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September 2, 2013

“Worried Men and Wooden Soldiers” (KSE #263), new poetry chapbook from Bill Shute



poetry chapbook

$6 US / $7 elsewhere, postpaid

Worried Men & Wooden Soldiers is brilliant in its execution; it pulls no punches, and no doubt is the most important and

vital subject in literature (or in any art) today. Few of us have the balls or moxie to even venture into the arena.” –Doug Draime


As most of us stumble through life, trying to keep our act together with multiple part-time jobs and inadequate or no health-care, and people keep themselves occupied by  posting cat videos on Facebook, we’re often too consumed with the small details of day-to-day survival to step back and look at the big picture:  the massive expansion of the military-industrial complex and the massive expansion of the surveillance and “domestic intelligence” communities. We can barely afford to pay the federal taxes that support the drone strikes on civilians in other countries and prop up an international military presence of the sort that bankrupted the Roman Empire or the Spaniards back in their colonial expansion days. HIGH ON INCONTINENT FEVER DREAMS OF EXCEPTIONALISM AND EMPIRE.

That’s what is embodied in WORRIED MEN AND WOODEN SOLDIERS.  In my usual open-field form, with energized clusters of language floating on the page like mosquitoes on the edge of a swamp, it’s my poetic-construct which seeks to present a core-sample of 2013 America, also dealing with the experience of being a poet/artist in these times.

This was composed in May-June 2013, both here in San Antonio and also in Western Louisiana, during the week we spent there.

I premiered this piece (In a slightly edited form—some things work well on the page, but not in a live reading) at my reading in Pittsburgh this summer, at Amazing Books, with Jim D. Deuchars…and it is one of the four poetry chapbooks Jim and I made videos for. You can watch the video of WORRIED MEN AND WOODEN SOLDIERS here:

It’s a rare occasion when one can create a work that is both formalistically sound AND containing an explicit political message. Falling into the trap of agit-prop is always a concern, but I don’t think that has happened here (as it has in other political pieces I’ve written and discarded).

Governor Ultrasound is drunk on Alabama Feeling, our flaws and bruises are airbrushed away with a coat of baconnaise, too many travelers are breaking down or wiping out on Great Gatsby Curve….they inflate you with images of possessions but execute you when you rob the Goodie Train—-kept in place by Worried Men and Wooden Soldiers.

WORRIED MEN AND WOODEN SOLDIERS. KSE #263. Hand-made, irregular-cut, hand-numbered DIY edition of 72 copies.

$6 US postpaid / $7 elsewhere postpaid.

payment via paypal to   DJANGO5722(at)YAHOO(dot)COM

please include a note with your paypal order that lists what you are ordering and provides your mailing address…thanks!

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As always, thank you for your support of KSE (now in our 8th year) and your support of independent, non-aligned artists. You do not have to suck up to a clique or play along with the “alternative arts” powers that be, for whom you have no respect!  DO IT YOURSELF. PRODUCE IT YOURSELF. DISTRIBUTE IT YOURSELF. FORM ALLIANCES WITH FELLOW CREATORS AND WITH YOUR AUDIENCE (WITHOUT MIDDLEMEN GETTING BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR AUDIENCE) AND DO NOT CEDE ANY POWER TO POWER-HUNGRY PRETENTIOUS ARTS ORGANIZATIONS OR CROOKED “ALTERNATIVE” DISTRIBUTORS. Let the parasites and the gatekeepers starve.

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