want a little escape–right now I keep going back to “The Mosquitos of La Marque”–part of his sound library series. The poems in this collection always bring reassurance to me that there is beauty in everyday experiences, no matter how small or routine.

    Comment by Laurie — February 4, 2013 @ 2:15 pm | Reply

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