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November 6, 2015

new poetry chapbook, BILL SHUTE, “Inventing One’s Own Land” (KSE #317)

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“Inventing One’s Own Land” (KSE #317, poetry chapbook)


composed in September-October 2015

edition of 43 copies


($6 US ppd   /   $7 elsewhere ppd)

payment via paypal to    django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

Please include a note with your paypal order including the items ordered AND your mailing address (which Paypal often fails to provide me)….thanks!


“A poet almost has to invent his own land  and then has to defend it.”     –Jack Spicer

Jack Spicer’s lectures (as with Olson’s “Projective Verse” essay) are of great value to this working poet because they toss off intriguing ideas and fruitful possibilities—-Spicer hands off the ball to us and we run with it, maneuvering our way down the field, around those trying to block us, and always trying to keep our balance enough to continue running toward the goal of the fresh and original poetic work. At that point, we can touch the ball to the ground in the end zone, and prepare for the next game-play/poetic work.

The above lines from Spicer helped to inspire this creation, INVENTING ONE’S OWN LAND…. Shadows from the roses….lost….to the genius of the fog….deciding whether or not to confide in the outlaw taxidermists….God’s trombones pawned after the latest flood…beneath the drones, Lot’s wife scavenges for discarded roofing tiles….Incorporate the unintended, embrace the accident.

When asked by a friend who read INVENTING ONE’S OWN LAND how it fits into the work I’ve done in the past year, I explained that, to use recent Dylan albums for comparison,  it was my TOGETHER THROUGH LIFE, not my TEMPEST. My TEMPEST would be the GULF COAST TRILOGY, written in May-June of this year, before/during/after my two weeks on the Alabama/Mississippi/Florida Gulf Coast, between Biloxi and Panama City. That will be coming out early next year, I hope, and we’re exploring some alternate forms of publication for those works: DOWN AND OUT IN GULFPORT AND BILOXI; THIRTY SECONDS OVER PENSACOLA; and PANAMA CITY BLUES. Stay tuned for more details on the Gulf Coast Trilogy. The form of INVENTING is halfway between that of the two Cassette Poems chapbooks and that of something like SATORI IN LAKE CHARLES.

I’ve moved on and am now working on some new entries in the old CREEL PONE SOUND STUDY series. We published ten chapbooks in that series between 2006-2008, and as writing directly inspired by experimental music is always a discipline that tends to wipe the sediment off my slate and to act as a “head cleaner” (as they used to say back in the age of VHS and cassette tapes), I’m finding the work on a new Creel-inspired piece to be stimulating and refreshing. I’ll hold off on discussing the revived series until I get the first one finished and edited…maybe by Christmas…

Until then, I have invented my own poetic territory, my own open-field construct, and I plan to both reside in it…and defend it.

Edition limited to 43 copies. Grab one now.

Other poetry chapbooks still available….all $6 in the US and $7 elsewhere, postpaid….

KSE #302 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Satori In Lake Charles”

KSE #297 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Lines and Fines,” Sound Library Series, Volume 77 

KSE #311 (poetry and photography chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Liars in a Strange Rainy World: Cassette Poems One”

KSE #313 (poetry and photography chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Flags No Longer at Half-Mast: Cassette Poems Two,”

Also, don’t hesitate to score a copy of the final installment of Pittsburgh poet Jim D. Deuchars Three Rivers trilogy, truly a major and gravity-defying work!

KSE #301 (poetry chapbook), JIM D. DEUCHARS, “Ohio Connecting Railroad Bridge”

As always, thank you for your support of KSE (both the music and poetry sides of this operation) and of all independent low-fi/DIY artists and arts organizations, proud to be part of the so-called “no-audience underground.”

And don’t miss the amazing MIKE BARRETT/TOM CREAN album, “Casual Luddites” (KSE #320). Just scan the blog below this entry for the write-up on that.

We have five more albums scheduled for release in late 2015….

KSE #322 (CDR), WEREWHEELS (Sir Plastic Crimewave and Dawn Aquarius),  “Live, Raw and Psycho in Japan” (our next release, in a week or two)

KSE #324 (CDR) FOSSILS, “Modern Architecture,” cover art by Wyatt Doyle,  late November 2015


KSE #326 (CDR) MORE EAZE, “Abandoning Finitude,” December 2015

KSE #327 (CDR) BELLTONE SUICIDE (Mike Barrett), “Wave Table Erotica”, December 2015 (and Wave Table Erotica will be our final release of 2015, in mid-late December….it will be the final release of the year because NOTHING could possibly follow it!)

We’ll be starting afresh in early 2016 with the ten-artist KSE 10th ANNIVERSARY compilation album…hope you’ll all still be along for the starry ride in 2016….



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