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November 28, 2014

CAGED HEAT (KSE #295), new poetry-and-photography chapbook from BILL SHUTE

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KSE #295 (poetry-and-photography chapbook)

$6 US postpaid / $7 elsewhere postpaid


Language, experience, and language-experienced….in the middle of the middle of the Middle West

CAGED HEAT collects an eight-section poem dealing with life in a moderate-sized Midwestern town and ten photographs taken at a county fair in central Kansas in Summer 2014. It’s the last poetry chapbook I’m issuing in 2014, the last of the recent series of poetry-and-photography chaps, and the last-composed of the character-driven pieces in the tradition of the ones collected on the WORRIED MEN AND WOODEN SOLDIERS spoken-word poetry album.

In the middle of the middle of the Middle West, these facts of life might be cold and hard one day, tepid and spongy another day, framed and tinted with a film of orange-yellow, not unlike the dried-on egg residue our  narrative persona scrapes off plates eight hours a day to pay the rent and keep his health insurance. On the way to work, threatened by rednecks; on the way home, harassed by gang members.

He meets Cynthia, a one-time college professor, who was asked to film her lectures (then let go by the State University) and make them “content modules” for a “flipped classroom” to be administered by a no-benefit part-time adjunct faculty member. Cynthia’s now reduced to working as an “independent contractor” representing a line of gourmet raw-dog food products at independent pet stores. Her mother’s praying for a sign.

The river increases its volume the further it flows from its source.

Those with lofts above the clouds instruct me to bring my own weather.

And we work with what we’ve got left.


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other recent chapbooks available$6 US postpaid / $7 elsewhere postpaid

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We also have an excellent catalog of NEW experimental music from cutting-edge artists from four continents (look for the “Available KSE music and poetry” page at the upper right-hand corner of the screen), but KSE began as a poetry press, so I’ll stick to promoting poetry in this post.

As always, thank you for supporting independent, non-aligned arts collectives such as Kendra Steiner Editions….REAL AND CONCRETE three-dimensional artifacts from the hand of the artist him/herself—-nothing “virtual” about them.

Language, experience, and language-experienced….distilled to their essence, then molded into energized clusters, placed in suspension into the poetic construct. In this case, CAGED HEAT

November 12, 2014

MARCUS M. RUBIO, new album “Cities Sinking Down” (KSE #291), now available!

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CDR album, KSE #291

$8 US postpaid / $11 elsewhere postpaid

payment via paypal to DJANGO5722(at)YAHOO(dot)COM

marcus cities


Proud to announce the first KSE solo album from Texas composer and multi-instrumentalist MARCUS M. RUBIO  (originally from San Antonio, now living and working in Austin). I caught  Marcus a number of times during his San Antonio period, both solo noise-drone shows and in groups such as the legendary Gospel Choir of Pillows. Marcus and I worked together on a poetry-and music album (ONLY THE IMPRINT OF AN ECHO REMAINS), which was quite well-received, and his recent albums on various other labels have been among the most essential releases of the last few years. The man is a hard worker, and the first time I saw him, there was a massive thunderstorm which killed the power at the venue. As this was an electronic music show, I was ready to leave, but Marcus told the audience, “give me five minutes,” and after some tinkering by flashlight, he managed to do his show ON HIS LAPTOP by battery power and through portable speakers. That kind of quick-thinking and can-do spirit, mixed with a fiery experimentalism and a deep knowledge of the tradition, and the alternative tradition, epitomizes everything MARCUS M. RUBIO does.

But none of that prepared me for CITIES SINKING DOWN!!!

This is an album that combines the deep American Primitive roots of a Dock Boggs or an Abner Jay with Marcus’s cutting edge contemporary compositional skills. My initial e-mail comment to Marcus when I first played the album was, “imagine Bill Monroe locked up for a weekend with Gertrude Stein’s “If I Told Him” and then released to do a recording session produced by “It’s Gonna Rain”-period Steve Reich.”   If that description sounds appealing (and how could it NOT?), then you need to get this album ASAP. Marcus has taken banjo-based songs and, like a glass blower, extended them into all kinds of warped and angular shapes. The pieces pause and swirl and build up momentum, and then go spiraling off into the atmosphere, but always with a hypnotic rhythm.



This is a collection of fine songs but also a serious collection of minimalist composition. The pieces dig in and pull you around, as if you are on some kind of musical amusement park ride the swirls you every which way, but then releases you and thrusts you forward at high velocity. These pieces have that give and take, that lopsided elastic PUSH AND PULL. And yet, there is a beauty to the core songs which are deconstructed, and that beauty leaks through. Overall, yet another surprise from a man whose work is always surprising.

Some of you may remember that KSE’s first CDR album release was also a banjo-based album, the banjo ragas of SIR PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE on “String/Soul/Eye,” so KSE is proud to once again pay tribute to that great American instrument….


limited edition of 130 copies

$8 US postpaid / $11 elsewhere postpaid

payment via paypal to DJANGO5722(at)YAHOO(dot)COM

  please mention “Rubio” or KSE #291 w/ your order and also provide your mailing address (which Paypal sometimes fails to….thanks)


full-sized CDR’s ($8.00 each, ppd. in US—outside US $11 )


new releases for 2014:

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KSE #286 (CDR ), FOSSILS, “The Cardigan Hour” (limited to 48 copies, a co-release w/ Middle James Co.)

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KSE #285 (CDR) SMOKEY EMERY (aka Daniel Hipolito), “Live At The Hideout Theatre”        

KSE #288 (CDR, spoken-word poetry), BILL SHUTE, “Worried Men and Wooden Soldiers: Bill Shute reads selected 2013-2014 poems,”  produced by Marcus Rubio

KSE #275 (CDR), ALFRED 23 HARTH, “China Collection”

KSE #281 (CDR), FOSSILS, “Wooly Bully” (a co-release with Middle James Co., only 20 copies available from KSE)

KSE #279 (CDR), ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE, “Wistful Entrance, Wistful Exit”


KSE #257 (CDR),  ALFRED 23 HARTH, “Micro-Saxo-Phone, Edition  IV.”


About the compositional strategy on this album, Marcus stated that “the looping/sampling comes from a long variety of inspirational sources—a big one being the recent work of toshiya tsunoda. he does similar sampling on otherwise unprocessed field recordings that often snap back into the original sound source at a moment’s notice. sometimes, it’s even imperceptible where the loop begins and natural sound ends. essentially, I wanted to apply those same notions to pop music with it.”

More about Marcus M. Rubio can be found online at



MARCUS M three




KSE’s review of Marcus Rubio’s amazing album MUSIC FOR MICROPHONES can be found here:

marcus mic

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