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July 13, 2018

ALFRED 23 HARTH / NICOLA L. HEIN, “When The Future Was Now” (KSE #400, CDR album)

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“When The Future Was Now” (KSE #400, CDR album)

Cover pencil drawing by A23H from 1975 in New York

$8.00 postpaid in the USA (see below for foreign prices/postage)

payment via paypal to  django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

please include a note with your order listing what you’re ordering and your mailing address….thanks!

Very happy to announce KSE’s  12th release from ALFRED 23 HARTH in the last 8 years, a stimulating and deep set of duets between A23H on clarinets and NICOLA L. HEIN on guitar. It’s now been 50 years (51, actually) since the initial German performances of Harth’s experimental JUST MUSIC ensemble (their pioneering album came out on ECM in 1969, the second album on that label), and since then, Mr. Harth has never been predictable or developed a “routine” that he brings to his performances, and he has always sought out young and unexpected artistic collaborators. We’ve documented this in our dozen A23H releases on KSE, truly a significant and wildly eclectic body of work.

Harth is featured exclusively on clarinets here, which is a treat for listeners, and he has found a worthy partner in guitarist Nicola L. Hein. Hein has been quite busy recently–as I was working with him in putting the album together, he would be in New York, then in Europe, then in the Midwest, then in Asia, then somewhere else, playing, lecturing, and expanding the minds of anyone he encountered. And he is equally difficult to pin down on this album. When I first heard the completed master, for the first 20 seconds or so I wondered if Carl Stone had been sitting in on the session, until I realized that it was Hein and the instrument was a guitar. As a teenager in the 1970’s, I played the grooves off of the two Anthony Braxton–Derek Bailey duo albums on the Emanem label, and I’m sure some will reference those sets when listening to this one, but as far out as Bailey went, I as listener always could tell he was playing a guitar. Though Hein uses no gimmickry in the production of sound from his guitar, it’s amazing what kinds of effects he can produce, and also what an accomplished dancer-in-sound he is as he duets with Harth—-they are the perfect dance partners. There are an infinite number of moods created on the album’s seven tracks, and I think that Harth’s many followers will find this one of his most essential albums….and they will also welcome the introduction to Nicola L. Hein, if they’ve not previously heard of him.

The album was recorded while the pair were in Japan for live performances, and you can see a picture of them in-studio below.

I asked A23H to provide some comments on the album, and he kindly obliged with the following:

This album focuses on free improvised clarinets-guitar duets. During the recording process we developed different tune characters, of which some seem to have a slight balladesque flavor that here & there in their pseudo-harmonical way reminds us on earlier jazz chamber combinations from the 60’s/70’s. To underline these subtle retro aspects in our music, I chose titles of slogans from that era, as the legendary quote by Lennon/Ono War is over, if you want it. Also When The Future Was Now was an exhibition title about pioneering Korean-born artist and composer Nam June Paik (1932–2006), who famously declared that the ‘future is now‘, at Tate Liverpool in 2011.

This way we also paid tribute to the fact that we were able to create this album within the incredibly stimulating Asian influence of contemporary Tokyo in summer 2017.

Nicola, Axel Dörner and I gave a trio performance in spring 2018 in Seoul, and autumn `18 will see a new group REVOLVER 23 of mine together with Nicola, Marcel Daemgen and Jörg Fischer from Germany at the Moscow Jazz in Autumn festival and other places.

Alfred 23 Harth, July 2018

This new album from HARTH and HEIN should never get old, and even if I’d had nothing to do with its release, I’d be proclaiming it one of the best albums of the year. Those who’ve enjoyed Harth’s previous KSE albums and anxiously await each new one will love this pairing with Mr. Hein.

Get YOUR copy now….and also, keep an eye out for the upcoming live performances mentioned above….  See below for ordering information:

Harth Hein at Pit Inn Studio, Tokyo

Mr. Hein (left) and Mr. Harth (center) at Pit Inn Studio, Tokyo

KSE #400 (CDR), ALFRED 23 HARTH / NICOLA L. HEIN, “When The Future Was Now”

NOTE: ALL FULL-SIZED CDR’s  ARE NOW PRICED @ $8.00, postpaid in the US.

OUTSIDE THE USA , one album is $18.00 postpaid, first two albums are $20.00 postpaid, then $8 each postpaid after that—sorry, but it now costs almost $15 US to send one CDR overseas….you save A LOT by buying more than one—in fact, the price on an order of two or more HAS GONE DOWN!

1 album= $18, 2 albums= $20, 3 albums= $28, etc. Thanks for your understanding of this. The Post Office now charges $14.75 to mail ONE cdr without a jewel box to Europe or Asia!)

Payment is via paypal, using the e-mail address   django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com   . It might be helpful for you to also shoot me an e-mail telling me you’ve sent funds and what books you want…or if you prefer, tell me what books/cdr’s you want, and I’ll send you a paypal invoice.

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Ordering is easy….just send me an e-mail at django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com telling me what items you’d like and what country you are in (so I can figure cost) and tell me what e-mail address you’d like a paypal invoice sent to, and I’ll have it off ASAP. Orders are usually shipped within 48 hours of payment being received.
Thank you for your support of KSE, now in our 13th year of operation!
All previous poetry chapbooks are now sold out. Thanks to those who grabbed them in April-June while they were still available….we are very proud of them and hope you have a long and happy life with them! I’ll have TWO full books of poems coming out later this year….CULTURE OF COMPLIANCE (with Michael Casey) and SCULPTURE GARDEN IN THE SNOW (containing the pieces read on the CDR spoken-word album of the same name, listed above).

(NOTE: WE WILL BE OUT OF TOWN IN EL PASO AND NEW MEXICO FROM 18-27 JULY, though please feel free to order during that period….albums will be shipped upon our return on the 28th)


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