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July 20, 2013

gone for the rest of July 2013…

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I’m headed to Pittsburgh and to West Virginia for the rest of July 2013. Will be back on August 1st. If you are within driving distance of Pittsburgh, consider coming by the Bill Shute/Jim D. Deuchars reading on Sunday 28 July at 2 p.m. at Amazing Books. We’ll have some as-yet-unreleased KSE offerings available and a good time will be had by all.

All KSE orders (that don’t include a pre-order for the Krefting and Lambkin books)  received by noon Friday 19 July 2013 have been filled. Pre-orders for the Krefting and Lambkin poetry chapbooks will be fulfilled on or around August 10th, and whatever else you ordered with the chapbooks will be included with your shipment. Thanks for your advance support for this project and for your patience.

pittsburgh flyer

You can still pre-order the Graham Lambkin and Matt Krefting poetry chapbooks; we have a few dozen numbers remaining on both.

$7 in the US postpaid for either one, $8 outside the US postpaid. Payment should be sent via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

Please include a note with your order saying which items you want AND please include your mailing address/name. Thanks.

Here is a re-run (or as they say in the land of cable TV, an encore presentation) of the info on the Lambkin/Krefting pre-orders, previously posted:


KSE will be issuing two new poetry chapbooks in mid-August, and because we’ve had a lot of interest in these pieces, we are offering advance orders. Place your order now, and we will ship your order on/near August 10th. Also, we will number the chapbooks in the order we receive payment–earliest orders will get the lowest numbers and will be mailed first:



poetry chapbook (KSE #258)

cover art by Mr. Lambkin

release date: 10 August 2013

hand-cut, hand-assembled home-made DIY edition of 125 copies

$7 US postpaid / $8 elsewhere postpaid




“The Princess of Knight Avenue” (KSE #259)

release date: 15 August 2013

hand-cut, hand-assembled home-made DIY edition of 125 copies

$7 US postpaid / $8 elsewhere postpaid

matt krefting poetry PRINCESS

payment via paypal to  DJANGO5722(at)YAHOO(dot)COM

please include a note w/ your order telling us which book(s) you are ordering…thanks!

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Kendra Steiner Editions is a micro-press and micro-label which has issued 260+ chapbooks of forward-thinking contemporary poetry and cdr’s of experimental music in our 7+ years of operation.

While ordering your Lambkin and Krefting chapbooks, why not pick up another of our poetry chapbooks or cdr’s? All are hand-assembled DIY editions using varying inks and papers so you don’t know what combination you’ll get…and are in editions of under 150.


POETRY CHAPBOOKS (only $5 each when ordered w/ Lambkin or Krefting):

KSE #244 (poetry chapbook), MICHAEL LAYNE HEATH, “Unbroadcast Reruns”


KSE #263 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Worried Men and Wooden Soldiers”

KSE #250 (poetry chapbook), DOUG DRAIME, “Dusk With Carol”

KSE #236 (poetry chapbook),  JIM  D.  DEUCHARS, “Thelonious Fakebook”  (Sound Library Series, Volume 71)


KSE #249 (poetry chapbook), A.J. KAUFMANN, “Hosannah Honeypots” (Sound Library Series, Volume 72)

KSE #261 (art-and-poetry chapbook), DANIEL HIPOLITO & BILL SHUTE, “Meditations on a One Way Trail”


KSE #216 (poetry chapbook), JOHN SWEET, “Brave Retreat”


EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC CDR’S (only $7 each when ordered w/ Lambkin or Krefting):

KSE #260 (CDR) TOM CREAN, “Wired Love” (solo guitar and banjo explorations)


KSE #257 (CDR),  ALFRED 23 HARTH, “Micro-Saxo-Phone, Edition  IV.”

A23H  4

KSE #243 (CDR), VENISON WHIRLED (aka Lisa Cameron), “The Many Moods of Venison Whirled”

KSE #254 (cdr), DJIN AQUARIAN/SIR PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE & THE EVERAFTER, Live in San Francisco 10/2011

djin pcw everafter r6

KSE #239, (CDR), FOSSILS, “Bells and Gulls”

KSE #251, (CDR), FORBES GRAHAM, “Return: The Journey” (stunning new album from the Boston trumpeter-composer)

KSE #207 (CDR), ALFRED 23 HARTH & CARL STONE, “Gift Fig”


KSE #222 (CDR), MASSIMO MAGEE, “Sopranino Solo, “ cover art by MP Landis.

KSE #220 (CDR),  MATT KREFTING, “Sweet Days of Discipline”

matt krefting cover

KSE #240 (CDR), SPRILLS OF ORE (Eva Kelly), “Time Mirrors”

poetry chapbooks and cdr’s will be shipped along with your Lambkin and/or Krefting chapbook. Many thanks!

Well, I’m off to enjoy myself East of the Mississippi for the rest of July…
Of course, I’ll be hitting some racetracks—-Mountaineer Park and Wheeling Island, both in West Virginia…wish me luck…see you in August…


pittsburgh card

mountaineer race track

west virginia

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