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July 10, 2014

new poetry-and-photography chapbook, BILL SHUTE, “HOT COMBINATION” (KSE #282)

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“Hot Combination”

poetry and photography chapbook                KSE #282

$6 postpaid in US / $7 postpaid elsewhere

payment via paypal to   django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

guide dogs_20140608_0001

As with GUIDE DOGS AND BARTENDERS ON THE GULF COAST, which came out a month or two ago, HOT COMBINATION is a combination poetry-and-photography chapbook, this time written and set in Louisiana. The photos were taken in January, and the text was written during my recent stay at Evangeline Downs in June 2014.

This piece deals with fracking, which serves as its unifying image, set among a landscape of environmental poisoning, truck-stop casinos, part-time low-wage jobs, crooked glad-handing politicians selling out the safety of the citizens, and the boomtown mentality (penny-wise and pound-foolish). Cracking the corn, cracking the egg, and cracking the earth. Delta-wide and sinkhole deep. Meditations counted out in billable hours. Taking the gamble that cannot last,  for a penny and a broken cigarette. Superimposing the desired over the actual. Dropped off  where the birds are indistinguishable from the sky by some post-modern Orphan Train. Yes, it’s a HOT COMBINATION.

The poem itself is in eight sections, complemented by 12 photographs.

HOT COMBINATION will appear on my forthcoming spoken-word poetry album, coming out in mid-August, but here is the original text, which was edited somewhat for the recording. For me, the text on the page (the page being my canvas, as an open field poet channeling the post-Projective Verse energy into the lines and the clusters, and setting them among the spaces and the silences, bubbles on the surface of the silence) is always the original and intended form for my poetry, although I do put a lot of work into adapting the pieces for spoken-word recordings or for poetry-and-music settings. The word sculptures found on the page depict how I see and hear and feel the piece….anything else is an adaptation. Adaptations can be fine, but they are adaptations.

Composed less than two months ago, Hot Combination is, I feel, FRESH in all senses of the word. I hope you enjoy it. KSE #282 is an edition of 53 hand-numbered, hand-assembled, and awkwardly hand-cut DIY copies. When the spoken-word album comes out, HOT COMBINATION will probably sell more briskly by people who hear my reading of it, so grab your copy now to be sure you get one, and also to get the lower numbered copies.

In addition to your copy of HOT COMBINATION, why not dig into our many OTHER poetry chapbooks presently available, all micro-editions of purity and, as they say in the malt liquor business, high specific gravity:



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 payment via paypal to       DJANGO5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

please include a note w/ your order listing the items you are ordering and confirming your mailing address….

As always, thanks for your support of KSE and all independent, non-aligned DIY lo-fi arts collectives everywhere…

guide dogs_20140608_0001

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