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April 27, 2016

original radio broadcast from Reverend Raymond Branch, “Rainbow Gospel Hour…On The Air!” (KSE #335, CDR album)

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“The Rainbow Gospel Hour…On The Air!”

KSE #335 (CDR album)

a vintage AM-radio broadcast, mastered from cassette, from a legend in DIY Gospel broadcasting, straight-from-the-heart  Spirit-filled singing and preaching

full-sized CDR’s ($8.00 each, ppd. in US—outside US minimum order of TWO albums….first two albums are $20.00 postpaid, then $8 each postpaid after that )

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Here at KSE we value and champion the honest, pure, uncorrupted voice, and it does not get any more honest, pure, and uncorrupted than Los Angeles’s legendary Gospel broadcaster REVEREND RAYMOND BRANCH. For nearly half a century, Rev. Branch has been pastor of the Heavenly Rainbow Baptist Church, offering a ministry of service to the poor, the homeless, the lost, the wounded, the suffering, the shut-ins, the incarcerated. His ministry of hope has touched thousands.

In 2015, Reverend Branch became much more visible after the release of his first album, the much-acclaimed I’VE GOT HEAVEN ON MY MIND, which you can purchase here:   . One review of the album on CD Baby and Amazon described it as “field recordings from Heaven,” and I cannot disagree with that. When I learned that New Texture (who released the album) had a number of original Branch “Rainbow Gospel Hour” broadcasts on cassette, I inquired about the possibility of releasing one of the hour-long shows as a KSE album, and a deal was reached between KSE, New Texture, and Reverend Branch to bring you a vintage RAINBOW GOSPEL HOUR AM-radio broadcast and extend his ministry.

I grew up listening to low-wattage, local AM-radio Gospel broadcasts, coming from both Black and White preachers. They were a welcome blast of unvarnished REALNESS in a sea of phoniness. And in the days before “religion” became the garment many hateful and intolerant ideologues cloaked themselves in to hide their true selfish motives, local Gospel programmers were street-level voices of acceptance and tolerance and love….all were welcome, no one was judged. Meeting needs, both spiritual and physical, was what was emphasized, not whether or not one met some ideological litmus test or hated/excluded certain groups. These were HEALING ministries, and Reverend Branch’s classic broadcast ministry, originally aired in the middle of the night on a low-wattage station which hardly reached across Los Angeles’ massive sprawl, is now available for YOU to savor wherever you are, whenever you need a dose of something REAL, something Spirit-filled.

This album contains a complete actual broadcast from KTYM-AM, Inglewood, California, with station intro, local ads for a tax service, and a dozen or more deeply-felt Gospel songs, recorded over a number of years, from Reverend Branch, accompanying himself on guitar (on the earliest recordings), then Omnichord when arthritis made the guitar difficult, then Q-Chord, which he plays today. Each has a different sound, but all are anchored by Rev. Branch’s deep, raw, heartfelt vocals. The cassette masters of the shows, which were presented to the station for broadcast, were edited on a dual-deck cassette boom box, so the shows keep their honest and direct DIY sound. And you don’t have to worry about the weak pre-dawn signal wandering away into a sea of static because you live on the other side of Los Angeles.

With so many “religious” radio stations broadcasting canned national shows or becoming a vehicle for right-wing hate politics crudely coated in a faux-“religious” frosting to fool a trusting audience, the cool, pure, refreshing Gospel waters from the Lord’s eternal spring taste better than ever, and this album documents a world that’s, unfortunately, far less common than it once was. This kind of broadcasting, this kind of music, this kind of message is doing the kind of work and providing the kind of service that the Lord himself would be providing were he here in physical form with us today. Let his anointed representative on Earth, Reverend Raymond Branch, take you by the hand and welcome you to the Heavenly Rainbow Baptist Church….because THE RAINBOW GOSPEL HOUR IS ON THE AIR!!!! via cdr album from Kendra Steiner Editions. Get your copy now…

And for a limited time, all paid orders for THE RAINBOW GOSPEL HOUR…ON THE AIR will receive a free Gospel-oriented gift along with the album. There is no extra charge for the gift item in the US, but overseas orders are encouraged to add an extra one dollar for postage as the gift item will cost a few dollars extra to send. KSE is paying Reverend Branch a generous royalty on each copy in the print run of the album IMMEDIATELY UPON RELEASE—-he will not have to wait for sales—-and I’m sure it will go toward the water bill, supplies, rent, and the other immediate needs of the ministry. You can also help the Heavenly Rainbow Baptist Church by donating at   Scroll down to the lower right-hand side of the page to find the “donate” button.

Here is some background info from Rev. Branch’s website:

For over 40 years, New Orleans native Reverend Raymond Branch shared his home and church recordings each week on Los Angeles’ Rainbow Gospel Hour. Emanating from Inglewood’s KTYM, the diminished late night signal and the program’s pre-dawn scheduling, followed by KTYM’s subsequent removal of musical programs from its streaming service, made hearing Rev. Branch’s broadcasts almost impossible for most listeners.  In 2014, Rev. Branch retired the historic broadcast upon learning KTYM would be changing ownership and format.

Also, here is my review, published upon the album’s release, of the I’VE GOT HEAVEN ON MY MIND cd:

Back in the 1960’s-1980’s, I often listened to raw, downhome Gospel music on low-wattage AM radio stations from both black and white artists/groups. Often, a minister would both preach AND sing, and there was a raw and spontaneous and heartfelt quality to that music which cannot be faked and which is moving on a deep level. Reverend Raymond Branch’s new album brings back that rich heartfelt spirit. A legend in Los Angeles radio for his longtime broadcasts from the Heavenly Rainbow Baptist Church, Reverend Branch has made an album that’s full of depth and life-experience and wisdom. He’s in his 80’s, but if you have enjoyed recent Bob Dylan recordings of late period Louis Armstrong, you should not have a problem with the Reverend’s gravelly, lived-in voice. It’s a voice of experience and a welcoming voice. While he played the guitar in the past, presently he is accompanying himself on the Omnichord and Qchord, instruments which are described as being in the autoharp family. The sound the instruments create is haunting….If you can imagine a keyboard set-up for a minute, imagine that the left hand produces pillowy chords which anchor the songs and suggest their chord progression, while the the right hand does these beautiful and fascinating filligrees which circle and dialogue with the vocals. The album seems to exist in a transcendent state, the kind of deep and exalted state found in worship or prayer, and Reverend Branch has created a beautiful album that extends his ministry. One of the other reviews has called this album “field recordings from heaven,” and I’d have to agree with that. This is raw Gospel from the heart and has an “outside” quality which is refreshing….it’s nothing like the slick, sanitized Gospel one hears so much on the radio and in concert nowadays. If you are looking for a timeless Gospel experience from a man whose voice drips with wisdom and life experience and who truly reflects the love of The Lord toward us all, then you’ll be as excited about this new album from Reverend Raymond Branch as I am. Truly, an original!

KSE is happy to partner with the Heavenly Rainbow Baptist Church in presenting this special and unique album, documenting an important and still-potent local broadcasting phenomenon, and spreading the healing words and music of Reverend Branch.

This is the third of our new releases (not counting the compilation album) in the 2016 schedule. Ernesto Diaz-Infante’s “Tunnels” and Brian Ruryk’s “Actual Size…” came out over the last two weeks.  We will take a break for the second half of May and come back with three more new albums in June, including ones from Alfred 23 Harth and Massimo Magee. Please stay tuned….and thanks for your support of KSE over the last ten years!

While ordering RAINBOW GOSPEL HOUR…ON THE AIR!, why not also score some of our other albums and poetry chapbooks:

 full-sized CDR’s ($8.00 each, ppd. in US—outside US minimum order of TWO albums….first two albums are $20.00 postpaid, then $8 each postpaid after that )

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payment via paypal to    django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

Please include a note with your paypal order including the items ordered AND your mailing address (which Paypal often fails to provide me)….thanks!

PLEASE NOTE**********KSE WILL BE CLOSED DURING THE PERIOD 15 MAY- 1 JUNE 2016….You may order during that time, but it will not be shipped until 2 or 3 June….thanks for your understanding….



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