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July 12, 2017

3rd in the series of Natchez poems, MELTDOWN from Bill Shute (KSE #378)

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the third release from the recent poems written in Natchez, Mississippi

BILL SHUTE, “MELTDOWN” (KSE #378, poetry chapbook)

meltdown cover

edition of 41 hand-cut, hand-assembled copies

$6 US postpaid / $7 elsewhere postpaid

payment via paypal  to     django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

please leave note with your order letting me know which items you are ordering and your mailing address…..thanks!

I composed SEVEN six-page poems during my two weeks in Natchez, Mississippi, in May 2017, and here is the third one to be edited and formatted: MELTDOWN. The other four will come out gradually throughout the year, and I also hope to record all seven later this summer for 2018 release. As usual, it’s open-field poems filtered through the consciousness of a narrative persona who is up to his waist in the muck, but looking toward the horizon (I’d say stars, but these were written during the daytime)—-JUNK SCULPTURE FROM THE NEW GILDED AGE.

It might be a good year for the roses, but the tracks deepen with each nightfall….and the path ends just this side of the parsley patch…..dry bones, dry fountains, dry sockets, dry eyes, dry wells….the blades were kept sharp, but the gears not oiled….the managers claimed their decisions were data-informed….just not by informed data! And let me introduce you to Miranda, who works in wealth management and collects shabby chic—-she offered me a pizza and cake supper, but I’ll pass if I have to listen to her brother’s conspiracy theories to get it. A greenish tint to the jalapeno pilsner….explosions in the shingle factory, viewed from someone else’s porch swing….the tourists didn’t notice, the locals no longer cared….

These seven pieces written in Natchez will eventually be collected in a full-sized professionally printed book, but as always, the home-made KSE chapbook publication is the only publication in the original formatting, with the original art, with the original epigraph (this time from Woodrow Wilson), and in the intended form of its creation. There are only 41 copies….grab one now, while you can.

Each of these chapbooks is a stand-alone piece (the “serial poem” concept of Jack Spicer seems to fit my work well), so don’t worry about what order they are in. I consider each narrator to be a unique person telling his/her unique story from his/her unique perspective. I as poet am just the actor playing the part, the gallery-operator assembling the exhibition.

I hope you find it interesting and worthwhile. Thanks for your reading all these years!

Also available, for the same price:

($6 US ppd/$7 elsewhere ppd)

KSE #376 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “New Jerusalem,” 2nd of the Natchez poems

KSE #374 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Guest Register,” 1st of the Natchez poems

KSE #366 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Approaching The Apparent: Meditations on the Kena Upanishad”

KSE #368 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Find A Place To Die”

KSE #367 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Left-Handed Cherubs”

ATTENTION, CENTRAL TEXAS READERS: I will be doing a solo reading, including some of the Natchez poems, and also a poetry-and-percussion piece by composer Dane Rousay—-an adaptation of my 2010 poem “Butterfly Mind”–at the Rats Nest Experimental Music festival, sponsored by KRTU-FM, and held at Artpace, on August 5th. The festival runs all day, and my set should be in the early evening….more specifics in a week or two, but save the date if you are able to make it to S.A. With KSE artists such as Dane Rousay and More Eaze also on the bill, it should be an exciting day. See you there!


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