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May 26, 2014

new CDR album from Massimo Magee/Tim Green/Max Fowler-Roy Trio, “Relentless Communion” (KSE #274)

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KSE #274       CDR album

MASSIMO MAGEE: alto saxophone

TIM GREEN: drums


Recorded live at Visions of Lost Realities, West End, Brisbane, Australia

$8  US postpaid   /   $11  elsewhere postpaid

payment via paypal to    django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

CATHAL RODGERS_20140117_0002

Very excited to announce the third KSE album from Brisbane-based musician/composer/writer/aesthetician MASSIMO MAGEE.  His first KSE album, Direct to Tape, a duo with percussionist Tim Green (Green is also on this new album), was a lo-fi blowout using the limitations of the sound recording as a third instrument (in the tradition of old albums on Saturn or Jih*d or Survival) and exploring a series of unique sonic textures (the scratchy territory explored on the track featuring Magee’s sopranino work was almost like the sound equivalent of a Twombly painting). His second album, Sopranino Solo, consisted of four different experiments in improvisation, each with different alterations to the sound source, each moving farther away from the naked solo saxophone, but each raw and naked in new ways. These two albums were among KSE’s most acclaimed releases and those that generated the most e-mail raves from satisfied listeners. Upon hearing Direct To Tape, Pittsburgh-based music writer and poet  Brad Kohler left a message on my answering machine saying, “sign this Massimo Magee to a long-term contract,” and that response was not untypical.

Magee and Green are back again, this time joined by virtuoso bassist Max Fowler-Roy, in an exciting live album—-recorded at the much-acclaimed Visions of Lost Realities performance and exhibition space in Brisbane’s West End—-that captures a working group, musicians who move with the litheness of a ballet trio,  yet have the energetic thursts and parries one expects from primal free-jazz playing. They don’t really resemble the American or European or Asian practitioners of the free-jazz/free-improv art, but why should they? These are Australian musicians, and Magee himself is an important theorist on the nature of improvisation and the various roads down which the practitioner of spontaneous composition can travel. (Those wanting to explore improvisation further with Magee can check out his 26-cd set, available free as a download and with a fascinating 87-page book accompanying it, called COLLECTED SOLOS, a series of experiments with different approaches to improvisation as a discipline and as an artistic foundation on which one can build in unlimited directions…’s available at ). This is truly on organic trio, however, not a group backing Magee. Fowler-Roy is an exciting and thoughtful player who brings to mind talents as diverse as Kent Carter, Cameron Brown, and Barre Phillips—-he leads the group in many and varied directions and provides a complex PULSE to the proceedings. You’ll enjoy making his acquaintance.  I’ve raved about Tim Green’s playing before, and once again the man’s playing is as thoughtful and dynamic and unexpected as the work of a Barry Altschul or a Jacques Thollot, able to drive this machine, to lift the bandstand, to suggest multiple directions for the trio.

As someone who has been listening to free-jazz records for 40+ years and who still hungers for quality high-energy communal free-music with the same passion I did as a high-school kid searching out obscure albums on PALM or BYG-Actuel or ESP-Disk, I must say that the MAGEE/GREEN/FOWLER-ROY trio  SATISFIES! This is a group that needs to be heard outside of Australia, and although KSE does not have great distribution, we look forward to sharing the howling, writhing joy of  RELENTLESS COMMUNION with listeners across North America and Europe. Get your copy NOW…..hand-cut, hand-numbered edition of 113 copies. $8 postpaid in the US, $11 postpaid elsewhere.




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 payment via paypal to  django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

please include a note w/ your order listing the items you are ordering and confirming your mailing address….

As always, thanks for your support of KSE and all independent, non-aligned DIY lo-fi arts collectives everywhere…


Tim Green is an Experimental-freeJazz-Rock Drummer-guitarist-noisemaker based in the southern suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. He has recorded and played with Matt Earle and Adam Sussmann (Stasis Duo), Massimo Magee, Max Fowler Roy, Jim Denley, Scott McConnachie and others.

He co-runs internet based experimental music label with Henry Mills (Wardenburger, Old Growth Cola, $low) and records with him as a duo under various names (I’m A Cop, Henry Mills & Tim Green etc).

Max Fowler-Roy is a simple boy with flowers in his eyes and laughter in his hair. He chooses not to name-drop the artists he’s worked with (his stature does not need to be bolstered with greatness-by-association–this album speaks volumes about Max), but here is a selection of current projects: MONG, Toilet Roll Doll, Squidding, Des Threts, Glory Hole, and of course Magee/Green/Fowler-Roy trio.

Massimo Magee is a writer, artist and musician based in Brisbane, Australia. His work is wide-ranging, including fiction, text art, combined text, sound and image digital art pieces, experimental music (improvised, composed and everything in between), free jazz, obsessive and repetitive drawing pieces, radically extended saxophony, electronics, data manipulation and much more. He has performed internationally and had recordings released in the USA, France, Poland and Australia with musicians such as Hankil Ryu, Sangtae Jin, Keith Rowe, Tony Irving, Christian Munthe, Lee Noyes, Matt Earle, Adam Sussmann, Elliott Dalgleish, Michael Pisaro, Jim Denley, Dale Gorfinkel, Barre Phillips and many more, on labels such as Homophoni, Copy For Your Records, Kendra Steiner Editions, Ilse, Sleeping Giant Glossolalia, Ideal State, Audiotong, Factor Vac and others. Ensembles have included Cyclone Trio, the Magee/Green/Fowler-Roy Trio, MTJAM and many ad hoc groups. His latest novel, Counter Culture, has recently been published through [Array] Press.


PREVIOUS KSE RELEASES FROM MASSIMO MAGEE (both out of print—no longer available)

sopranino solomassimo

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