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September 18, 2016

new Bill Shute poetry chapbook: BRIDGE ON THE BAYOU (KSE #352)

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new poetry chapbook from BILL SHUTE (#1 of 5 in the Arnaudville Poems series, composed in Louisiana in May 2016)

KSE #352 (poetry chapbook)

$6 postpaid in US / $7 postpaid elsewhere

payment via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

please include a note with your order listing what item you are ordering and also your mailing address (which paypal often fails to provide me)….thanks!


“The spring was nothing new to him, nor its sounds, its perfumes, its colors; nor was its tender and caressing breath; but, for some unaccountable reason, these were reaching him today through unfamiliar channels.” –Kate Chopin, An Easter Day Conversation

After a lot of planning/organizing/note-taking (which I always do for each work—-one cannot get any useful construction done without a blueprint and without first laying a foundation) during spare minutes in the Spring of 2016, I hit the ground running when I finally got my almost-two-week “writing vacation” on Bayou Teche, on the south end of Arnaudville, Louisiana, in St. Martin Parish, in the second half of May 2016. Enjoying strong black tea each morning on a floating dock on the bayou, watching the sun come up, I worked hard  into the afternoon and then again in the late night…and managed to produce  FIVE six-page poems, of which BRIDGE ON THE BAYOU is the first. Each is a collage of images filtered through a different narrative persona, reflecting an invented but likely narrative set in that area, presented in the open-field style….core samples of the state of things and of consciousness circa 2016, postcards from the front, junk sculpture from the New Gilded Age. If you are new to my poetry (and greetings to those who saw my reading at TYCA-SW or who stumbled across DOWN AND OUT IN GULFPORT AND BILOXI on Amazon or elsewhere), my technical roots are in Paul Blackburn, Ted Berrigan, Larry Eigner, mid-to-late 60’s Robert Creeley, Diane Wakoski, and late-period W. C. Williams—-although I have taken that ball handed off to me by the poets of earlier generations and run with it in my own directions toward my own goals. My first book-length work, from 2005, was 12 GATES TO THE CITY: THE LABOURS OF HERCULES IN THE LONE STAR STATE (published by Word Mechanics), a twelve-part journey along the Interstate-10 corridor from Lake Charles to Las Cruces, though mostly here in Texas, which treated the source legend of the classical Hercules and his 12 labours the way I felt that Jean-Luc Godard had treated KING LEAR in his little-known adaptation from 1987, a work which was a huge inspiration. It’s been a long, strange trip for me since then, issuing over a hundred five-to-eight page poetry chapbooks, another book-length work (Point Loma Purple), and operating the music-and-poetry collective Kendra Steiner Editions, which has released over 350 albums and chapbooks and which has carved out a significant international presence in that time. Over the coming months, I’ll be rolling out the five volumes of the Louisiana poems in small, handmade KSE micro-editions (such as this one); eventually, they will be collected in one volume, as the Gulf Coast poems of summer 2015 have been collected in the DOWN AND OUT IN GULFPORT AND BILOXI volume. However, the home-made 5 1/2″ x 8″ KSE chapbooks are always the intended form for these works, presented in the manner in which I imagined them, with the original artwork, epigraphs, etc….so I would recommend grabbing the original versions while you can, as they will never again be available in this form after this 3-6 month window of publication.

The words, phrases, and stanzas float on the page; the insects, dirt, leaves, and broken twigs float downstream on Bayou Teche. If you are new to the world of post-Projective Verse poetry composition, I recommend reading the following essay, “Projective Verse: The Spiritual Legacy of the Beat Generation,” by Paul E. Nelson:

BRIDGE ON THE BAYOU….energized particles of language and consciousness with the taste of central Louisiana….six pages, six fields, six assemblages, six “portholes of consciousness”…..thick pine smoke in our eyes, already moist with tears….husky patriots armed with dogwhistle jargon meet behind the rose hedges….her brother had become inattentive at his job at the meat processing plant, consumed with his quest to find a cache of treasure buried in a brass bucket by retreating French pirates two centuries past….detached, but not indifferent….manifestations of Siva on the horizon….hard trials & great tribulations….

BRIDGE ON THE BAYOU….first of five volumes of the Arnaudville, Louisiana poems….edition of 51 copies….get your copy NOW…..$6 US / $7 elsewhere

also available, for the same price, released in the Summer,

LUIS 2016



KSE #364 (poetry chapbook)

BRIDGE is the first of KSE’s Fall-Winter 2016 releases…..we should be offering (fingers crossed) SEVEN new albums and the FIVE previously mentioned chapbooks with the Louisiana poems…..our first new album for the season will be CAMELOT TOWERS from FOSSILS, and then BLANK SPACE from the duo of TOM CREAN and MATT ROBIDOUX….the Fossils album should be out in a few weeks….stay tuned.

Got seven minutes to kill? Watch the video of my poem OUTFAKE, recorded in Pittsburgh in 2013 by Jim D. Deuchars:

As always, thank you all for your friendship and support over the years….


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