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January 10, 2017

THE LAST COLORING BOOK (New Texture) by Jimmy Angelina and Wyatt Doyle

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published in late 2016, 130 pages, paperback

available from


The idea factory that is NEW TEXTURE throws us yet another unexpected and fascinating and delicious curve with this new volume, THE LAST COLORING BOOK. On the surface, the book seems aimed at the segment of the adult coloring book audience who are cult film aficionados, and while it certainly will more than satisfy on that level, to me it’s a much more significant work.

As someone who treasures my old sets of “trading cards” such as Drew Friedman’s THE ED WOOD JR. PLAYERS and Robert Crumb’s HEROES OF COUNTRY MUSIC, I’m blown away by Jimmy Angelina’s artwork here–with a style that has echoes of woodcuts or etchings (I just saw an exhibition of Goya’s etchings dealing with war and insanity, in Austin last year, and it was stunning) but at the same time is hyper-real, the portraits seem to truly plumb the depths of feeling found in the performances of the 130+ actors presented. And unlike those smaller trading cards, these works are in full 8″ x 10″ format. It’s an amazing collection of performers, inspired by their most riveting roles (usually NOT their best known)…what can you say about a collection of portraits which includes TIMOTHY CAREY in MINNIE AND MOSKOWITZ, ROBERT BLAKE in ELECTRA GLIDE IN BLUE, WILLIAM SHATNER in IMPULSE, ROCK HUDSON in SECONDS, and even JAMES DARREN blowing the trumpet in Jess Franco’s VENUS IN FURS. There’s no list or guide to what actors and films are being depicted, but that only adds to the fun. That’s artist Jimmy Angelina’s part of the book.

The other part is the quoted dialogue from each film, chosen by Wyatt Doyle, found on each page with the portrait. With classic cult films such as SECONDS, MINNIE AND MOSKOWITZ, MARJOE, BAD LIEUTENANT, TOUCH OF EVIL, and PLAY IT AS IT LAYS represented, each well-chosen line of dialogue perfectly communicates existential truths, and it works EVEN IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE. Trust me, I have not figured out who all these people are yet let alone what all the films are, and the ones I don’t know work just well as those I do. However, when you DO know the film, you get new depths of meaning from the work.

THE LAST COLORING BOOK is a brilliant concept executed brilliantly. I can’t imagine the book ever getting old, and I’d guess it will also lead the reader back to films worth seeing over and over. The pairing of Angelina and Doyle is a match made in cult-film heaven.

If Warren Oates and Ernest Borgnine and Klaus Kinski are among your film favorites, you’ll treasure THE LAST COLORING BOOK, and I bet that if you leave it on your coffee table where guests can see it and thumb through it, half of them will wind up buying a copy.

Another satisfying and totally original offering from New Texture.

You can visit New Texture at   or on facebook

Jimmy Angelina’s art can be found at

THE LAST COLORING BOOK is also the perfect gift for the SERIOUS film fan in your life–the one who can rattle off John Cassavetes’ films IN ORDER. Get your copy NOW!

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