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January 23, 2016

Bill Shute poetry chapbook “Good To Do, Good To Have Done” (KSE #329)

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GOOD TO DO, GOOD TO HAVE DONE (KSE #329, poetry chapbook)

edition of 49 copies

composed in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana and Galveston County, Texas, January 2015


($6 US ppd   /   $7 elsewhere ppd)

payment via paypal to    django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

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good to do

GOOD TO DO, GOOD TO HAVE DONE (KSE #329) was written soon after SATORI IN LAKE CHARLES, and in many ways is a distillation of the themes and techniques of SATORI, but rooted in the textures and grit of Galveston County, Texas, where I wrote most of it.

If I may again quote from the “advice to a young poet” which I’ve shared here and elsewhere over the years,“I think a good exercise for an apprentice poet would be to limit yourself to a small area…the alley behind your apartment, the parking lot of the convenience store in your neighborhood, a city park…and take notes on the THINGS of that environment. The ground, the walls, the trashcans, the insects, the animals, the patterns to the discoloration of the paint, the ripped screens, the smells, the sounds, the textures. Then use those notebooks as the raw material from which you sculpt your creation, with each particular resonating and functioning as a deep image in your well thought-out, intelligently designed construct. That’s how poetry is constructed, and it’s hard work.” That’s EXACTLY what I did in this piece with the neighborhood around the low-rent motel where I was staying down the road from Gulf Greyhound Park. I was re-reading HPB’s THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE at the time, so a three-part refrain (in sections 1, 3, and 5 of the poem) featuring my variation on “the voice of Nada” served as a foundation (a three-legged stool, so to speak) on which to construct this assemblage.

It was cold, people could hardly afford heat, various small businesses stumbled along as though it were fifteen years previous, but the permanent war economy continued barreling onward, and those who hitched a ride on it and held their noses did not starve….pretty much like anywhere in small-to-medium town America in the mid-teens of the 21st Century. And when the noise of the corporate media was silenced, and we were confronted with our selves, the Voice of Nada could be heard….

Welcome to Galveston County…and GOOD TO DO, GOOD TO HAVE DONE…

note: This was available privately for a brief time in Spring 2015, with a handful of copies being given to friends or distributed at readings or given as a free bonus to folks who had large KSE orders. It was listed as KSE #304, and probably only a dozen or so of those are in existence somewhere, but it was never actually “released” and offered here….so now it’s been re-assigned catalog #329. Grab it while you can, especially those who enjoyed SATORI IN LAKE CHARLES. Actually, this is set right down the road from the area that produced THE MOSQUITOES OF LA MARQUE. You could say this was cut from the same cloth, but that cloth has since been soiled and has shrunk from too many washings and dryings.

Remember, original KSE chapbooks will be the ONLY appearance of these poems in the form and font and layout in which they were imagined. Any future publications in “selected poems”-type books or whatever will NOT be in the classic KSE chapbook form. The 5 1/2″ x 8″ page is my organizational unit, my canvas, my bar structure. As with all KSE poetry chapbooks, this will be available for a few months and then….EVAPORATE…


($6 US ppd/$7 elsewhere ppd)

KSE #319 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Sculpture Garden In The Snow” Creel Pone Sound Study #11

KSE #317 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Inventing One’s Own Land”

KSE #306 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Manipulating Ambiguity”

KSE #302 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Satori In Lake Charles”

payment via paypal to    django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

Please include a note with your paypal order including the items ordered AND your mailing address (which Paypal often fails to provide me)….thanks!

Questions? Write to  django5722 (at) yahoo (dot) com   . Thanks for your support!


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