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March 14, 2015

FOSSILS, “For Brian Ruryk” (KSE #294), 48-copy edition, co-release with Middle James Co., now available….

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For Brian Ruryk”

KSE #294/MJC #440

a co-release of Kendra Steiner Editions and Middle James Co.

CDR album, edition of 44 copies (22 from KSE, 22 from MJC)

$8 US / $11.50 elsewhere   payment via paypal to   django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

please provide address/item ordered in a note with your paypal order….THANKS


The first of three short-run FOSSILS albums we’ll be co-releasing with Middle James Co. in 2015 (we did two of those in 2014, WOOLY BULLY and THE CARDIGAN HOUR, now out of print), each an edition of 48 copies, 24 of which will be available from MJC/Cardinal Records and 24 from KSE. Actually, this new one, FOR BRIAN RURYK (KSE #294) should  be in an edition of 5000 copies because it’s brilliant. Anyone reading this already knows what FOSSILS represents: the ultimate noise collagists, low in fidelity and high in imagination. Every album is an action painting in sound, sliced and diced and sauteed until the ingredients jump from the pan. However, as good as all their many albums are, this one really should command attention. Sometimes the humor in Fossils music and the wide-range of sounds they are capable on creating take away attention from the fact that Daniel Farr and David Payne are masters of the musically diabolical: I’d rate this album as an extension of the subversively disquieting sound and aesthetic of, say, Coum Transmissions or early Throbbing Gristle. People seem to forget the DIY/punk/Burroughs/Warhol/lo-fi/cut-up/primitive/outsider orientation of the early industrial music before it was even called “industrial.”  FOSSILS are the natural heirs of the most primal, street-level, Lo-Fi and REAL side of that tradition. AND they are proudly Canadian!  Every track is different, but each section of each one is always fascinating in its construction and abrasive and full of textures. This is music that makes me feel alive! Come alive and get your own copy……but act soon, only 24 available from KSE….

FOSSILS     For Brian Ruryk”         KSE #294/MJC #440


Other exciting experimental music CDR albums available from KSE:

derek 2015

NEW FOR 2015: KSE #292, DEREK ROGERS, “Depth/Detail of Processing”


NEW FOR 2015: KSE #300 (CDR), FOSSILS & BILL SHUTE, “The Florida Nocturne Poems” (poetry and music album), cover art by MP Landis


remaining copies of new releases from 2014:

KSE #275 (CDR), ALFRED 23 HARTH, “China Collection”


$8 US postpaid                       $11.50 outside of US postpaid


paypal funds to      django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

and also please include a note with your order stating your mailing name/address and what albums you are ordering….Paypal does not always provide that….MANY THANKS for your ongoing support….

coming soon in late March-April-May: new releases from STEVE FLATO, MARCUS M. RUBIO, and the Gift Fig duo of  ALFRED 23 HARTH & CARL STONE

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