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June 25, 2016


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“MUSIC IN 3 SPACES” (KSE #351, CDR album)
1: Concert
(Eb Clarinet, recorded live at Hundred Years Gallery by Daniel Kordik)
2: Living
(Horizontal and Vertical Electro-Acoustic Alto Saxophone, conjoined selections of home recordings)
3: Cyber
(Audiovisual Digital Art Object, made with recording of sopranino saxophone)

full-sized CDR’s ($8.00 each, ppd. in US—

OUTSIDE THE USA , one album is $18.00 postpaid, first two albums are $20.00 postpaid, then $8 each postpaid after that—sorry, but it now costs almost $14 US to send one CDR overseas….you save A LOT by buying more than one—in fact, the price on an order of two or more HAS GONE DOWN!

1 album= $18, 2 albums= $20, 3 albums= $28, etc. Thanks for your understanding of this. The Post Office now charges $13.75 to mail ONE cdr without a jewel box to Europe or Asia!)

payment via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

please provide a note with your order listing the items you’ve ordered and your mailing address….thanks!

MASSIMO 2016 cover

Very excited to release a new multi-dimensional exploration into the possibilities of improvisation from saxophonist MASSIMO MAGEE: MUSIC  IN  3  SPACES.

Recently, Mary Anne and I had the privilege of experiencing the massive Frank Stella career retrospective at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (it’s there until September 18th, so check it out…very much worth the drive from Austin or Houston or Oklahoma City). We all know the 1960’s works–explorations using geometry as a launching pad– for which Stella is best known (although seeing these close-up where the minute detail can be observed makes them come alive and displays the endless variation within the painting and drawing), but the more recent work (and he’s still at it) where the images leap from the wall and explode at the viewer in three full (or even FOUR) dimensions were a revelation. Clearly, Mr. Stella has been taking the geometrical experiments of his early work and then extended and developed these in a logical and in some ways an inevitable manner, growing his art exponentially while still exploring and pondering the questions he dealt with in his 60’s work. The pieces are not really sculpture, but a kind of unique extension of painting and collage (he’s also been quite prolific—there’s an entire sequence of works inspired by Melville, for instance), growing it three-dimensionally. It was an impressive and also a humbling retrospective–the man’s life work has been devoted to DEEP exploration of an aesthetic territory. That kind of passion and that kind of imagination is inspiring!

While standing in the presence of one of Stella’s six-foot deep and twelve-foot high three- dimensional works, I thought of Massimo Magee and his works EXTENDING the solo peformances of various reed instruments (on this album it’s clarinet, alto sax, and sopranino sax). If the basic solo saxophone performance (think Steve Lacy, Anthony Braxton, Roscoe Mitchell, Lee Konitz, etc., going back of course to Coleman Hawkins’ seminal mid-1940’s solo saxophone recording PICASSO, which you can find on You Tube, if you have not heard it) can be thought of as similar to Stella’s 60’s geometrical works, studies and line and form and shape etc., then Massimo Magee’s various extensions of the solo performance genre develop the form exponentially and bring in extra physical and spatial dimensions to the experience. Magee brings a similar passion and imagination to his explorations.

Magee has always been someone who treats improvisation in an analytical manner, with the intellectual rigor of a philosophy major…but also with a sly wit and a painterly appreciation of texture and landscape and negative space.  His twenty-six volume set of “Collected Solos” (which you can download here for free!   ) is the most thought-provoking and massively liberating investigation of the possibilities of improvisation I’ve ever encountered. If I were in the proverbial “house on fire” situation and could take only ten music items, “Collected Solos” would be one of them. This new album MUSIC IN 3 SPACES continues Magee’s fascinating explorations of improvisation in multiple dimensions. Here is the artist’s own discussion of the three approaches to improvisation on the album’s three tracks:

With ‘Music in 3 Spaces’ …the basic premise is to situate my playing in 3 different ‘spaces’ as an exercise in contrast and general terrain mapping. A kind of stocktake of where I’ve been and where I am. The first space is ‘Concert’ – acoustic, unedited improvisation in a room with other living, breathing people, sharing the moment as it happened. That old magic that hasn’t failed yet.

The second space is ‘Living’ – an edited excerpt from lengthy, relaxed, nonprecious home recording. More exploratory, less ‘presented’, less immediate and electro-acoustic.

The third space is ‘Cyber‘ and it’s this one to which the new development relates. This is a digital art object designed to be read by the computer as both an image and as a piece of music, both forms arising from the same data. It’s a truly digital object for which a direct analogue equivalent is impossible, and something that can only properly be understood by the computer in digital space. The file read as audio is the third track on the CD. Read as an image, it’s a visual art piece that I’ve just been told has earned a place in the winners group exhibition for the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art’s 2016 international juried competition.

This ambitious agenda produces a rich and challenging listening experience. It’s fitting that Mr. Magee is on a label which has featured artists such as Alfred 23 Harth and Forbes Graham and Ernesto Diaz-Infante because he is doing bold, vibrant, and important work that any fan of those gentlemen would surely appreciate. We’re proud at KSE to have featured Massimo Magee’s work on a number of albums (and he was also on our 10th Anniversary compilation album, which you can still order….and I’ll also announce that he’s scheduled to be on the 11th Anniversary album which will be out in January 2017), and MUSIC IN 3 SPACES is one of his most essential works. Order your copy now. And those in the UK (where MM presently lives and works) should keep an eye/ear out for his live performances.

And while you are ordering your copy of Massimo Magee’s new album, why not check out our OTHER CDR ALBUMS OF CONTEMPORARY FORWARD-THINKING MUSIC 

full-sized CDR’s ($8.00 each, ppd. in US—outside US minimum order of TWO albums….first two albums are $20.00 postpaid, then $8 each postpaid after that )

payment via paypal to    django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

Please include a note with your paypal order including the items ordered AND your mailing address (which Paypal often fails to provide me)….thanks!

KSE #336 (CDR), ALFRED 23 HARTH, “Kepler 452b Edition”

KSE #350 (CDR) ANTHONY GUERRA / BILL SHUTE, “Subtraction” KSE reissue of album originally released in 2011 on Black Petal Records, Australia

KSE #335, Reverend Raymond Branch, “The Rainbow Gospel Hour…On The Air!”

KSE #334, Brian Ruryk, “Actual Size…degress again”

KSE #333, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, “Tunnels”  solo 12-string “mantra strumming” guitar from this West Coast innovator

KSE #331, KSE 10th Anniversary compilation album with Alfred 23 Harth, Sarah Hennies, Derek Rogers, Massimo Magee, Vanessa Rossetto, Rambutan, Graham Lambkin, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Brent Fariss, and Matt Krefting.

KSE #320, MIKE BARRETT & TOM CREAN, “Casual Luddites”

KSE #328, LISA CAMERON & NATHAN BOWLES, “Liquid Sunshine” percussion duo

KSE #326, MORE EAZE (aka Marcus M. Rubio), “Abandoning Finitude”….cover art by Bob Bruno

KSE #322,  WEREWHEELS (Sir Plastic Crimewave & Dawn Aquarius), “Live, Raw and Psycho In Japan”

KSE #318, ALFRED 23 HARTH & JOHN BELL, “Camellia”

KSE #310, MORE EAZE (Marcus M. Rubio), “Accidental Prizes”

KSE #293, MORE EAZE (Marcus M. Rubio), “Stylistic Deautomatization”



($6 US ppd/$7 elsewhere ppd)

KSE #325 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Trickle-Down City Limits”

KSE #302 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Satori In Lake Charles”

KSE #347 (poetry-and-photography chapbook), BILL   SHUTE, “MONUMENTAL MOVEMENTS: CASSETTE POEMS THREE”

As always,thanks for your support of KSE and all independent, non-aligned arts organizations. We have to more albums coming out in late June/early July and also a poetry chapbook from Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal. We’ll be closed for the first two weeks in August while travelling in Southern Oklahoma, and then in the Fall we’ve scheduled at least SIX new albums and a number of new poetry chapbooks. Stay tuned….


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