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April 15, 2019

13 Links to Recent Posts at BTC

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I’ve been writing for two punk-rooted magazines for over 30 years, BLACK TO COMM (now known as BLOG TO COMM in its online form) and UGLY THINGS. I went on hiatus from both in the late 1990’s and the early 2000’s as life events got in the way, but I’ve been back on board with both for many years now.

At BTC, I now have a column that runs on alternate Tuesdays. If you subscribe to the Kendra Steiner Editions Facebook page (and if you don’t, you should!), I send a link to each BTC piece when it appears online. For those who don’t do FB, here are links to some of the recent pieces, going back to mid-December. The schedule presently is APRIL 9, APRIL 23, MAY 7, and then every other Tuesday after that. Hundreds of people read these every week they are out, and I wind up getting more immediate feedback about these pieces more often than about anything else I write. UGLY THINGS comes out only three times a year, so I get feedback for the 6-8 week period after each issue comes out, and when I issue a new poetry book, people find those gradually, so response is spread over 12-18 months….and also prose sells better than poetry in the current environment.

Some of these pieces are not just reviews but have a faux-memoir element to them (I announce upfront that these are somewhat fictionalized in case I am ever on Oprah—-as if that would ever happen in this lifetime!—-and someone calls me out, saying “that didn’t really happen”), and those tend to get even more of a reaction than the straight reviews (though even those, in the tradition of one of my literary heroes, Washington Irving, are written in the voice of a persona who is a character–think about how someone like Roy Rogers would “play himself” in a film–he was playing his public persona). I should point out that the BTC pieces generally appear about 4 months after they are written.

Chris should be commended for keeping true to the punk spirit, which was always more of an attitude and stance than anything doctrinaire and certainly never about a specific musical form….not even exclusively about music. From pub-rock bands like Eddie and The Hot Rods or the Count Bishops through Throbbing Gristle and Metal Machine Music and Z’ev. Casting the net wider, as was always the intention, Andy Warhol and William Burroughs were totally punk. Was there ever anything more punk than films such as BLOOD FEAST or PINK FLAMINGOS? Literary figures from the past such as Gertrude Stein and Wyndham Lewis were certainly role models for any aspiring punk….as were LaMonte Young and Harry Partch and John Cage and Sun Ra. As were Johnny Carroll or The Swamp Rats or Chet Baker. Chris “gets” that. Those of us who lived through that era “get” it. The period was kind of like a boot camp that you lived through, it toughened you and deepened you and extended you beyond what you’d ever have imagined, and then you were released to go your own way and APPLY what you learned in whatever way you felt was true. If you are trying to re-live 1977 or 1979, you didn’t learn a thing. Each of us had our own unique trajectory out of those years and into the future and into everyday life. The beauty is in the diversity, the multiplicity of trajectories. Every generation has its own analogous cultural experience and its own analogous set of epiphanies, and some presently in their teens and twenties are in the midst of that now, and I wish them well and look forward to the ways in which they will grow and evolve and deepen and extend their range, building their foundation from the flotsam and jetsam of previous generations. I have faith in the future….they certain can’t screw things up as badly as most of my generation and the one before it did!

So check out where I’ve landed, via these prose-blasts. I hope you all find these BTC pieces entertaining and informative and enjoyable reading! And check back there every other Tuesday.

btc 1

PRAIRIE PALS (1942), PRC western with the Frontier Marshals (Bill “Cowboy Rambler” Boyd, Art Davis, and Lee Powell)

prairie pals

DOCTOR BLOODBATH (1987), slasher film from director Nick Millard

Doctor Bloodbath

MY CASINO CAPER (2014), audiobook written and performed by Edd “Kookie” Byrnes

My Casino Caper

btc 2

WANTED: SABATA (1970), Italian western starring Brad Harris

Wanted: Sabata


I Want To Be Alone

WYATT EARP FRONTIER MARSHAL, VOLUME FOUR, Gwandanaland reprint of Charlton “Wyatt Earp” comic books from 1960-1961

Wyatt Earp 4

THE RINGO KID #24, early 70’s Marvel western comic, reprinting 1950’s material

Ringo Kid

GUNFIGHTERS #72, 1982 Charlton western comic, reprinting older material


THE WHISTLER, VOLUME 10, Radio Archives CD set of 1945-46 west coast radio mysteries


MR. EDISON’S CHRISTMAS, special Christmas column, reflecting upon a Document Records collection of holiday recordings from the Thomas Edison Archives, 1906-1927

Mr. Edison’s Christmas

btc 3

SPEED SPAULDING COLLECTION FROM ‘FAMOUS FUNNIES’, Golden Age Reprints collection of vintage 1940-41 comics

Speed Spaulding

OUTLAWS OF THE WEST #82, 1979 Charlton comic reprinting earlier material, most of this piece is devoted to my one-time room-mate who went to Vegas for the weekend and came back with a new wife

Outlaws Of The West

PATTI’S GOOD LIFE SWEET POTATO PIE, comments on Patti LaBelle’s fifty-cent sweet potato pie and Bob Dylan’s October 2018 show in Sugar Land, Texas

Sweet Potato Pie

btc 4

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