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April 8, 2017

DEVIL RIDER aka Master’s Revenge (Florida, 1970)

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DEVIL RIDER (aka Master’s Revenge)

written, produced, and directed by Brad F. Grinter

photographed by Barry Mahon, made in Florida, starring Sharon Mahon

released 1970-71 (poster above shows a 1971 release date through Goldstone)

watch the trailer at

Great to discover that you can watch for free a virtually unknown, Florida-lensed biker film written, produced, and directed by Brad Grinter (of FLESH FEAST and BLOOD FREAK fame), photographed by the legendary Barry Mahon, starring Mahon’s daughter Sharon, featuring great psych-garage music from “The Heros (sic) of Cranberry Farm,” and shot on location in 1970 South Florida.

devil rider frame

Florida had one of the most interesting regional exploitation-film industries of any state, with any number of curious and unique film-makers at work. Grinter and Mahon are two of the best-loved among fans (of course, William Grefe was the king of Florida independent film-makers, in my humble opinion).

Devil Rider (20)

This is a grungy Deep South biker film that is colorful, full of regional detail, unpleasant, and everything you’d want a low-budget regional Southern biker film to be. Open your windows on a hot night, get a six-pack of cheap poor-quality beer, and smoke some poor-quality ragweed, and you can imagine YOU are at a Florida drive-in, feeling rebellious because you are watching an “outlaw” film like this. It sure was not made by a major film studio, not even AIP or Crown International, and that is exactly what its appeal was then and is now.

devil rider

If you liked Mahon’s rock and roll film “Musical Mutiny” (and who didn’t?) or Grinter’s “Blood Freak” starring former unauthorized-Tarzan Steve Hawkes or “Flesh Feast”  starring Veronica Lake (and I can’t imagine any fan of oddball low-budget regional exploitation films not loving those), then your life is incomplete without seeing DEVIL RIDER. Want a window into a world that’s both long gone and yet painfully still with us but never mentioned? Watch this downer of a film….as Mickey Spillane used to say about a certain beer in a famous commercial, “it’s got everything you want in a beer….and less!” I was totally entertained by this film. It delivers the goods. Check it out if you are so inclined. Here’s the link:

ENJOY!   Thank you Barry Mahon and Brad Grinter. If only someone would discover Grinter’s 1974 film NEVER THE TWAIN, which combines Mark Twain and the 1974 Miss Nude World competition. I have a feeling that won’t be shown at the Mark Twain House in Hartford (a great place, by the way, to visit if you are a Twain fan) anytime soon….

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