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May 29, 2017

Back From Mississippi…and into Summer 2017

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natchez 1

Just returned from a 12-day writing vacation in beautiful Natchez, Mississippi, which was both very productive and very enjoyable. I’d hoped to get five of my six-page poetry chapbooks completed, but I wound up doing SEVEN. These will come out in small home-made KSE editions over the next year (and as always, the small KSE editions are the original and intended version, with original art, original epigraphs, original formatting, etc.)….and later will be collected in book form. I also would like to record the seven pieces this summer for a spoken-word poetry album. They are titled MELTDOWN; SATORI IN NATCHEZ; THE DIFFICULTIES, THE IMPOSSIBILITIES; GUEST REGISTER; NEW JERUSALEM; TIME CRYSTALS; and ARISING, ABIDING, AND DECAY. As always, I hope you all find them interesting and worthwhile.

natchez 2

I’ve been writing and publishing a lot since last fall, though most of it (except for the chapbook FIND A PLACE TO DIE, composed in El Paso in December) has been prose. I had EIGHT pieces in the last UGLY THINGS; for many months I had an almost-weekly piece at BTC; and I did a number of film and music pieces here on the KSE blog. Thus, a lot of poetry was, to paraphrase John Lee Hooker, in there and it had to come out. Now it has…

natchez 3

KSE is open for business once again….and we will be open until JUNE 14….then we’ll be closed while in El Paso and New Mexico between JUNE 15 and JUNE 27…and then we’ll be back in business again straight through the rest of the year, if the good Lord is willing and the creek don’t rise. In July and August we have a number of exciting new albums in store, including





Stay tuned for those. San Antonio’s own DANE ROUSAY will be the first album release in that group, and Dane will also be back on tour this summer. We’ll share those tour dates later. Dane’s album should be out by July 1st. I have always loved compositions for percussion and solo percussion albums, so having percussion composition albums from both Dane and JOHN BELL in our summer schedule is exciting, and I hope you will be as excited as I am by those albums.

natchez 4

Natchez bluesman Y Z EALEY at the Rolling River Bistro 5/26/2017

natchez 5

Most of my recent poems were written at the table to the right of the door. We got some heavy rains while I was there (see the flooded street next to the river in the second photo above), so for two days I wrote on the fully-covered back porch, which you can see on the far left of the picture. Working outdoors in such a lush and rich environment—-listening to an oil well pumping away on one side of me, and on the other side right next to a large cemetery from the 1800’s—-is just what this poet needed. And what a relief from the grind of daily work the trip was…

natchez 6

As always, thanks for your support of KSE and of all independent arts organizations.

Please go to our ordering page (a pinned post at the top of the KSE website) and try a few albums and/or poetry chapbooks which are unfamiliar to you….your life will be richer!

natchez 7

–I’ve been in most of the recent issues of UGLY THINGS Magazine, including EIGHT pieces in the latest one. You can order UT at

–My 2016 poetry book DOWN AND OUT IN GULFPORT AND BILOXI (containing pieces composed in 2015) has been getting excellent response and is available at Amazon in the USA, in Canada, in the UK, in Germany, and in France. Just check your country’s Amazon outlet and look for Bill Shute and the above title. It’s cheaper when you buy it in your local country. In the US, here is the link:

–the 42-page art-and-poetry book APPROACHING THE APPARENT, which pairs David Payne’s artwork and my poetry, just came out from A Series of Lizards in the UK. You can order this limited-run book direct from the publisher at

I will also be featured reading THREE complete poems on a new album on the German “Moloko Plus” label from Alfred 23 Harth. That will be out later this year–stay tuned!

natchez 8

natchez 9

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