Kendra Steiner Editions (Bill Shute)

March 25, 2015

now available, FOSSILS & BILL SHUTE, “The Florida Nocturne Poems” (KSE #300, poetry and sound sculpture)

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KSE #300, poetry-and-music CDR album

original cover art by M. P. Landis

$8 US / $11.50 elsewhere        payment via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

please provide address/item ordered in a note with your paypal order….THANKS

includes readings of the complete Bill Shute poetry chapbooks  SHADES OF NIGHT DESCENDING; MONDO DAYTONA; PEACH COBBLER IN THE POKER ROOM; JUPITER IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR and FIVE new Florida-themed sound sculptures from FOSSILS…


In 2012, I composed and published FOUR poetry chapbooks, inspired by my two weeks in Central Florida that summer: SHADES OF NIGHT DESCENDING; MONDO DAYTONA; PEACH COBBLER IN THE POKER ROOM; and JUPITER IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR. Florida is a fascinating place (I’ll be returning to Florida, this time to the Panhandle, in May/June 2015), and the central part of the state is so full of rich particulars that it’s a natural for a poet or photographer. Those chapbooks got an excellent response, and I was very happy with them myself, so I arranged with Word Mechanics to do a book-length collection of the four chapbooks, running about 40 pages. I even commissioned an original painting from MP Landis for the book’s cover. For various reasons, that book did not happen, so after remembering that my spoken-word poetry albums sell better than their written cousins, I thought that perhaps KSE should create some kind of poetry-and-music album based on the FLORIDA NOCTURNE POEMS. And if you are looking for a musical unit that can do ANYTHING and create soundscapes of an infinite variety, then you will inevitably come to Hamilton, Ontario’s FOSSILS. David Payne and Daniel Farr of FOSSILS, inspired by the poems (and given the charge to keep it “swampy and sparse,” which they certainly did), created five diverse sound sculptures, dripping with Florida heat and humidity, which are alternating with newly recorded readings of the four multi-part poems, produced in Austin by Marcus Rubio.

THE FLORIDA NOCTURNE POEMS is the second Fossils and Bill Shute collab, and I hope it’s not the last. Listening to these poems THREE YEARS after writing them, I feel that I really did nail the struggle of confused, average people trying to find some fleeting empty joy in and to make some kind of sense out of the heart of the heart of Central Florida, “Mississippi with palm trees.” These are heavily-packed, detail-rich poems filled with chunky particulars, like the nuts in a Baby Ruth candy bar. Four different narrators tell four different stories, all pieces of the mosaic that is 21st Century life in the Southern US, under the reign of Governor Ultrasound. The combination of FOSSILS sound sculptures and these Florida poems creates a unique unclassifiable work. The music is sometimes abrasive and the poetry is sometimes absurd in a painful, pathetic way, but hey, SO IS LIFE. At eight dollars (eleven, outside the US), this is a heck of a lot cheaper than a trip to Florida, and you won’t have to deal with mosquitoes, as I did when I wrote these poems at various Central Florida dog tracks in 2012. Yes, this is a lo-fi product, but we are dealing with a world of people working at the minimum wage and living in cheap furnished rooms, so save the pretentious “art editions” for MFA-toting hipsters in berets.

The cover to this album sports an original painting from acclaimed Brooklyn-based artist M.P.Landis (visit him at, originally commissioned for the book project that never happened. Mr. Landis graciously allowed us to use that same painting on the cover of this album, and ALL sale copies will be printed on fine quality cover stock that brings out the richness and the textures of the painting….I’d like to think that the contents of the album are also full of richness and deep textures, but you will be the judge of that.

FOSSILS and Marcus Rubio did a fantastic job on THE FLORIDA NOCTURNE POEMS, and we all hope you enjoy the finished product. One has to find new ways to “sell” poetry in today’s world–this is one of them….

Get your copy NOW….EDITION OF 125 COPIES

$8 US / $11.50 elsewhere        payment via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

please provide address/item ordered in a note with your paypal order….THANKS

and while you are ordering THE FLORIDA NOCTURNE POEMS, don’t fail to grab some of our other CDR releases, new creations of contemporary experimental music from a number of contemporary masters….DEREK ROGERS, STEVE FLATO, FOSSILS, MATT KREFTING, MARCUS RUBIO, BRENT FARISS, etc. Here’s what we have available presently:

NEW FOR 2015: STEVE FLATO, “Exhaust System”

NEW FOR 2015: KSE #294, FOSSILS, “For Brian Ruryk” (a joint release with Middle James Co., KSE has only 22 copies of this)

NEW FOR 2015: KSE #292, DEREK ROGERS, “Depth/Detail of Processing”

KSE #275 (CDR), ALFRED 23 HARTH, “China Collection”

all CDR’s are  $8 US postpaid                       $11.50 outside of US postpaid


paypal funds to      django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

and also please include a note with your order stating your mailing name/address and what albums you are ordering….Paypal does not always provide that….MANY THANKS for your ongoing support….

fossils by nuuj in rochester 2012

David Payne and Daniel Farr of FOSSILS


marcus sessions

Marcus Rubio recording the Bill Shute poetry tracks in Austin


note: covers from the original 2012 poetry chapbooks (all long out-of-print)

florida one, shades of night





and here’s the cover of the FLORIDA NOCTURNE POEMS book that didn’t happen….but if it did happen, we probably would not have done this album, so in hindsight, I’m glad things turned out the way they did….this album takes the poems and expands them into new dimensions….


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