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July 20, 2014

new poetry-and-photography chapbook, BILL SHUTE, “The Fellowship of The Frog” (KSE #287)

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“The world is in my head / My body is in the world.” — Paul Auster




KSE #287 (poetry-and-photography chapbook)

$6 US postpaid / $7 elsewhere postpaid

payment via paypal to   DJANGO5722(at)YAHOO(dot)COM

please leave a note w/ your paypal order indicating which items you want and also yr mailing address

THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE FROG combines photographs taken in Rayne, Louisiana, The Frog Capital of the World, with a new suite of complementary poems. I must also admit that this work is to some extent influenced by the Edgar Wallace crime novel of the same name along with the 1959 German film adaptation of the novel, although that influence is probably well below the surface. I was reading The Collected Poems of Paul Auster while I wrote this, and the purity and concentrated elegance of Mr. Auster’s writing in any genre can’t help but be a positive influence on any artist.

The narrator in FROG is a recently released parolee, attempting to get his life back together in an un-named SW Louisiana town after serving 11 months in a privately-run,  for-profit correctional facility in northern Louisiana. He’s looking to re-invent himself and get back on the merry-go-round. We’re provided with eight poetic snapshots of the progress of his fitting in, the poems nestled among twelve photographs of The Fellowship of The Frog. There’s also a refrain concluding each of the even-numbered poems, one which will ring a bell with followers of Jesus Franco’s mid-1970’s output.

It’s a strange and caustic world in which we live today, and like frogs in the proverbial pot of water gradually getting hotter,  most people are too busy trying to make a living (or to find a job!) and to not fall behind on credit card payments and rent to stop for a moment and call out the craziness. Someone such as the narrator of FROG, who has been out of circulation for a while and then attempts to step back in line, perhaps notices the change in temperature (so to speak) more than others. Those who enjoyed GUIDE DOGS AND BARTENDERS OF THE GULF COAST and HOT COMBINATION should enjoy this one too. And those who have never read anything of mine should find it a convenient entry point on the highway where you won’t get run over.

This will be the last of the poetry-and-photography/poetry-and-art chapbooks for a while. Over the next year, I’m taking on some exciting collaborative projects—-both poetry collaborations and poetry-and-music collaborations. Each one of those will require a few months (at least!) hard work. During that period, I will release some excellent (IMHO) pieces composed in late 2013 that have not yet been published, including a few volumes in an ongoing series called DUCAL POEMS.

And I will have a  spoken-word album of newly recorded readings of 2013-2014 poems, produced by Marcus Rubio in Austin in July 2014, coming out in a month or so, which I am VERY excited about…..and I hope you will be too.

THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE FROG is a limited, hand-numbered, hand-assembled, imperfectly-cut DIY edition of 48 copies. Get yours soon….or go without!

As always, thanks for your support…

OTHER  available poetry chapbooks ($6 each, ppd. in the US, $7 elsewhere…):

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 payment via paypal to       DJANGO5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

please include a note w/ your order listing the items you are ordering and confirming your mailing address….

 Fellowship of the Frog 011

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