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January 20, 2016

new album from LISA CAMERON and NATHAN BOWLES, “Liquid Sunshine” (KSE #328)

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“LIQUID SUNSHINE”       KSE #328 (CDR album)

Lisa Cameron: percussion, drums, contact mic, cymbals

Nathan Bowles: percussion, drums, gongs, cymbals, bells

$8  US  postpaid / $12.00 elsewhere postpaid

payment via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

please provide a note with your order listing the items you’ve ordered and your mailing address….thanks!


We’re very happy to welcome back Austin-based percussionist, drone-and-feedback sound sculptor, and master of all things higher-key LISA CAMERON (who has done a number of recordings for KSE and has been a part of ALL of our Austin-based events, including the Jandek concert we organized in 2012) for a new album with another visionary and totally original artist, NATHAN BOWLES….a series of percussion duo pieces recorded in Blacksburg, Virginia (right down the road from where I used to live in the late 1980’s in Catawba!) called LIQUID SUNSHINE. Lisa is well-known as a founding member of Texas treasures BRAVE COMBO (and she participated in some reunion shows last year with the original lineup), backing musician for Roky Erickson, longtime drummer with Texas psychedelic/Krautrock kings ST 37, and guest musician with many many avant-garde greats when they are visiting Austin, everyone from Faust to Jandek. She’s opened TWICE for Psychic TV, if I’m not mistaken, and her drone-feedback project VENISON WHIRLED is legendary across Texas.

Here she is paired with Nathan Bowles, a man who is both a fine multi-instrumentalist in the old-time Appalachian tradition and an avant-garde pioneer, best known for his work with PELT. Lisa was very excited to work with Nathan, and these duo percussion recordings made in Blacksburg, Virginia in 2013 (with two tracks being recorded live) are an amazing creation. Their duo is also known as UNDERCARRIAGE, and I must say that this album works beautifully on any number of levels. It’s deep, spiritual, tribal, trippy, and consciousness-raising (and altering). If you can imagine an album that has all the best qualities of Ya Ho Wa 13, Rashied Ali, African drum orchestras and the work of people like Olatunji, PIL’s Flowers of Romance….this is it. I grew up listening to solo and duo percussion albums such as Sven-Ake Johannsen’s SLINGERLAND and the Christian Vander/Frank Raholison P.A.L.M. LP “Fiesta In Drums,” not to mention the various John Cage percussion albums and things like Rashied Ali’s duo album with Frank Lowe, and I understand the POWER of raw ferocious percussion to take one HIGHER. This album does that. It’s got a heavy spiritual power, as most anything Lisa is involved with does.

I’m so glad the UNDERCARRIAGE duo of Lisa Cameron and Nathan Bowles is being documented on this album. Nathan has a wide and diverse background, having played with the Steve Gunn Band, Pelt, Black Twig Pickers,  Spiral Joy Band, and as a solo banjoist. Lisa, who knows such things well, described Nathan as “the best player of bowed cymbal that I have ever encountered.”

Although we are releasing this album in late January 2016, it’s technically the last of our wave of late 2015 releases, and really, NOTHING could have followed this in our release cycle. Please give it a try…..two masters coming together and taking us all on a magic carpet ride, fueled by LIQUID SUNSHINE.

And while you are ordering LIQUID SUNSHINE,  why not also pick up some of our other micro-edition CDR releases of diverse experimental music….

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As always, thanks for your support of independent, artist-centered arts organizations…

We’ll be back in a few weeks with our first release of 2016, the KSE 10th Anniversary compilation album with new and exclusive records from a wide variety of folks we’ve worked with over the last ten years: Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Graham Lambkin, Vanessa Rossetto, Sarah Hennies, Rambutan, Brent Fariss, Alfred 23 Harth, Massimo Magee, Matt Krefting, and Derek Rogers….pre-release copies of that will be available from WFMU as a gift for folks who pledge to their fund-raising drive. We sent five copies of the comp for that, so listen to WFMU….(which you should be doing already anyway!) and see when they are offered for what kind of contribution, and get an advance copy before release (and before most of the artists even have their own copies! This is a one-man operation here!    )

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