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August 28, 2016

now available in North America: ANTHONY GUERRA/BILL SHUTE, “SUBTRACTION” (KSE #350)

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“SUBTRACTION”  (KSE #350, cdr album)

guitar and poetry, originally released in 2011 on Black Petal Records, Australia

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SUBTRACTION 2016 cover

Very excited to announce the KSE reissue of the acclaimed guitar-and-poetry album SUBTRACTION, originally released on the Australian “Black Petal” label in 2011. I’ve recorded 6 or 7 poetry and music albums, and my voice has appeared as a “guest” on other people’s albums, but SUBTRACTION is to me the best of them all, and the one I give to people as representative of my work. Australian guitarist ANTHONY GUERRA was a perfect collaborator who totally “got” the feel and texture and sound of the poems. Anthony and I worked out the details long-distance (me in Texas, him in Japan, where he was living at the time), and then Derek Rogers recorded my poetry tracks, which we then sent to Anthony, and he recorded guitar parts to complement the words. These were poems, most of them Texas-set, which I was doing in readings in 2010, and Anthony’s sparse, aching, “high and lonesome” guitar work perfectly complements those qualities found in the poems. Anthony had been living in Japan for a few years at this time, and there is definitely a koto-like quality to his guitar work, while others have found a Jandek or a Loren Connors-kind of feel to it. One could not speak English and have no idea what my poems were saying, yet by my delivery and Anthony’s music, they’d “get” the feel of the pieces. I grew up listening to the poetry and jazz albums of Jack Kerouac and Langston Hughes, and also the John Cage/David Tudor INDETERMINACY album, and you’ll hear all of those as influences here. There are not that many worthwhile poetry and music albums out there today; give this one a chance. The German “Bad Alchemy” magazine recently compared the album to the Wim Winders film “Paris, Texas,” and if that comparison intrigues you, you’re probably the perfect audience for the album. My poetry has evolved in the years since SUBTRACTION, but I still work some of these into my readings today, and the opener “Marion, Texas,” I still use as an ice-breaker when reading to an unfamiliar audience. It works.

Working on this album with Australian guitarist-composer ANTHONY GUERRA was an honor. I was a devoted listener to his music, and one his 2009 album with Mark Sadgrove called IRON SAND inspired one of my poetry chapbooks….I still consider IRON SAND one of the great albums of the second half of the 2000 decade. Here is a brief bio Anthony provided:
Anthony Guerra is from Sydney, Australia.

He currently plays in Love Chants, Vavenge, Galah Galah Galah, Mysteries of Love, Mysteries of Love, Life Groove Orchestra, Your Intestines, Antipan, Vodka Sparrows, Desert Luck, and in a duo with Patrick O’Brien.

He has released music on labels including Quemada, RIP Society, Alberts Basement, Breakdance The Dawn, Chemical Imbalance, Ftarri, Digitalis, and PseudoArcana.

He runs the label Black Petal.
Black Petal can be found online at-

He previously ran the label TwoThousandAnd (with Michael Rogers).

KSE is proud to offer the first American release of SUBTRACTION, a work deeply planted in the soil of contemporary Texas reality. If you are not familiar with my poetry, SUBTRACTION is an excellent entry point.

This is the last release from KSE’s Spring/Summer line-up, delayed from a planned July release. We’ll be back in September with a strong Fall/Winter release schedule, including new albums from FOSSILS, the duo of TOM CREAN & MATT ROBIDOUX, MATT KREFTING, MORE EAZE, the duo of LISA CAMERON & DANIEL HIPOLITO (aka Smokey Emery), and ALFRED 23 HARTH. Alfred’s album will close out 2016….then we’ll return in early 2017 with the KSE 11th Anniversary Compilation album, take a break to promote that properly, and return in the Spring with a series of excellent and surprising new releases, beginning with a new album from San Diego-based composer Alan Jones (of Laminal Sound fame), which I’m very excited about.

Don’t forget to score some of our other recent releases while they are still available.

CDR’s  including SUBTRACTION   $8.00 each, ppd. in US——-

OUTSIDE THE US, one album is $18.00 postpaid, first two albums are $20.00 postpaid, then $8 each postpaid after that—sorry, but it now costs almost $14 US to send one CDR overseas….you save A LOT by buying more than one—in fact, the price on an order of two or more HAS GONE DOWN!

1 album= $18, 2 albums= $20, 3 albums= $28, etc. Thanks for your understanding of this. The Post Office now charges $13.75 to mail ONE cdr without a jewel box to Europe or Asia!

KSE #336, ALFRED 23 HARTH, “Kepler 452b Edition”

KSE #318, ALFRED 23 HARTH & JOHN BELL, “Camellia”

KSE #351 (CDR), MASSIMO MAGEE, “Music In 3 Spaces”

KSE #350 (CDR) ANTHONY GUERRA / BILL SHUTE, “Subtraction” KSE reissue of album originally released in 2011 on Black Petal Records, Australia 

KSE #335 (CDR album), REVEREND RAYMOND BRANCH, “Rainbow Gospel Hour…On The Air!”—a wonderful hour-long AM-radio broadcast, mastered from cassette, capturing the warmth and joy of Rev. Branch in both music (lots of it) and spoken message

KSE #334 (CDR album), BRIAN RURYK, “Actual Size…degress again” (sic)

KSE #333 (CDR album), ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE, “Tunnels” solo 12-string acoustic mantra guitar


KSE #328, LISA CAMERON & NATHAN BOWLES, “Liquid Sunshine” percussion duo

KSE #326, MORE EAZE (aka Marcus M. Rubio), “Abandoning Finitude”….cover art by Bob Bruno

KSE #322,  WEREWHEELS (Sir Plastic Crimewave & Dawn Aquarius), “Live, Raw and Psycho In Japan”

KSE #320, MIKE BARRETT & TOM CREAN, “Casual Luddites”

KSE #310 (CDR) MORE EAZE (Marcus M. Rubio), “Accidental Prizes”

KSE #293  MORE EAZE (Marcus M. Rubio), “Stylistic Deautomatization”


($6 US ppd/$7 elsewhere ppd)

KSE #364 (poetry chapbook), LUIS CUAUHTEMOC BERRIOZABAL, “Make The Light Mine”

KSE #325 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Trickle-Down City Limits”

KSE #302 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Satori In Lake Charles”

Kendra Steiner Editions is now in our ELEVENTH year of operation and we’re up to around 350 music and poetry releases in that time. Thanks for your support over the years. Being devoted to formats such as hand-assembled, hand-cut poetry chapbooks and DIY CDR albums, which are always being written off as antiquated and/or obsolescent, is more difficult with each passing year, but we release PHYSICAL works which you can hold in your hand and which possess substance and texture and are ARTIFACTS. We’d like to think that some of the “spirit” of each releases is found in its three-dimensionality and the hand of the artist is always lurking.

The new FOSSILS album should be available in September….see you all then….

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