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July 22, 2017

Bat City Cinema presents a K. Gordon Murray double-bill from original 16mm prints in Austin, Thursday 27 July!

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Are YOU ready for a psychedelic trip to the 5th dimension? I am. That line is the most outrageous ballyhoo (from the master of the form, K. Gordon Murray) in support of a black and white movie which was many years-old when Murray was still hyping it on the rural drive-in circuit, but you know what….I’d imagine that most everyone who sits through this double-bill would agree wholeheartedly that the films TOTALLY deliver on that promise. And now we can see TWO of Murray’s classic American versions of first-rate Mexican horror from the Golden Age screened from FILM here in Central Texas!!!!!

Here’s the FB announcement for this horror-exploitation film must-see event:

Bat City is back with another double feature of ultra rare genre goodness on 16mm! Two ghastly offerings of 60’s Mexican horror not screened in Austin for at least 50 years… if ever! This is probably your only chance to witness the haunting beauty of THE WITCH’S MIRROR and the pint-sized terror of the CURSE OF THE DOLL PEOPLE in glorious black & white on the big screen. Tickets are only $10! Movies start at 7:30 pm. Feel free to bring your own beer and snacks!

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When will we in South and Central Texas get another chance to see two original K. Gordon Murray Mexican horror imports screened from FILM prints? Well, maybe in six months if this screening does well, so PLEASE find room in your schedule this coming Thursday night! I’m driving up to Austin from San Antonio (75 miles each way), and I’m sure it will be well worth it. Yes, I’ve had these on video for decades, but nothing compares with screenings from film (and if they are on 16mm, they are probably prints made for local TV stations, which means they will be EXACTLY the way most Americans saw these back in the day, except they won’t be on a snowy UHF station seen on a 14″ TV screen!).

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at AUSTIN STUDIOS, 1901 E. 51st St., Austin, TX 78723

show starts at 7:30 pm,  admission $10

BYOB (might I suggest a quart bottle of malt liquor…that’s what I’ll have)

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