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January 10, 2018

(unfortunate) changes in foreign postage rates on poetry chapbooks

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Next week, the US Postal Service is going to do away with the “flat” designation for foreign postage, restricting it to only correspondence and documents. The “flat” label allowed me to mail ONE KSE poetry chapbook for a reasonable amount (3 or 4 dollars) and thus keep the cost of one poetry chap at a level just slightly higher than the domestic rate. That is now over. It costs us $14.50 to mail one CDR overseas now, and it will be about the same amount to mail one poetry chapbook from here on out. I’d like to think that our poetry chapbooks are wonderful and priceless, but I’d be a fool to think that anyone–even a good friend or family member!–would pay $17 or so for one small poetry chapbook. My friends/colleagues in the small press world are freaking out over this change. Also, I noticed that SHOCK CINEMA magazine is pretty much doing away with foreign subscriptions now because of this policy. Here at KSE, we want to do something fair for the overseas poetry customers, but we cannot lose money on each sale. The thin margin above cost is what keeps this ship afloat. Therefore, we’ve come up with a new foreign postage policy for poetry chapbooks, stated below the pic…


Most foreign poetry book orders are for multiple books, and those orders should stay at about the same price, even dropping a bit, but single-chapbook orders are no longer feasible outside the US. So…


MINIMUM ORDER, 3 CHAPBOOKS. The cost of 3 will be $19 postpaid, and each book after the third will be an extra $5. Thus, 3 chaps will be $19, 5 would be $29, 6 would be $34, etc.

EACH CHAPBOOK ADDED TO A FOREIGN ORDER OF 2 OR MORE CDR’s CAN BE ADDED FOR ONLY $5. Thus, 2 albums costs $20 postpaid, but 2 albums and a poetry chapbook would be $25.

I don’t like having to make these changes, but it seems the fairest way to work. I appreciate your support all these years (we’ll be going into our 13th (!!!) year of operation on March 1st 2018). If you have a better idea on how to handle this massive postage increase, please let me know.

I’ll add the price changes gradually to the announcements of all in-print chapbooks over the next few days, but the new prices are effective IMMEDIATELY. Again, most overseas orders are for multiple chapbooks (thanks for that!) presently, and your rates will not really change if you’re ordering 3 or 5 or 7 or whatever.

There will be a special poetry promotion/sale running for the month of February which will be announced soon.

Of course, Europeans and Canadians can get a copy of my recent 40+ page collection BRIDGE ON THE BAYOU (containing all the Summer 2016 poems composed in Louisiana) from your local Amazon website in your home country: Canada, Germany, France, UK, etc. It will be printed locally for you and will have only local postage. That’s by far the best way to go for your money–and you can also get the earlier collection DOWN AND OUT IN GULFPORT AND BILOXI that way through Amazon too.

We have a lot of poetry-related things happening in 2018, so thanks for your support and stay tuned here for announcements….

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