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May 13, 2018

off to Oklahoma for two weeks of poetry work…

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My former home state of Oklahoma has been calling, and I’ve decided to answer the call.

shawnee 2

For the last 10-12 years, each May or June while I’m off work, I have taken a 10-14 day “writing vacation” when I work exclusively on poetry. I have the titles, the key lines and repeated refrains, the image patterns, and the overall architecture of the pieces done in advance, but I assemble them and create the mortar (spiced with the local color and particulars of where I’m at) in which to set the pieces of poetic stone during this intensive writing period. Friends who are composers or visual artists or whatever will often go to Marfa or the Texas Hill Country or some other evocative place for working art vacations similar to what I do. Mine have tended to be on the Gulf Coast or in Louisiana (and many of you have read the poems coming out of those trips….if not, go to Amazon now and purchase a copy of DOWN AND OUT IN GULFPORT AND BILOXI or BRIDGE ON THE BAYOU!), though they’ve also included other destination such as Pittsburgh (multiple times) and the NY Hudson Valley.


Some of the best years of my life were spent in Oklahoma….I first made the acquaintance of many of you reading this through my Inner Mystique ‘zine and label in the early 1980’s, and that was in my Oklahoma period. I met the mother of my children in Oklahoma and we were married there. Actually, we might have stayed in Oklahoma had we both been able to get decent jobs there when she finished graduate school, but we could not, so we moved to Virginia….and entered a new chapter of our ongoing saga.

shawnee 3

During the six years I spent in the Stillwater area, when I wanted to go to the “big city,” the choices were Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Wichita, all still fine cities I try to visit every few years….so spending the 2018 writing vacation in Oklahoma City will be a treat.

shawnee 4

KSE will be closed from 14 May-28 May….any orders during that period will be shipped on 29 May when I return….and PLEASE feel free to order the wonderful new releases from MASSIMO MAGEE (solo saxophone) and DANE ROUSAY (solo percussion) during that period. Also, many of the 2017 remaining releases are pretty much sold out now (only a few copies left, so get your order in through Paypal ASAP to score copies) and will be deleted upon my return. And the older poetry chapbooks of mine are almost gone….the lower the number, the more likely it will be deleted soon. As always, thank you for your support of KSE and of my work over the decades. I will send you all positive vibrations and warm wishes from central Oklahoma during the second half of May!  BILL S.

ponca city

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