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October 31, 2014

haunting new album from MATT KREFTING, “Recitals” (KSE #266)

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matt recitals


“RECITALS” (CDR album, KSE #266)

issued November 2014

$8 US postpaid / $11 elsewhere postpaid

payment via paypal to DJANGO5722(at)YAHOO(dot)COM

We’re honored to be releasing a second album from cutting-edge musical renaissance man MATT KREFTING, whose previous KSE album “Sweet Days of Discipline” was widely praised and widely enjoyed. Matt is well-known in the underground for his pioneering work with SON OF EARTH, and he’s also released widely different but equally fascinating albums on such essential labels as KYE and CHOCOLATE MONK. Although record stores might be tempted to put Krefting releases in the noise/drone/bricolage/musique concrete stack (if, indeed, there IS such a stack), there is always a purity of sound, an elegance, and a kind of going back to antiquated roots in his music….hmmm, is there such a thing as rococo post-modernism?

There is always a deep conceptual base to Matt’s albums, although it’s often felt and sensed rather than explicitly stated. With RECITALS, Mr. Krefting has chosen to investigate the world of amateur music recitals, the kind of thing perhaps best exemplified by nephew Jimmy’s fourth grade performance of a Chopin piece at the elementary school talent show. There is an authenticity to such a performance, a raw rickety beauty that today’s jaded ironists often fail to catch, a fumbling yet hyper-real sincerity, and a unique quality to both the environment in which the performance takes place and the function of the audience of family members, family friends, and schoolteachers. As Matt describes it, “they are coached and prodded, then are subject to a bizarre mixture of unrealistic scrutiny and unconditional appreciation that ceases entirely to exist once they reach adulthood….There is such an amazing tension in the sweaty-palmed fumbling of the parent’s hands against the microphone of the video camera as they film their young one offering up the fruits of their labor….RECITALS is a teasing apart of these hopes and fears.”

The source material comes from a combination of found recital material, original music of Matt’s creation and commissioned material, but the pedigree of the tree matters little when the master carpenter fashions the wood into an Art Deco cabinet in his workshop, and we are in the hands of a master craftsman with Mr. Krefting.

I know, from keeping in touch with Matt over the months of this album’s creation, that a lot of thought and a lot of time-consuming re-fashioning and editing and tweaking went on after the basic album was completed, but Matt labored over the handiwork until the gongs resonated at just the right frequency, so to speak.

And the programming of the album is brilliant, again clearly the result of a lot of thought. The first two tracks (of nine total) ground us in a somewhat known reality, but beginning with track three, we are taken off the main highway, in the dark, on unlit back-country roads in an unknown territory. I dare anyone to predict where this album is headed, once it starts to kick in. Krefting is the captain of this sound-ship, and he’s taking us on a kind of magical mystery voyage into waters not found on any map. Truly, this is a HAUNTING album, an album of great beauty, a work that is sweet-and-sour, a work that has a delicious sense of melancholy. I don’t think it’s like anything else around. The world is a more interesting place because Matt Krefting is an artist working in it…and using chunks FROM IT in the creation of his work.

Also, there aren’t a hell of a lot of people around who can simultaneously be a featured artist in the Mimaroglu Music experimental music catalog AND  sing you a deep and heartfelt version of a George Jones song in a way that can break your heart…MK is one of a kind, and we at KSE are proud to offer you this haunting and unique creation, RECITALS.

Don’t delay in getting your copy, as it’s an edition of 133 copies….

$8 US postpaid / $11 elsewhere postpaid

payment via paypal to DJANGO5722(at)YAHOO(dot)COM     please mention “Krefting” or KSE #266 w/ your order and also provide your mailing address (which Paypal sometimes fails to….thanks)

MATT photo-19

photo: Jaime Pagana



full-sized CDR’s ($8.00 each, ppd. in US—outside US $11 )


new releases for 2014:

KSE #291 (CDR),  MARCUS M. RUBIO, “Cities Sinking Down”

KSE #286 (CDR ), FOSSILS, “The Cardigan Hour” (limited to 48 copies, a co-release w/ Middle James Co.)

KSE #289 (CDR) A. J. KAUFMANN, “Stoned Gypsy Wanderer”

KSE #285 (CDR) SMOKEY EMERY (aka Daniel Hipolito), “Live At The Hideout Theatre”       

KSE #288 (CDR, spoken-word poetry), BILL SHUTE, “Worried Men and Wooden Soldiers: Bill Shute reads selected 2013-2014 poems,”  produced by Marcus Rubio

KSE #275 (CDR), ALFRED 23 HARTH, “China Collection”

KSE #281 (CDR), FOSSILS, “Wooly Bully” (a co-release with Middle James Co., only 20 copies available from KSE)

KSE #279 (CDR), ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE, “Wistful Entrance, Wistful Exit”


KSE #257 (CDR),  ALFRED 23 HARTH, “Micro-Saxo-Phone, Edition  IV.”


and coming  later in 2014 (not available yet)….

mid-late DEC:     KSE #284 (CDR), BRENT FARISS, “Folk Song For 27 Oboes”


note: earlier KSE releases from MATT KREFTING (all out of print now):

KSE #259, THE PRINCESS OF KNIGHT AVENUE (poetry chapbook)


KSE #272, POLYMORPHOUS URBAN: POEMS FOR LOU REED (poetry chapbook, includes poems by MK, Jim D. Deuchars, Michael Layne Heath, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, A. J. Kaufmann)


as always, thank you for your support of independent arts collectives such as KSE…and of unclassifiable original artists such as MATT KREFTING…

October 23, 2014

FOSSILS, “The Cardigan Hour” (KSE #286/MJC #440), only 24 copies available from KSE

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“The Cardigan Hour”   (CDR album)

KSE #286 / MJC #440 …..a collaboration with Middle James Co., Hamilton, Ontario

total edition of 48 copies (24 from KSE, 24 from Middle James Co.)

ONLY 24 COPIES AVAILABLE FROM KSE (the even-numbered copies, 2-48—–MJC  has the odd-numbered ones, 1-47)

On this album, Fossils were T. J. Borden, Daniel Farr, Rob Michalchuk, and David Payne.

Recorded live in Brantford and Hamilton, Ontario, and Buffalo, NY, in 2014

fossils cover cardigan

This latest installment from the ever-evolving FOSSILS crew could be described as “chamber Fossils, ” if  such a thing is possible. If you can imagine FACE TO FACE-era Spontaneous Music Ensemble with washes of electronics woven into the fabric, you might have some idea of how this sounds….then again, it’s really nothing like that! It’s largely acoustic, with instruments being played in coloristic, non-traditional ways and with subtle electronics (and found speech—an absurd yet sad phone message). The FOSSILS emphasis on texture is primary once again, but in a way that’s fresh and unexpected….and that’s pretty much true of ANY Fossils performance or album…which is why they are ESSENTIAL to the scene.

Back during my teenage years, The Clash used to be billed by their label as “the only band that matters” (let’s not forget that this is the same label that once ran the infamous “The Man Can’t Bust Our Music” ad campaign in the late 60’s). I can’t imagine Joe Strummer approving that line, except perhaps ironically, but if there ever WAS a unit deserving of the title, I’d say it’s FOSSILS, who may make a lot of noise but let the work quietly speak for itself in the marketplace (no hype, no hipster posing, no airbrushed pics in The Wire). And if there is a DIY lo-fi independent label I admire and that is an influence on KSE, it’s Fossils’ imprint Middle James Co. They are experimental without being pretentious, their music can be both witty and jarring (simultaneously), and even after dozens and dozens of releases, I can truthfully say that I have NO IDEA what their next release will be like. With so many “art edition” labels out there, and with “underground” distributors and zines seemingly forgetting the DIY/punk/Warhol-esque basis of all we do and favoring a cojones-free artschool approach to packaging and presentation, FOSSILS and Middle James are out there keeping it honest and keeping it low budget and REAL. KSE is proud to be partnering with Fossils and MJC on another release. Get it quick….only 24 copies available from us…and 24 from MJC….

(NOTE: Middle James Co./Cardinal Records will not have this in stock  until early November, but Canadians should wait until then and order from MJC/CR)


$8  in US postpaid                              $11 outside US postpaid

payment via paypal to      DJANGO5722(at)YAHOO(dot)COM               please include note w/ order listing items ordered and address……many thanks!

Also by FOSSILS and available from KSE:

full-sized CDR’s ($8.00 each, ppd. in US—outside US $11 )

(last few copies!!!!)   KSE #281 (CDR), FOSSILS, “Wooly Bully” (a co-release with Middle James Co.)


October 17, 2014

new album from A. J. Kaufmann, ‘Stoned Gypsy Wanderer’ (KSE #289)

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“Stoned Gypsy Wanderer”    KSE #289

AJK photo(AJK 10/2014, Photography: Karolina Fiszer, Stylization: Laboratorium Loo)

new CDR album featuring 14 original psychedelic songs from the Poznan, Poland, poet-songwriter-musician

all songs written and performed by AJK

original cover artwork by Justin Jackley (Austin, Texas)

check out Justin’s work at

$8 ppd. in the US / $11 ppd. elsewhere                        paypal funds to DJANGO5722(at)YAHOO(dot) COM

and include note w/order listing what you are ordering and also your mailing address….thanks!

a sound worthy of a big-ticket private press monster for the price of two cups of Charred-bucks coffee!!!

AJK, album cover

When KSE moved beyond poetry chapbooks and into music CDR’s a number of years ago, one of the musical genres I wanted to support was contemporary psychedelia. No, not revival bands who try in a futile manner to recapture 1967, but musicians who have drunk deeply of the waters of the 13th Floor Elevators’ EASTER EVERYWHERE and/or  Bent Wind’s SUSSEX and/or Ya Ho Wa 13’s PENETRATION and who then took the baton handed to them over the decades by these artists and went on to create their own contemporary works rooted in their own higher-key experiences and their own transcendent realities. Having featured artists such as Sir Plastic Crimewave, Book of Shadows, John Stanton (Kuschty Rye Ergot), Lisa Cameron, Djin Aquarian, ST 37, and the many artists in the drone-noise vein whose works are essentially extensions of psychedelia (Derek Rogers, Parashi, Rambutan, Fossils,  etc etc), I feel we’ve been doing a good job of  keeping contemporary psychedelia alive and supporting artists dedicated to extending the boundaries of this seemingly infinite art form. Much of the poetry we publish also is an extension of the psychedelic ethos and also much of the artwork on our albums and chapbooks is equally rooted in the Warhol-esque side of psychedelia.


A. J. Kaufmann is well-known to followers of  Kendra Steiner Editions as a poet….he and Doug Draime have issued the largest number of poetry chapbooks of any KSE authors, and I have worked on three collaborative chapbooks with him as well as a joint chapbook, so I not only know his work well, I have worked alongside him and know HIM well. He never fails to surprise me with new angles to his work and his unique and exciting insights.   A. J. has also always been a musician and songwriter, and his earlier album SECOND HAND MAN was widely praised for its fine songwriting and eclectic mix of styles. That album was a professional studio production and even had session musicians beefing up the sound. For his second studio album, however, AJK decided to go to the other extreme…..essentially do an album of DIY home recordings featuring the songs front and center and go for a blurred lo-fi mindfry of a listening experience. AJ sent me a link to his bandcamp page, where he was going to release the album, STONED GYPSY WANDERER, digitally, knowing I’d enjoyed his previous album and wanting me to hear this one. Before the first song was half over, I’d hit the ceiling in ecstasy, and when the last track ended, I sent him an e-mail asking if the CD rights to this album had been given to any label yet because if not, IT NEEDED TO BE A KSE RELEASE….and now it is.

From the first multi-layered  seconds of the opener (which sounds like Robyn Hitchcock on steroids sitting in with Country Joe and the Fish if they’d been doing DIY recordings in 2014), we’ve got a first-rate collection of 14 new and diverse psychedelic anthems…..all with interesting chord progressions and the kind of lyrics worthy of a poet….some have a trippy singer-songwriter vibe a la Dino Valenti or John Wonderling….others offer kaleidoscopic swirling ships of sound in the “Scream Thy Last Scream” vein…and post-60s influences such as Scary Monsters-era Bowie or the Psychedelic Furs are swirled into the mix…along with the DIY genius of someone like Bobb Trimble. Yet knowing AJ as I do, I know that the album is not an assemblage of influences (he hadn’t even heard of John Wonderling when I mentioned the comparison)….it’s a songwriter and creative tour-de-force standing in the musical soil once walked on by the 13th Floor Elevators (they may have even gotten high there) and heading full tilt toward the sun. As AJ is a serious fan of Krautrock and obscure European bands of the early 70’s, I’m sure there’s some heavy Space Rock influences too, but unlike those bands, the tracks on STONED GYPSY WANDERER are relatively short and like a good 40’s B-movie that wastes no time in getting to the meat of the story and the conflict, AJ’s music starts in high gear….all killer, no filler. After getting a copy of this sent to him, Brad Kohler left a message on my voice mail saying, “This new album by AJ Kaufmann is stunning….it’s got many different styles, all equally well handled… it compares to the best things Julian Cope has done.”

STONED GYPSY WANDERER, unlike much of what labels itself  “psychedelic” today, is NOT a revival work….it SOUNDS like a 2014 recording and is forward-thinking and forward-sounding, but it has all the independent spirit and originality and everything-but-the-kitchen-sink low-budget raw production and fully-formed-style-from-seemingly-out-of-nowhere that one finds in the best and the biggest-ticket private press psych masterpieces. Had this been recorded in rural Maryland in the early 70’s and been a private pressing, it would have been pirated on a label like Psycho or Breeder and would have become “legendary.” But it’s not….it’s BRAND NEW songs that are timeless from a man who’s a major creative force….perhaps best known so far outside of his native Poland for his poetry, but soon to be equally well known for his music. And I’m told by those who partake, that the album passes with flying colors the ULTIMATE test of any psychedelic album….

And the cover features a stunning original painting from Austin’s JUSTIN JACKLEY….what’s NOT to love!


$8 ppd. in the US / $11 ppd. elsewhere                        paypal funds to DJANGO5722(at)YAHOO(dot) COM

and include note w/order listing what you are ordering and also your mailing address….thanks!



full-sized CDR’s ($8.00 each, ppd. in US—outside US $11 )


new releases for 2014:

KSE #285 (CDR album) SMOKEY EMERY (aka Daniel Hipolito), “Live At The Hideout Theatre”        

KSE #283 (CDR), SMOKEY EMERY (aka Daniel Hipolito), “Incident at Town Lake”….reissue of 3″ mini CDR  from 2011

KSE #288 (CDR, spoken-word poetry), BILL SHUTE, “Worried Men and Wooden Soldiers: Bill Shute reads selected 2013-2014 poems,”  produced by Marcus Rubio

KSE #275 (CDR), ALFRED 23 HARTH, “China Collection”

KSE #281 (CDR), FOSSILS, “Wooly Bully” (a co-release with Middle James Co., only 20 copies available from KSE)

KSE #279 (CDR), ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE, “Wistful Entrance, Wistful Exit”

KSE #277 (CDR), URKAS, “Stamen and Pistil” (URKAS is the duo of Parashi and Xanthocephalus)


KSE #268    (CDR)  CATHAL RODGERS (aka Wereju) , “Instrumental Conditioning”

KSE #271 (CDR), FOSSILS/BILL SHUTE, “Diesel Fallout Dixie Stampede”

KSE #257 (CDR),  ALFRED 23 HARTH, “Micro-Saxo-Phone, Edition  IV.”


and coming  in the last quarter of 2014 (not available yet)….


AJK second hand



Thank you for your support of Kendra Steiner Editions and independent, non-aligned lo-fi arts organizations…the PRC Pictures of the alternative arts world…we can  release THREE albums for the cost of an ad in THE WIRE (meet the new boss, same as the old boss)…we rely on word of mouth…please tell a friend if you’ve enjoyed our various music and poetry releases… wishes from San Antonio, Texas…

blues for duffy power

love lions

east west train

October 15, 2014

LIFE GOES TO A PARTY (KSE #278), new Sound Library poetry chapbook from BILL SHUTE

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new poetry chapbook from  BILL  SHUTE

“LIFE GOES TO A PARTY–Sound Library Series, Volume 76”     (KSE #278)

$6 US postpaid / $7 elsewhere postpaid

Brenda is a busy person who believes in the Law of Attraction and does not have time to waste on poetry….but maybe YOU do? If so, why not waste 15 minutes of your life on the newest Sound Library poetry chapbook, LIFE GOES TO A PARTY, inspired by the music of Benny Goodman….


In Summer 2013, while in Pittsburgh, I stopped by the legendary JERRY’S USED RECORDS  and stumbled across a cache of collector-label/private-press LP’s of rare Benny Goodman material, some of which had been sitting there over 20 years! As a longtime Goodman fan and collector, I was in heaven….I bought about 40 LP’s (averaging $4 each, all mint-minus, I’d say) and shipped them back to San Antonio in two boxes via media mail. Needless to say, I spent the first few months back home savoring these Goodman sides, and it was during that period (September-October 2013) I composed the five-part poem called LIFE GOES TO A PARTY. This has been in circulation for some time among friends (with a different KSE # and a different Sound Library #—-only about 12-15 of those are in circulation) and I recorded it for my new spoken-word poetry album WORRIED MEN AND WOODEN SOLDIERS, but it’s never been officially issued before, so here it is.

Dodging divorcees while running in place on a sea of jargon….venetian-blind shadow rows stacked on the wall of tomorrow….pony-tailed shape-shifters born on third base laugh at my sprained ankle, instructing me with condescension and without eye contact to walk like a Buddha….oddly specific breadcrumb trails out of the valley…..too many generals armed with virtual models & simulations, not enough  sergeants up to their elbows in dirty dishwater from someone else’s meals….“I’ll say what you want to hear,” Brenda whispered, “but I’m a busy person, and I don’t have time for poetry.”

But maybe YOU do?      

If so, get a copy now. Edition of 49 copies. Composed September-October 2013.   Issued October 2014.

paypal funds to DJANGO5722(at)YAHOO(dot) COM

and include note w/order listing what you are ordering and also your mailing address….thanks!

pitts 1


OTHER  available poetry chapbooks ($6 each, ppd. in the US, $7 elsewhere…):

KSE #290 (poetry chapbook), BILL  SHUTE, “Jaywalkers: Ducal Poems, Three”

KSE #287 (poetry and photography chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “The Fellowship of the Frog”

KSE #282 (poetry and photography chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Hot Combination”

KSE #276 (art-and-poetry chapbook), DAVID PAYNE & BILL SHUTE, “Blues With A Bridge”

KSE #280 (poetry and photography chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Guide Dogs and Bartenders on the Gulf Coast”

KSE #273  (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Someplace on Anywhere Road” (Sound Library Series, Volume 75)

We also have an excellent catalog of NEW experimental music from cutting-edge artists from four continents, but KSE began as a poetry press, so I’ll stick to promoting poetry in this post.

As always, thank you for supporting independent, non-aligned arts collectives such as Kendra Steiner Editions…..such organizations are the tortoises that will eventually win the race.

G 0067

October 11, 2014

new album from SMOKEY EMERY, “Live At The Hideout Theatre,” KSE #285 (CDR)

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SMOKEY EMERY (aka Daniel Hipolito)


KSE #285 (CDR album)

$8 ppd. in the US / $11 ppd. elsewhere                        paypal funds to DJANGO5722(at)YAHOO(dot) COM

and include note w/order listing what you are ordering and also your mailing address….thanks!


The first of KSE’s Fall-Winter 2014 music releases is a strong one from a man whose work as both musician-composer and visual artist we really believe in, DANIEL HIPOLITO. His musical alter ego SMOKEY EMERY is an important figure on the Texas drone/noise/psych scene, and his previous releases on a variety of labels have been praised widely both here and overseas. Daniel played 2 of the 3 KSE concerts in 2011-2012,  and I also worked with him on a poetry-and-electronics performance and recording, so I have seen him at close-range creating his soundscapes from a combination of tape manipulation (on multiple thrift-store decks at once) and electronics. In performance (and remember, THIS IS A LIVE ALBUM CAPTURING A COMPLETE PERFORMANCE) he reminds me of a postmodern version of a one-man percussion orchestra, someone with an arsenal of different sized cymbals and gongs and mallets, each with its proper role at the proper time in the performance, allowing for a seemingly infinite series of shades and timbres and textures….except that his weapons of choice are not cymbals and gongs, but tape players and electronics.

The six pieces here exist beyond time….starting with a longer piece puts the listener into an altered state and allows Smokey Emery to erase the blackboard of listener expectations. It’s as if we headed straight into a group of storm clouds and burst through them into an area of calm, but the area from which the storms emanated, and we hear the rumblings and scrapings and the slow-motion movement of the gears and pulleys where some Wizard of Oz was manipulating it all. This album is quite different from Daniel’s previous Smokey Emery disc for KSE, INCIDENT AT TOWN LAKE (which you can still get in its reissue form), which was largely tape-manipulation based. The arsenal has been expanded here, and most importantly, the sound sources are mixed together into a murky Texas gumbo where each element blurs into the others and the sum is richer and more flavorful than the parts. For comparison’s sake, those who enjoyed KSE’s previous albums by Urkas and Matt Krefting should also enjoy this, as it seems to exist somewhere between those worlds.

That Daniel is also an acclaimed visual artist who’s had a number of exhibitions and installations in different parts of the country (see the mural at the top of this page and then the other artworks included in this post) perhaps explains the painterly qualities of his music. In addition, this is a SITE-SPECIFIC WORK. As Daniel explains,

“The Hideout Theatre is one of the oldest buildings in Austin,  located on Congress Avenue downtown right off of Sixth street. At the time of this recording I was working there, had in the past booked several shows w/ Adam Jones there, and I  found the  sound of the small theatre in the back to be incredible, close, but big. This led me to want to record in that space but without an audience. I arranged with the owners to use the space  to do an album. Andy Hendrix (of Unmoor, who released an album on KSE) was asked if he could record material for that album tracked through his wonderful Allen & Heath mixer, all to be played and recorded live in one night.  Staying after my shift overnight one night when the theare wasn’t being used, I set up on their set for an Edward Gorey improv night, Andy setup near the edge of the stage facing me so we could communicate w/out talking during recording, as it is just the one big room. We collaborated on a seven mic setup using many different mic types and positions in the theatre:  Sm57s, russian paired stereo condensors from jon (silent land), boundry mics affixed to the walls,  among others. Every time we were recording Andy would mix these microphones live according to the music being played, which was all recorded live to a Tascam stereo digital recorder. I had already awakened at 6 that day, so by the time we wrapped up at 6 a.m.  it had been a long and interesting day, but fruitful.”

As you can see from Daniel’s comments, the pieces on this album are site-specific creations, and how could playing on an Edward Gorey-themed stage NOT affect the character of the work! This is an album that will test your speakers, but it also sounds great (and quite different) on headphones. Limited edition of 100 copies. Get yours soon….the SMOKEY EMERY experience is not soon forgotten! We’re glad to have him living and working in Central Texas…

KSE #285 (CDR album) SMOKEY EMERY, “Live At The Hideout Theatre”         $8 ppd. US / $11 ppd. elsewhere

also available from Daniel/Smokey:

KSE #283 (CDR), SMOKEY EMERY (aka Daniel Hipolito), “Incident at Town Lake”….reissue of 3″ mini CDR  from 2011

$8 ppd. US / $11 ppd. elsewhere


KSE #261 (art-and-poetry chapbook), DANIEL HIPOLITO & BILL SHUTE, “Meditations on a One-Way Trail”

chapbook is $6 ppd. US / $7 ppd. elsewhere


full-sized CDR’s ($8.00 each, ppd. in US—outside US $11 )


new releases for 2014:

KSE #289 (CDR), A. J. KAUFMANN, ‘Stoned Gypsy Wanderer,” cover art by Justin Jackley

AJK, album cover


KSE #288 (CDR, spoken-word poetry), BILL SHUTE, “Worried Men and Wooden Soldiers: Bill Shute reads selected 2013-2014 poems,”  produced by Marcus Rubio


KSE #275 (CDR), ALFRED 23 HARTH, “China Collection”


KSE #281 (CDR), FOSSILS, “Wooly Bully” (a co-release with Middle James Co., only 20 copies available from KSE)



KSE #279 (CDR), ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE, “Wistful Entrance, Wistful Exit”

ernesto album cover

KSE #277 (CDR), URKAS, “Stamen and Pistil” (URKAS is the duo of Parashi and Xanthocephalus)



CATHAL RODGERS_20140117_0002

KSE #268    (CDR)  CATHAL RODGERS (aka Wereju) , “Instrumental Conditioning”

CATHAL RODGERS_20140117_0001

KSE #271 (CDR), FOSSILS/BILL SHUTE, “Diesel Fallout Dixie Stampede”



and the last remaining copies of …

A23H  4

KSE #257 (CDR),  ALFRED 23 HARTH, “Micro-Saxo-Phone, Edition  IV.”



SMOKEY  08.21.12 smokeyemeryclub1808alipic

 at Club 1808, photo by Ali Pharmakidis


SMOKEY  051812SEred702

at Red 7, photo by Alex Kacha


And our friends at Holodeck Records in Austin have the SMOKEY EMERY album SOUNDTRACKS FOR INVISIBILITY VOL III: QUI MAL Y PENSE available as both a cassette and a download….get your copy here:




various artworks etc. from Daniel H.



SMOKEY  528248_2976378655626_1384631183_n




smokey tape









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