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October 15, 2014

LIFE GOES TO A PARTY (KSE #278), new Sound Library poetry chapbook from BILL SHUTE

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new poetry chapbook from  BILL  SHUTE

“LIFE GOES TO A PARTY–Sound Library Series, Volume 76”     (KSE #278)

$6 US postpaid / $7 elsewhere postpaid

Brenda is a busy person who believes in the Law of Attraction and does not have time to waste on poetry….but maybe YOU do? If so, why not waste 15 minutes of your life on the newest Sound Library poetry chapbook, LIFE GOES TO A PARTY, inspired by the music of Benny Goodman….


In Summer 2013, while in Pittsburgh, I stopped by the legendary JERRY’S USED RECORDS  and stumbled across a cache of collector-label/private-press LP’s of rare Benny Goodman material, some of which had been sitting there over 20 years! As a longtime Goodman fan and collector, I was in heaven….I bought about 40 LP’s (averaging $4 each, all mint-minus, I’d say) and shipped them back to San Antonio in two boxes via media mail. Needless to say, I spent the first few months back home savoring these Goodman sides, and it was during that period (September-October 2013) I composed the five-part poem called LIFE GOES TO A PARTY. This has been in circulation for some time among friends (with a different KSE # and a different Sound Library #—-only about 12-15 of those are in circulation) and I recorded it for my new spoken-word poetry album WORRIED MEN AND WOODEN SOLDIERS, but it’s never been officially issued before, so here it is.

Dodging divorcees while running in place on a sea of jargon….venetian-blind shadow rows stacked on the wall of tomorrow….pony-tailed shape-shifters born on third base laugh at my sprained ankle, instructing me with condescension and without eye contact to walk like a Buddha….oddly specific breadcrumb trails out of the valley…..too many generals armed with virtual models & simulations, not enough  sergeants up to their elbows in dirty dishwater from someone else’s meals….“I’ll say what you want to hear,” Brenda whispered, “but I’m a busy person, and I don’t have time for poetry.”

But maybe YOU do?      

If so, get a copy now. Edition of 49 copies. Composed September-October 2013.   Issued October 2014.

paypal funds to DJANGO5722(at)YAHOO(dot) COM

and include note w/order listing what you are ordering and also your mailing address….thanks!

pitts 1


OTHER  available poetry chapbooks ($6 each, ppd. in the US, $7 elsewhere…):

KSE #290 (poetry chapbook), BILL  SHUTE, “Jaywalkers: Ducal Poems, Three”

KSE #287 (poetry and photography chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “The Fellowship of the Frog”

KSE #282 (poetry and photography chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Hot Combination”

KSE #276 (art-and-poetry chapbook), DAVID PAYNE & BILL SHUTE, “Blues With A Bridge”

KSE #280 (poetry and photography chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Guide Dogs and Bartenders on the Gulf Coast”

KSE #273  (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Someplace on Anywhere Road” (Sound Library Series, Volume 75)

We also have an excellent catalog of NEW experimental music from cutting-edge artists from four continents, but KSE began as a poetry press, so I’ll stick to promoting poetry in this post.

As always, thank you for supporting independent, non-aligned arts collectives such as Kendra Steiner Editions…..such organizations are the tortoises that will eventually win the race.

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