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October 28, 2018

new album from Lisa Cameron & Robert Horton, “The Ten Thousand Things” (KSE #399)

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the ten thousand things (KSE #399)

lisa cameron/ robert horton

01  the eight horizons

02  departure and return

03  the ten thousand things

04  a lifetime growing content

05  year end skies        06  seeing thru death

07  all beneath heaven

with…eli ekert- guitar (tr 5), sean potts- bass (tr 5), dan plonsey- sax (tr 7)

all other insturments and sounds

robert horton  / lisa cameron

recorded 2014   Berkeley, CA

cover art “wd7522”, by MP LANDIS

As of Friday 7 December 2018, all KSE albums are deleted. All standing orders were fulfilled on 12/7/2018 and are now in the mail. Inventory will not be replenished, and orders will no longer be accepted. Thanks for your support through 400+ music and poetry releases since March 2006,

KSE’s quartet album by XTERIP (KSE #394, “The Frisbee Sessions,” released in January 2018 and still available), featuring Lisa Cameron, Robert Horton, Raub Roy, and Lee Ann Cameron, was extremely well-received by our listenership, both here and overseas, and I received a number of texts and e-mails from people who felt that it was a deep and primal communal sound-happening which created a kind of sacred-space in sound. That encouraged us to ask Lisa and Robert to assemble a duo album for KSE, and this is it: THE TEN THOUSAND THINGS (KSE #399).

Here are Robert Horton’s comments on the album:

“the 10,000 things” is a phrase taken from the tao te ching. “the 10,000 things” is this very world. the world, according to david hinton’s translation, arises from the dark female enigma.,. the source of all appearances. lisa and i play with the 10,000 things with abandon and no regard to genre, only to how various things vibrate: wood, reed, metal, skin, string.  lisa let me know she was going to be in the bay area, perhaps it was summer like june 2014, for a gig. i prepared some structures for her to add to. i made notes on index cards to record her playing drums, marimbas, metals, at various tempos. the idea from the beginning was to use all of lisa’s magic, as a drummer, percussionist, and noiseist. death is close to the enigma, and sometimes we chose to just have a beer with death. these recordings were made just prior to me having 4 heart attacks, so my work with lisa could have been my last musical fun on this particular planet. the music we made does not fit easily into any prescripted thought patterns or record bins. stop thinking and listen. Yea !  robert horton 2018

One could say that this album is a more distilled and purer item than XTERIP, but it’s actually quite different. With XTERIP, it was as though the tracks were segments taken out of an endless jam (the way Teo Macero would assemble Miles Davis “albums” from such jams)–here, though, as Robert mentioned above, each track is a separate and unique creation. It’s as if they cast the runes for each track, and approached each with a different methodology and from a different angle with different instrumentation. Listening to the album once again (for probably the 50th time) as I type up these notes, early on a Sunday morning, I feel as though I am taking a tour through seven rooms (the album has seven tracks) in some sort of psychick (yes, the TOPY/PTV reference is intended) funhouse-temple, staying for a while in each room and catching the distinctive vibe in each one. For me, this music gets richer with each listen, and I’d suggest you just program the CD player on “repeat” and let this album become the soundtrack of your day. It will both take you above this world and plunge you into it in a deep way. THE TEN THOUSAND THINGS is a beautiful album that is beyond time…..

ROBERT HORTON, working out of the SF Bay Area since the 1970’s, has been one of the most interesting artists to grow out of the experimental side of the 70’s noise-punk world, and he’s been issuing fascinating work on small labels over the decades. KSE was happy to welcome him into our family last year with XTERIP, and we’re excited to say that he and I are working on compiling a new RH solo album for 2019! He may be best known for his association with Sky City, The Appliances, Plateau Ensemble, and duos w/ Tom Carter. You can learn a lot about Robert’s aesthetic in this article, originally posted in 2008:

LISA CAMERON, Austin-based percussionist and Texas psychedelic warrior, has also been fighting the good fight since the 1970’s, having worked with a staggering number of major figures in the experimental music field, as well as being a founding member of Brave Combo (I first saw her with BC circa 1979-80!) and a member of Roky Erickson’s Evil Hook Wildlife band (80’s), a member of Jandek’s Austin 2012 band, a member of Glass Eye, a member of ST 37 for two decades, and she’s played with a mind-blowing array of underground figures when they visit Austin (including members of Faust and the Source Family, and I’ll never forget her percussion duo with Mani Neumeier of Guru Guru!)…her long-term Venison Whirled project (which explores the territory between and among amplified percussion and controlled feedback) has played experimental music venues across Texas and North America…this is her 9th KSE release (not counting her appearance on the KSE 11th Anniversary Album!)…we love Lisa and her work….in fact, when I organized/produced four KSE music events in Austin in the 2011-2012 (including a Jandek performance), LISA was the only musician I used in all four events.

This new album with Robert Horton is the first of THREE Lisa Cameron duo albums which will be released in the next 8 months….around New Year’s Day, will be a duo album with West Coast-guitar visionary Ernesto Diaz-Infante, and in the Spring of 2019 a duo album with San Antonio-based master percussionist and deep-improv visionary Dane Rousay, both of whom have worked on a number of projects for KSE, so it’s like a family reunion!


KSE #399 (CDR), LISA CAMERON / ROBERT HORTON, “The Ten Thousand Things”

KSE #402 (CDR), CONTEMPORARY SHAMISEN DUO (Ryota Saito/Joshua Weitzel), “Genpatsuryoku”

KSE #400 (CDR), ALFRED 23 HARTH / NICOLA L. HEIN, “When The Future Was  Now”

KSE #398 (CDR), DANE ROUSAY, “an inevitable solution (to)”, solo percussion

KSE #396 (CDR),  MASSIMO MAGEE, “Tenor Tales,” solo tenor saxophone

KSE #383 (CDR), MORE EAZE, “Staring At A Statue of Paint”

KSE #394 (CDR) XTERIP , “The Frisbee Sessions” 



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