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new from LISA CAMERON & ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE, “Sol Et Terra” (KSE #299)


higher-key sonic alchemy of the deepest and most profound sort


“Sol Et Terra”   (KSE #299, cdr album)

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Lisa Cameron–percussion, electronics, lap steel

Ernesto Diaz-Infante–12 string acoustic guitar


recorded by Marjorie Sturm at (Next Door to the

Jefferson Airplane Studios), San Francisco, 9/2013

Mastered by Dylan Cameron

1. Rise 2. The House at Pooneil Corners

3. Sun Psychic 4. Stars Within Stars

5. Queen of Pentacles 6.Labor and Fruits

7. Imagination Eye 8. The Daughter 

Ernesto Diaz-Infante, west-coast composer and guitar/bajo sexto visionary, and Lisa Cameron, Texas psychedelic shaman, percussionist and multi-instrumentalist,  first played together at the KSE 6th Anniversary Concert in Austin in 2012 (see poster below). Since then, Lisa has traveled out to the Bay Area a few times to work and record with Ernesto, and the rapport of these two is nothing short of musical alchemy. SOL ET TERRA was recorded at Ernesto’s home studio, and once again, these two deliver something amazing and unexpected. There is a lot of Ernesto’s hypnotic close-miked raga-like “strumming” style, and when that’s mixed with Lisa’s tribal-psych percussion and warped jagged lap-steel and various electronic treatments, it’s hard to tell the contributions of the two musicians apart. As with all higher-key sounds (think Ya Ho Wa 13 or Book of Shadows), this is music of the elements, fire-water-earth-air, and it creates a kind of rarefied sacred-space wherever you listen to it. Reference points include Ya Ho Wa 13 (minus the chanting) or Hans Reichel’s BONOBO, maybe also BEAT OF THE EARTH or the Velvets Exploding Plastic Inevitable boot. I cannot speak highly enough of the magic(k)al feel this music creates (and documents). This San Francisco-Austin axis continues to bear rich fruit. I believe this is the fourth KSE release for both Ernesto and for Lisa, and we are proud to work with this transcendent duo.

Some of these tracks also appear in the soundtrack to the acclaimed feature film THE CULT OF JT LEROY, directed by Marjorie Sturm, and coming to a film festival near you. I should also mention that Lisa just got back from a month-long tour (with ST 37) backing ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE across North America.  SOL ET TERRA presents two contemporary masters at the top of their game….as we said above, it’s higher-key sonic alchemy of the deepest and most profound sort.

Get your copy now….$8 US and $11.50 elsewhere, postpaid. We also have a limited number of copies of Lisa’s recent Venison Whirled CDR album TETRAGRAMMATONES on the Eh! label, which you can get for an extra $8 or $11.50 with an order for SOL ET TERRA (It’s not available separately). I’ve got only 7 copies of this, so act fast.

LISA AND ERNESTO              ERNESTO AND LISA          two great tastes that taste great together!

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