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February 8, 2019

Ernesto Diaz-Infante KSE albums reissued on Bandcamp

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Very happy to announce that Ernesto Diaz-Infante, acclaimed West Coast guitar innovator, has re-issued some of his KSE albums digitally through his Bandcamp page. Ernesto did a number of albums for KSE, both solo and with collaborators such as Lisa Cameron, in the last 9 years, and they covered a lot of ground, as he would create certain methodological parameters within which he would work for each project, and he would bring a strong discipline, but at the same time, a free-wheeling creative sense, to each one. I can attest that I would receive many e-mails and texts in the first few months of release of each Ernesto Diaz-Infante album, telling me how much people were enjoying the albums, how they would put them on “repeat” for entire days, etc. When he released his first album with KSE, EMILIO, Brad Kohler texted me the day after he receiving it, “sign this man to a long-term contract immediately!”

With Ernesto on the West Coast doing a regular series of experimental guitar albums for the label, and Tom Crean on the East Coast doing a series of equally impressive albums taking the guitar into new territory, I felt that that KSE was doing a good job continuing in the tradition of the labels that issued the old Derek Bailey and Fred Frith and Hans Reichel and Sonny Sharrock that enriched my earlier life so much.

Presently, there are three of Ernesto’s KSE albums available on Bandcamp. I’ll provide a link for each, and you can also look up the name of each in the search box here on the KSE blog and read the original write-up about the album.

ernesto lovers_0001

THE LOVERS ESCAPE / LOS AMANTES ESCAPAN (originally released 1 January 2018)


ernesto album cover

WISTFUL ENTRANCE, WISTFUL EXIT (originally released 1 August 2014)



EMILIO (originally released 1 January 2011)

These albums make excellent companions–and I have friends who are painters and poets who listen to the albums while they work. I know I have put them on “repeat” while working on poetry! The downloads are reasonably priced, less than the original albums, and you can have them available on your computer or device in less than a minute!

Thanks to Ernesto Diaz-Infante for working with KSE on so many excellent albums. He was also the headlining artist at the KSE 6th Anniversary Concert at the Salvage Vanguard Theater in Austin in 2012, performing a trenchant solo set (based on Emilio) and a duo set with Lisa Cameron and Lee Dockery, the memories of which are still fresh in the minds of all who attended!


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