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April 2, 2017

new album from A.F. Jones, “four dot three to one” (KSE #369), now available….

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A. F. JONES, “four dot three to one” (KSE #369, CDR album)


CDR albums $8 postpaid in the USA

CDR albums $18 outside the USA (note: any 2 albums for $20 outside USA–after the first two, extra KSE albums are only $8 each postpaid overseas)….overseas customers, why not pick up a copy of our amazing 11th Anniversary Album as your second album to save money! See artist details below….

send payment via paypal to django5722 (at) yahoo (dot) com

(and leave a note with paypal telling us which albums you are ordering and also your mailing address….thanks!)

other CDR albums available (same price as above):

KSE 11th ANNIVERSARY ALBUM (KSE #370), CDR album featuring new and exclusive material recorded especially for this project from JEN HILL     –     MATTHEW REVERT & VANESSA ROSSETTO     –     BRIAN RURYK    –    JOHN BELL     –     MASSIMO MAGEE     –     MORE EAZE     –     FOSSILS     –  LISA CAMERON & ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE     –     STEVE FLATO


KSE #355 (CDR), MORE EAZE, “wOrk”

KSE #357 (CDR), SMOKEY EMERY / VENISON WHIRLED, “turning into”

KSE #359 (CDR), TOM CREAN & MATT ROBIDOUX, “blank space”

KSE #353 (CDR), FOSSILS, “Camelot Towers”

KSE #362 (CDR), FOSSILS AND BILL SHUTE, “Florida Nocturne Revisited”

KSE #336 (CDR), ALFRED 23 HARTH, “Kepler 452b Edition”

KSE #351 (CDR), MASSIMO MAGEE, “Music In 3 Spaces”

KSE #350 (CDR) ANTHONY GUERRA / BILL SHUTE, “Subtraction” KSE reissue of album originally released in 2011 on Black Petal Records, Australia 

KSE #335 (CDR album), REVEREND RAYMOND BRANCH, “Rainbow Gospel Hour…On The Air!”—a wonderful hour-long AM-radio broadcast, mastered from cassette, capturing the warmth and joy of Rev. Branch in both music (lots of it) and spoken message.

KSE #334 (CDR album), BRIAN RURYK, “Actual Size…degress again” (sic)

KSE #333 (CDR album), ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE, “Tunnels” solo 12-string acoustic mantra guitar


KSE #328, LISA CAMERON & NATHAN BOWLES, “Liquid Sunshine” percussion duo

KSE #326, MORE EAZE (aka Marcus M. Rubio), “Abandoning Finitude”….cover art by Bob Bruno

KSE #318, ALFRED 23 HARTH & JOHN BELL, “Camellia”



Very excited to welcome San Diego-based composer A.F. JONES to the KSE family. I’ve been an admirer of his work for a few years and made his acquaintance when he did the mastering for Derek Rogers’ phenomenal KSE album Depth/Detail Of Processing (KSE #292, from 2015, out of print). I know Derek’s work well, having released a number of albums by him AND having worked with him doing poetry-and-electronics things both in person and on recording AND having seen him live a number of times. However, NO ONE has ever captured the fine, pointillistic detail of Derek Rogers’ work the way Alan Jones did with his mastering of that album. Alan’s Laminal Audio has done mastering for many other artists in the experimental music world (and for KSE’s Steve Flato album), and everyone says the same thing, “A.F. Jones has amazing ears and amazing technical ability.” And that’s just his mastering….now, about his music….

As a composer, A. F. JONES is really in a class of his own. As he has been called an  “undersea acoustician” (by Tiny Mix Tapes), I was excited by the thought of him taking  KSE listeners on a trip deep into that little-known world that covers 71% of the Earth’s surface and suggested he create a piece that grew out of his underwater field recordings and nautical background. Let’s let the composer himself explain:


A.F. JONES: “Early last year, after we’d discussed a research trip I made to the polar ice cap, Bill Shute asked me about a potential release for Kendra Steiner Editions. It would be focused upon and derived from “water”. The process of recording for and completing this album took quite a bit of time, much of it used for deliberating and narrowing down from the myriad approaches that could be taken. While these recordings will undoubtedly be listened to using normal speakers in air, much of the sounds were captured through and within a completely different medium, wherein sound behaves and propagates much differently. The sounds of an industrial coastal pile driver, heard in 32°42’N 117°14’W, were recorded simultaneously in air and in water, with sound traveling at different speeds within the two mediums. For each piece I thought similarly about the properties and behaviors of the environments from which the material was captured, and equal consideration was given to the locations. Some locales are featured unedited; “32°59’N 96°50’W” situates the listener within a suburban pond, below a creaky wooden bridge, the wind on surface areas above the water line heard below in natural howls. “Bellerive” is an improvisation with the musicality of a pool’s jets, pumps, filters, and associated water flow, recorded with suspended stereo hydrophones. Listening to 4.3:1 as a sequenced album, there is the intent of musical accompaniment to the natural environment itself, a process of interacting with and responding musically — and, at a most basic level, tonally — to field recordings in situ or in post, as a matter of communing with the temporal. Alan F Jones, San Diego, CA, February 2017 –all material recorded by A.F. Jones, throughout 2016.

There is so much to experience on this rich and evocative and multi-textured, multi-leveled album. And when you listen on headphones (I’d played it on speakers 5 or 6 times first, so I was familiar with the sonic topography, so to speak, in a general sense), it opens up and you feel like you are, literally, diving into the sound world created by Mr. Jones.

I really have not heard anything like this album before. Each piece is quite different, and there is a rich tactile sense to the sound sculpture here. This is a highly recommended and highly original album.

A.F. JONES will be appearing in Philadelphia in a duo with Reed Evan Rosenberg on April 15th, and in Dallas with Derek Rogers (!!!!) on May 4th–you can get a copy of  FOUR DOT THREE TO ONE directly from Mr. Jones at those shows….or order it directly from KSE.

You can visit Alan Jones at and check out his label at

Stare at the beautiful watercolor by Alexis Negron on the front cover and enter the underwater musical universe of A.F. Jones….

Get your copy now….and don’t forget to also get a copy of our KSE 11th Anniversary compilation.

Our next regular release will be in a week or two, a solo classical guitar album, “Manitas,” from West Coast composer and galactic traveler on stringed instruments ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE…

KSE  WILL BE CLOSED BETWEEN 15-30 MAY 2017 AS I SPEND TWO WEEKS IN NATCHEZ, MISSISSIPPI, WORKING ON A SERIES OF NEW POEMS. PLEASE GET YOUR ORDERS IN BY FRIDAY 12 MAY! Thanks for your support as we enter our 12th (!!!) year of operation from here in San Antonio, Texas….

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