Kendra Steiner Editions (Bill Shute)

March 10, 2013

Traces (from Hours Past Sunset)

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KSE 2013 four



                  the  assembled  singers,      shimmering

                                          but   set  to a moderate heat,

                              layered on risers   

                                                  and flanked        by baffles,

                                     wordlessly            in – ton – ing


                                                     color     and     shade

                                                            and   blend

                                                                      and  balance


                                 but as humidity

                                        they  cannot    be seen,

                                                   only felt


                                              freshly blown sand

                                                   across  recent  footsteps

                                                somewhere      between

                                                     Artesia  and  Alamogordo



           over  an  image    sharp and deep

                           we  place       a sheet

                                                       of  tracing  paper


                                            stubby, nail-bitten  fingers

                                                       trying to hold

                                                                  it           in  place

            the other hand

                   taking a pencil             and copying

                        the    general   line

                      not worrying

              about  detail

           or  precision


leaving it all


            to  texture

                     and   accident

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