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May 2, 2015

“stylistic deautomatization” (KSE #293), the new album from Marcus M. Rubio’s MORE EAZE

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MORE EAZE (aka Marcus M. Rubio)

“stylistic deautomatization”

KSE #293 (CDR album)

limited edition of 48 copies 

$8  US  postpaid / $11.50 elsewhere postpaid

payment via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

please provide a note with your order listing the items you’ve ordered and your mailing address….thanks!


For his THIRD KSE release, Marcus M. Rubio (under his MORE EAZE moniker) serves up a mind-blowing creation that sits proudly among our recent kaleidoscopic slice-and-dice electronic skronk creations from Derek Rogers and Fossils. However, whereas Mr. Rogers is the small-detail pointillist of the group and Fossils are the action-painters of the group, with drips and drops flying everywhere, MORE EAZE is the one who is super-knowledgeable about various music traditions and has set out to reference and subvert them. He did that with the song form on his amazing LAND OF DISENFRANCHISEMENT cassette album; here the deconstruction is on a much deeper and radical level. I’ve always admired an artist who front-loads a work with the most extreme and radical piece, and the first track here is one of the most radical and confrontational pieces I’ve heard recently….and will have you wondering if your CDR or CD player is defective. Other pieces will melt into an echo of a song, with the kind of warped plasticity you see in a Francis Bacon painting….wiith the same disquieting edge. But at the same time, the pieces are logically structured and balanced, with the hand of the composer’s controlling intelligence always evident to those who seek. Also, the album was intended by MORE EAZE as a way to utilize chunks and elements from OTHER pieces and performances and to re-contextualize them in new creations. I’ve always admired works in any discipline which integrate found elements, but I must say that I”ve NEVER heard it done in this way before. Let’s let Marcus M. Rubio himself explain this process and his vision for the “stylistic deautomatization” album:


“shortly after my last KSE release, I decided to start recording/releasing/performing most of my music under the project name more eaze. cities sinking down really opened the doors to finally treating all of my various musical interests as gestalt of sorts and it seemed that a name change should denote a shift in this focus. key to the project idea and to the pieces heard on this release is the idea of destroyed materials from songs, improvisations, compositions, samples, etc…being reconfigured and twisted into something that is totally new yet still reminiscent of all their parts while being collaged with new and edited material. as a result, this music is simultaneously song based and more compositionally abstract with one element or another sometimes taking the foreground. I like to think that the more eaze material is constantly questioning what is the “real” thing that you’re listening to (this was an idea that very much came from cities sinking down). this is further reflected in how the organic and electronic sounds on each track are processed and often indistinguishable from one another. much of the recent work on this disc has had more of an overt influence from various strains of dance music, hip-hop and r&b-I’ve particularly been fascinated with how closely related the music making processes of those styles are to creating avant garde electronic music and noise and this dichotomy has played an integral role in the construction of these works. these pieces take timbral elements of these styles and often re-purpose or deconstruct these signifiers into new material.”–Marcus M. Rubio

I regret having assigned in advance this incredible creation to KSE’s short-run series of 48 copy editions….it’s really a major release. We may have to do a second pressing, but if we do, it will be labelled as such, so get your ORIGINAL EDITION now, while you can. Marcus will have copies for sale at his shows also, in about 10 days. It’s hard to think of anyone, except maybe Matt Krefting, who can work in such a wide range of styles and be totally masterful and convincing in all of them. This album contains some of the most extreme electronic sound-sculpture you could imagine (or actually, that you COULD NOT imagine), yet it also contains shards of beautiful and moving song.

The only thing more exciting than seeing/hearing Marcus M. Rubio’s ascent in the last few years in a series of stunning releases is to be helping that ascent along by releasing some of the albums…and don’t forget to order Marcus’s banjo-based album from November 2014 CITIES SINKING DOWN, which is still available from KSE (scroll down for details).

The Austin-based (although originally from here in San Antonio, and we are proud of him!) composer and multi-instrumentalist will also be playing the KSE 9th Anniversary event in Dallas on July 30. Watch for details on that.

When this album was over, my jaw literally dropped—I felt as though I’d been through some intense and radical experience, with hints of familiar reference points, extended to me like ropes that are then pulled away, forcing me to fend for myself. Get your copy of this NOW. I’m sure the first edition will be gone soon…although we probably will have to go into a second edition, and if you are reading this in June or July, that is probably what you will be getting….same amazing content, though.

Whiie ordering this MORE EAZE album, why not pick up some of KSE’s other CDR albums of contemporary forward-thinking music:


full-sized KSE CDR’s ($8.00 each, ppd. in US—outside US $11.50 )

Please include a note with your paypal order including the items ordered AND your mailing address (which Paypal often fails to provide me)….thanks!


new releases for 2015:


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derek 2015

NEW FOR 2015: KSE #292, DEREK ROGERS, “Depth/Detail of Processing”


NEW FOR 2015: KSE #294, FOSSILS, “For Brian Ruryk” (a joint release with Middle James Co., KSE has only 24 copies of this)


NEW FOR 2015: KSE #300 (CDR), FOSSILS & BILL SHUTE, “The Florida Nocturne Poems” (poetry and music album), cover art by MP Landis

remaining copies of new releases from 2014:

KSE #275 (CDR), ALFRED 23 HARTH, “China Collection”



also, limited quantity of this beautiful German import on Moloko Plus Records


cost for this is  $14 US and $18 elsewhere, postpaid

a23h five eyes

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