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June 5, 2013

Meditations On A One-Way Trail (KSE #261), new art-and-poetry chapbook from Daniel Hipolito and Bill Shute

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KSE #261, chapbook

art by Daniel Hipolito, poetry by Bill Shute

$6.00 ppd. in the US ($7.00 ppd. outside the US)

payment via paypal to    django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com


Daniel Hipolito is well-known in the forward-thinking arts world in Austin (where he lives and works) and on the West Coast (where he used to live and still performs each year) for his visionary music work as Smokey Emery (utilizing and manipulating tapes, both found and new creations, in a manner not unlike Matt Krefting, but with very different results) and as a member of the group Lumens and in many other one-off experimental music groups. However, Daniel has also worked in the visual arts for over a decade and has had a number of publications and exhibitions of his artwork.

MEDITATIONS ON A ONE-WAY TRAIL (KSE #261) is a chapbook that combines a series of drawings by Daniel with a series of poems by Bill Shute.  A 2009 article on Daniel’s visual art at the “Bees And Trees” blog states that “Hipolito’s work is photo-based realism that can be abstract and obscure, creating  an area between representation and abstraction, transparency and conspiracy….Hipolito’s work implies enigmatic narratives, as it resembles frames of a graphic novel, or a page of photojournalism, forms of media that often depict crime and terror in achromatic panels. Similar to the effect of crime scene photography, the mundane is transformed into mystery and menace….Hipolito combines images in a way that elicits new associations and confounds conclusion.” That’s as good an explanation as any of what Daniel is doing in this suite of images–and I created short poems (six one-half page poems, one full-page poem) to walk alongside those images. Think of two friends, one of them a visual artist and one of them a poet, walking together along a dusty West Texas trail conversing, each in his natural medium. That’s how I view this unique chapbook.

There is a strong Western and existential thread to both the images and the poems—-the progression in the chapbook runs from fatalism to spiritual yearning, and the poetic form mirrors that progression (in some of the later poems in the collection, I am influenced by the much under-rated Frank Samperi, a spiritually tinged poet who was both a classicist and a minimalist). However, Daniel and I both exist in this painful and absurd (and yes, joyous too) Texas of 2013, and thus the poems are anchored by the refrain “Worried Men and Wooden Soldiers,” since we seem to be surrounded by lots of both.

MEDITATIONS ON A ONE-WAY TRAIL (KSE #261), a new art-and-poetry chapbook…in an edition of 99 hand-numbered, imperfectly hand-assembled copies…

$6.00 ppd. in the US ($7.00 ppd. outside the US)

payment via paypal to    django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

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(Each of these other chapbooks is $5 postpaid US  if you’re ordering MEDITATIONS ON A ONE-WAY TRAIL)

also, as a musician, Daniel (along with Eva Kelly, of Unmoor and Sprills of Ore) worked with me in April 2012 in a music-and-poetry performance in Austin, at the Church of the Friendly Ghost, and a recording of that performance is available on CDR from Kendra Steiner Editions, FASCINATION (KSE #238), which you can add to your order of MEDITATIONS for just $8 extra, postpaid.

fascination cdr

A broad sampling of Daniel’s music as “Smokey Emery” can be found at

Listen and enjoy…as we say down here in Texas, “get it all over you…”

Once again, thank you for your support of Kendra Steiner Editions (now in our 8th year and with over 250 releases in that time) and all independent arts organizations who do not bow down to the hierarchy in the “alternative arts” (meet the new boss, same as the old boss) world and who connect honestly, person to person, with creative souls the world over. Best wishes from our homebase in San Antonio…

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