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February 20, 2016

Kendra Steiner Editions 10th Anniversary Album (KSE #331), now available!

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CDR album, produced by Bill Shute and Derek Rogers

10 new and exclusive tracks from











cover art by MP LANDIS

full-sized CDR’s ($8.00 each, ppd. in US—outside US minimum order of TWO albums….first two albums are $20.00 postpaid, then $8 each postpaid after that )

payment via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

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KSE comp_0001


BRENT FARISS, the last gasp of Dr. Ludwig

SARAH HENNIES, excerpt from Gather

ALFRED 23 HARTH, Kepler 452-B

MATT KREFTING, lunch at midnight

RAMBUTAN, welter

MASSIMO MAGEE, trinity (three acoustic sopranino saxophones)

VANESSA ROSSETTO, elysian fields

GRAHAM LAMBKIN, questioned by force

DEREK ROGERS, a short in the conditioning

Just a few days away from the 10th Anniversary of San Antonio-based small press and small label Kendra Steiner Editions, when back on 1 March 2006 we issued our first poetry chapbook, FOUR TEXAS STREAMS. Since then, we’ve issued 330 albums and chapbooks, hosted a dozen live events in different cities here in Texas and also in the Northeast featuring members of the KSE music and poetry family, and held a steady course and a consistent standard while challenging the often-tiresome same old same old of the “alternative” literary and musical worlds. In that time we’ve also made thousands of friends internationally and we’ve achieved what is perhaps the most difficult balancing act in the arts: people know exactly what we represent, and a KSE release is instantly identifiable as a KSE release upon viewing, but at the same time, they have no idea what to expect from our next release. Many thanks to all who have been along for part of or all of the journey.

Last year we decided that the best way to celebrate our 10th Anniversary was to compile a various artists album of new and exclusive material from some of the amazing artists we’ve had the pleasure of working with in the last decade. Not only is this an invigorating and exciting collection of new material, all recorded especially for this project between August and November of 2015, it also throws down the gauntlet to the world at large and pretty much says, “THIS is where we are and this is what we stand for.” Not everyone can be included here, of course, and some areas we work in (higher-key psychedelia, for instance) would not have fit comfortably in this mix, but this compilation allows us….and you many friends out there….to stop for a minute on our trek up the mountain, take a breath, sip some cool clear water, and take a look back at what we’ve achieved together.

In about six weeks we’ll be starting again, on the second part of our journey up that mountain. The second ten years will not be like the first ten years….although I’d like to think that all the best qualities will still be there. However, we will be planting some different crops in that KSE soil and we’ve learned much more efficient methods of harvesting. I doubt we’ll ever issue 22 albums in a year again, as we did in 2015, but I’m glad we did it (and the ones from the second half of the year are mostly still available….check the listing at the bottom of this page and get them before they are gone forever). The road of excess DOES sometimes lead to the palace of wisdom!

Thanks to all the poets and musicians and visual artists who have been a part of KSE in one way or another (albums, chapbooks, poetry readings, KSE events in various cities, etc.) in the last ten years….and especially thanks to YOU who are reading this…if you’ve told a friend, or bought a chapbook or album, or attended one of our events, or shared one of our Facebook posts!

And while you are buying this wonderful compilation, don’t forget the other items we have out which you can also savor for next to nothing (relatively speaking)….

 full-sized CDR’s ($8.00 each, ppd. in US—outside US minimum order of TWO albums….first two albums are $20.00 postpaid, then $8 each postpaid after that )

KSE #320, MIKE BARRETT & TOM CREAN, “Casual Luddites”

KSE #328, LISA CAMERON & NATHAN BOWLES, “Liquid Sunshine” percussion duo

KSE #327, BELLTONE SUICIDE (aka Mike Barrett), “Wave Table Erotica”

KSE #324, FOSSILS, “Modern Architecture”….cover art by Wyatt Doyle

KSE #326, MORE EAZE (aka Marcus M. Rubio), “Abandoning Finitude”….cover art by Bob Bruno

KSE #322,  WEREWHEELS (Sir Plastic Crimewave & Dawn Aquarius), “Live, Raw and Psycho In Japan”

KSE #318, ALFRED 23 HARTH & JOHN BELL, “Camellia”

KSE #316, MASSIMO MAGEE & DAVID W. STOCKARD, “Interrogatories”


KSE #310, MORE EAZE (Marcus M. Rubio), “Accidental Prizes”

KSE #296, THE GARMENT DISTRICT (featuring Jennifer Baron), “Luminous Toxin”



($6 US ppd/$7 elsewhere ppd)

KSE #329 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Good To Do, Good To Have Done”

KSE #319 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Sculpture Garden In The Snow” Creel Pone Sound Study #11

KSE #317 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Inventing One’s Own Land”

KSE #306 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Manipulating Ambiguity”

KSE #302 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Satori In Lake Charles”

payment via paypal to    django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

Please include a note with your paypal order including the items ordered AND your mailing address (which Paypal often fails to provide me)….thanks!

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We’ll be starting up again in late March or so with two new releases:

a transcendent new album from ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE called “TUNNELS”

and a new poetry chapbook from one of KSE’s finest, Los Angeles-based LUIS CUAUHTEMOC BERRIOZABAL….

until then, hope you enjoy the compilation album and please pass along the word about it….

many thanks to Alfred, Sarah, Eric, Vanessa, Ernesto, Derek, Brent, Matt, Graham, Massimo, and MP for their work on the compilation….and most of all, thanks to my partner-in-everything, Mary Anne….

Looking forward to having all of you along for the ride this next 10 years…and beyond!


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